Three Minds As One

Chapter 22 - Frustration - Continued

Sam sat in Tom's office angrily staring out the window while Tom was finishing up some reports. His head and arm were still hurting even though Don gave him some pain medication earlier. He started to thump his foot against the floor wishing Tom would finish up soon. Tom looked up at him and put down his pen, finally finishing his work. He sat back in his chair crossing his arms over his chest.
"What? Tom you called me in here. What do you want?" Sam asked rubbing his broken arm gingerly.
"I wanted to discuss something with you."
"Well make it quick. I want to get back over to the room." Sam expressed loudly.
"You know Sam it has been about time that the kids should have given up. I can't believe that they could hold out this long without any food. What do you think they are doing in there?" Tom sadly asked staring into Sam's eyes searching for a answer.
"Guess they are stronger then we think they are. I really can't understand it myself. I can't believe they would let themselves just die of starvation. I just wish you still would not have made the decision to send them in there when you did, Tom. Now we are totally in the dark." Sam said noticing Tom's face turned into a frown.
"I thought they were ready. I didn't want to wait any longer. We have been holding this alien for to long and I didn't like the rages he was throwing for the past few months. I still can't believe we actually caught him. If we can find out how his kind walk through time it could be the biggest breakthrough mankind has ever achived. And I want to be the one who discovers it Sam! It has always been my dream to travel through time. This island was perfect for the experiments we were conducting and the biggest prize of all was finding him. The magnetic pull here on this island is amazing. There are only a few places on this planet that have these imbalances." Tom said defending himself.
"Tom I understand all that. But now look.... we have lost them. I want.... I mean I have to know what they are up to in there! It is driving me crazy." Sam angrily gushed.
"Can't you in any way connect with them with your psychic powers? Sam you have to try." Tom proclaimed as he rubbed his hands together nervously.
"I don't know if I can. That being is now protecting them. Somehow I think they are communicating with him. I mean look how he grabbed onto Taylor. And the other two weren't afraid of him when he threw me against the wall." Sam added shaking his head.
"I know what you mean. All I know is I want those boys out of there. We have to gain control of the situation again. I can't let them take this chance away from me!" Tom boldly stated.
"Well I don't think it will be to much longer. They have to be really starving hungry by now. And I don't think that the alien can help them with that." Sam smiled feeling assured.
Tom nodded his head hoping Sam was right.
"Are we done talking now? I want to go to the area and see if anything is happening." Sam said looking at Tom get up from his chair.
"I'll go with you. Maybe they are by the door ready to give up." Tom said smiling slightly.
They got up and left the office walking slowly down the hall. Sam hoped soon he would have the boys under his control again.

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