Three Minds As One

Chapter 22 - Frustration - Continued

Demi brought the boys through the dimensions again one at a time. Like before, they did very well as he taught them how to use your their powers. Now he wanted to teach them to use their powers as one. He smiled down at Zac as he was bringing him back to their time and space.

Ike and Taylor sat patiently waiting for Demi and Zac to return. Ike looked over at Taylor wondering why he was so quiet.
"Why are you so quiet? Anything wrong?" Ike asked placing his hand gently on Taylor's shoulder. Taylor turned and smiled.
"I was just thinking. Maybe we can get back home through the dimensions if Demi shows us how Ike. I want to go home so bad. Mom and Dad must be so worried about us." Taylor stated looking down and started to pick at the fuzz on the mattress.
"I know Tay. What I hate about this place is.... I can't figure out the time here. I don't even know how many days we have been here either. I wish I had my watch." Ike sadly added as Taylor nodded his head. They both turned seeing the bubble form in the center of the room. Demi and Zac came through walking up to them by the mattress. Demi looked down at all three glowing a light shade of gold.
"Now since I took you all in again one at a time, I want to take you all in at once. You all did so well today in the tides. I feel you are ready now to learn how to use your powers as one in there. I'm going to teach you how to do that and it is important to remember to follow everything I say." Demi stated looking down at their smiling faces.
"Sure... lead us wise one!" Zac teased, loving the trip he had into the dimensions again just moments ago.
"What Zac? I don't understand." Demi said cocking his head slightly.
"Oh.... nothing Demi. I was just teasing you." Zac giggled looking at Ike and Taylor who were smiling at him.
"Oh... teasing....." Demi thought not really understanding the humor that the young ones felt. He grabbed onto Taylor's hand.
"Now Ike take my other hand and Zac take a hold of Taylor's. Stay close and don't let go until Ike brings up the block." Demi instructed as they suddenly ripped back into the dimensional balance. The colors swirled around them. Zac shut his eyes feeling off balance again, still gripping tightly onto Taylor's hand. Taylor gulped hard trying to calm his stomach down from the feeling of being off center. He blinked trying to adjust his eyes to the surroundings but wasn't achiving it very well. He looked over at Ike who looked as sick as he did. Finally they came to a stand still floating in the tides. Demi looked around him feeling content. He felt almost at home hoping soon to be free of the world that captured him.
"Now young ones don't move. I don't want you to slip away. The rips are very strong here." Demi warned as they nodded listening to him.
"Now you all have to work as one. I want Ike to put up the block at the same time you all link through Zac. And Taylor open up the minds so everyone can see." Demi explained watching them close. He knew they all felt sick and needed to quickly be protected by the block that Ike would create. They opened their eyes looking at one another. Ike smiled sensing his brothers were starting. He began to raise the block when something to the right moved causing the rips to push them. Fear bolted through them trying to gain control of their balance.
"Demi!? What's happening?" Taylor screamed noticing it was hard to hold on as the rips pushed him into Demi roughly.
"Hurry young ones! Someone or something is coming through the dimensions." Demi shrieked knowing they didn't understand what to do.
"Tay! I can't hold on!" Zac yelled feeling the grip he had on Taylor's hand was slipping.
"Zac? Noooooo... hold on! Demi help us!" Taylor bellowed seeing Zac losing the hold.
Demi lifted the block as quickly as he could.
"ZAC! OH GOD ZAC!" Taylor screamed watching Zac's face turn into a look of horror when his hand slipped and he disappeared through a rip. Taylor reached out desperately but Demi pulled him back roughly not wanting to lose him too. The block suddenly came up around them only incasing Demi, Ike, and Taylor.
"ZAC!" Ike screeched running toward the wall of the block.
"I... I can see him Ike! He is scared! Oh man.... Demi..... please save him!" Taylor pleaded starting to cry as his mind was still linked with Zac's.
"I'm so sorry. He was pulled through a rip. I will try to get him back. Stay connected Taylor as long as you can." Demi stated sadly throwing out his mind going through the rip that sucked in him. He turned a bright shade of light green not wanting Zac to get hurt. He knew if Taylor lost the hold with his mind, Zac could be lost forever. Taylor nodded his head concentrating on Zac with all his strength. Ike walked over by Taylor and hugged him gently from behind noticing Taylor's body was trembling all over.
"I let go Ike! I let go! Why? Why?" Taylor moaned feeling that Zac was in agony with tears spilling down his face. Ike hugged Taylor a little tighter as he blinked fearfully not knowing what to do or say.
He looked up at Demi who seemed to be in a trance and glowing so bright it hurt to look at him.
"Please find him Demi. Bring him back to us." Ike mumbled tearfully.

Zac spun out of control. His head boomed with fear engulfing him. He couldn't tell what was up or down. Images and bright colors flashed quickly before his eyes. He tried to scream but everytime he started he was spinning in another direction. He felt like he was drowning but he could still breath. Pain filled his mind. He could still feel Taylor somehow was connected. He thought if he could just hold on Demi would save him.
"Oh God... please help me! Taylor! Taylor! I... can't see! HELP ME!" Zac desperately cried with rasping breaths of fear, as he still spun in circles feeling like the colors of light that surrounded him kept pushing him deeper and deeper into the void. He lashed out his legs and arms trying to stop the spinning. He felt sick to his stomach. Suddenly he felt something hit him on the right side causing him to momentarily stop. He opened his eyes and saw a flash of white to his right. He tried to focus on it but it seemed to go through another rip. He started to weep feeling like he was going to be lost forever.
"DEMI! Save me! Please... somebody help me!" He cried again as his body began to spin. He could feel something pulling at his body. He could see a black hole just in front of him. His eyes were wide with fear as he realized the hole was sucking him in.
"Nooooo!" Zac wimpered knowing there was nothing he could do to stop from going in. He closed his eyes feeling faint. He knew he couldn't take this much longer.
His body suddenly slammed into something soft and he felt gentle arms go around him. He looked up into violet eyes.
"Please help me." Zac pleaded as he hung limply in the strong arms. He gulped realizing it wasn't Demi but someone who looked just like him. He blinked trying to focus, but the pressure he felt in his head made him feel like it was going to explode. He shakingly reached up grabbing the sides of his head and screamed in agony. Everything started to turn dark before him as he passed out in the arms of Haelz.

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