Three Minds As One

Chapter 22 - Frustration

Taylor woke up turning his head, facing the sleeping Demi at his side. He blinked wondering what time of day it was. Everything was very quiet around him, except for even breathing sounds of his brothers who slept near him. Demi stirred a little and reached out his long arm grabbing onto Taylor pulling him close.
"Do you feel better young one?" Demi asked with his eyes still shut.
"Yes. But I have to go to the bathroom Demi." Taylor thought back.
Demi opened his eyes and sat up looking at Ike and Zac sleeping peacefully just below him. He turned a golden shade turning to face Taylor who sat up slowly.
"I feel a little dizzy yet." Taylor informed him as he rubbed his forehead wanting to shake off the feeling.
"I'll carry you there again." Demi stated wanting to help.
"Demi I can walk by myself." Taylor said smiling up at him.
"I think you are still to weak. You didn't get as much norishment as your brothers did." Demi stated feeling concerned.
Taylor shakingly stood up not wanting to disturb his brothers. Demi came up next to him making sure he didn't stumble. He started to walk to the hallway but still felt somewhat dizzy and leaned heavily against the wall.
"Young one do you want my help?" Demi questioned.
Taylor nodded his head as Demi lifted him gently in his arms. He headed down the hallway to the room where the brothers relieved themselves. Taylor looked up at him shyly.
"Demi are you okay?" Taylor asked remembering the violet eyes of his mate when they were in the dimensional rips.
"Yes. Why do you ask Taylor?" Demi answered going through the door and placing him down in front of the toilet.
"Just wondering." Taylor mumbled when Demi remembered to turn around. Taylor relieved himself and turned to see Demi staring at him.
"I am fine Taylor. Don't worry. I was just overwhelmed to see Haelz after all this time. I desperately want to get back to both of my mates."
"What was your mate's name again?"
"Haelz and the other one is called Mayte."
"I can't pronounce their names. Are they male or female?" Taylor asked looking up at him who gently reached out and petted his head lovingly.
"Both are female Taylor. I miss them very much. They are caught in the rips and they need me to balance out time. I could feel the exhaustion from Haelz. I know they are trying to hold the rips of time together, but they are growing weaker Taylor. Time is very different from here to there. My time here seems long, but out there it is like I only left them hours ago." Demi tried to explain to Taylor who looked very confused.
"Only hours? I can't imagine or comprehend what you know Demi." Taylor pointed out sadly wishing he could.
"Maybe as I teach you and your brothers how to use and control your powers, you will begin to understand a little of what I know." Demi stated, glowing in a light shade of gold as he still petted the boy's head. Taylor grabbed his hand and smiled up at him.
"Demi? Why can't you get back by yourself?"
"There is a odd balance here in this place. There is a hole and I need help to get back. It is hard to explain Taylor. Only with the help of you and your brothers I will finally be able to reconnect with my mates."
"Oh... we'll try to help. You have done so much for us. I can't imagine going out of this room right now. I can't stand that man called Sam. He is..is so cruel. I don't understand why he hates all of us so much." Taylor expressed sadly looking down at the floor.
"Taylor he hates you and brothers because your psychic abilties are more powerful then his."
"What? He told us he was more powerful! But I guess I kind of figured that." Taylor said angrily.
Demi lifted him up again and brought him back to their area of the huge room. Ike rolled over bumping into Zac who suddenly jerked awake. Zac watched Demi put Taylor down so he could lean against the wall.
"Good morning Zac or is it morning?" Taylor smiled as Zac yawned and stretched his arms over his head.
"Where did you guys go?" Zac asked rubbing the sleep out of his eyes as he sat up sliding over next to Taylor.
"I had to go to the bathroom. Demi helped me get there." Taylor informed him as he smiled up at Demi who squatted down next to him.
"Glad to see that you are feeling better Tay. We were pretty worried about you yesterday." Zac added.
"I'm sorry I worried you guys. I feel a lot better now, but I am still very hungry." Taylor stated licking his lips.
"Oh! That reminds me... I bet Michael left us another package again." Zac stated bolting up off the mattress.
"Huh? Michael did what?" Taylor asked watching his brother head quickly for the hallway.
"Michael is going to get food to us everyday. He is sneaking it in. Read the note Tay!" Zac yelled as he ran down the hallway.
"What note?" Taylor asked looking curiously up at Demi.
"The human wrote a note saying he was going to make sure you get your norishment, because he thought it was cruel what they were doing to you." Demi explained turning a light shade of gold.
"Maybe I should help him." Taylor stated, standing up, when Zac came again around the corner carrying a box in his arms. Zac was smiling ear to ear as he walked up to the mattress.
"The food has arrived! Wonder what is on the menu for today." Zac declared happily opening the box. He gazed inside as Taylor crawled over and looked in too. Their eyes lit up seeing a huge pot filled with beef and gravy and another pot filled with noodles.
"Looks good! I'm starving Zac. All I had was chicken broth you know." Taylor stated reaching into the box, lifting out the pot with the beef and gravy. Zac lifted out the noodles carefully.
"I can't believe Ike is still sleeping. Man, sometimes he can sleep through the civil war!" Zac chuckled watching Isaac smack his lips in his sleep. Taylor leaned over and shook Ike's shoulder gently.
"What?" Ike groaned curling into a tighter ball.
"The food is here Ike. Want some? Or do you want us to eat it all?" Taylor teased watching his brother's brow crinkle a little.
"Eat mine share and you will pay with your lives." Ike smiled sitting up feeling happy to see Taylor feeling better. Ike looked over and noticed Zac was dishing out the portions onto to plates that were also placed in the box.
"Here Tay. Wait... where are the forks?" Zac asked looking back into the box as Taylor took the plate of food from his hand.
"Are they in there? I hope he didn't expect us to eat this with our fingers." Taylor smiled as his mouth drooled from the aroma of the beef over the noodles.
"Yeah... here they are!" Zac said handing Taylor a fork.
Taylor sat in a cross legged position digging his fork into the noodles greedily. Demi came up beside him watching Taylor intently put the first forkful into his mouth.
"Mmmmm... tastes good!" Taylor mumbled through the food as Demi cocked his head to the right.
"Smells bad to me. What is beef?" Demi asked still intently staring at Taylor chewing his food.
"Well it's cow meat. Umm... if you know what a cow is. It's a animal on our world." Taylor thought as he shoveled in another mouthful of beef.
"You eat flesh? How awful for you." Demi sadly stated reaching out and petting Taylor's head gently feeling sorry for him.
"Demi it is what we eat. It tastes good to us. Don't be sad." Taylor responded noticing Demi's skin turned a light shade of blue.
Ike and Zac smiled watching their brother try to explain to Demi why they ate flesh. Ike put down his plate and patted his stomach contently.
"That really filled me up. Michael is a good cook. I just hope they don't discover he is sneaking in food to us." Ike said watching Zac finish his last mouthful.
"Yeah I hope so too. Taylor are you done?" Zac asked noticing Taylor was looking uncomfortable with Demi watching him eat every mouthful. Zac started to chuckle at the sight. Taylor turned and threw him a dirty look.
"Demi? I don't want to be rude, but could you please stop watching me eat?" Taylor shyly asked looking into the deep purple eyes.
"It makes me kind of nervous." Taylor answered, looking at Demi shyly.
"I am sorry young one. After you finish eating the flesh of the cow I want to teach you how to walk through the dimensions some more." Demi said sitting back, turning toward Zac who was putting the dirty dishes back into the box.
"Yeah I would love to see that place again!" Zac excitedly stated.
"Here... I'm done." Taylor handed Zac his plate with the fork. He laid down and smiled rubbing his stomach gently. He felt good to finally feel full again. Demi slid up near him and started to rub his stomach too. Taylor couldn't help but smile.
"Demi? Why are you rubbing my stomach?" Taylor curiously asked raising his eyebrows up in question.
"I like to touch you my Taylor." Demi innocently stated as Taylor blushed a deep shade of red, when his brothers cracked up laughing from the shocked expression that covered his face.
"I think Demi is attracted to you Tay." Zac giggled while Taylor frowned sitting up and then stopped Demi from touching him.
"Guys! Cut it out. Demi doesn't understand what you are talking about." Taylor argued looking up at Demi who reached out and started to gently stroke his hair.
"Demi, do you like Taylor?" Ike asked still chuckling a little.
"Yes and I like you too Ike."
"I mean do you like Taylor a little bit more."
"Ike! Cut it out!" Taylor yelled getting a little angry at his brother's teasing.
"Taylor is more attractive to me if that is what you mean. I like the feeling I get from him when I connect with his mind. I also feel very protective of him. He released me from my loneliness when he first connected with my mind. I have been alone for so long. He brought me to you. Taylor brought me freedom again." Demi said seriously gazing lovingly down at Taylor who swallowed hard.
"Oh..." Ike could only say feeling awed by the statement.
"Your minds are beautiful to me. I love you all and in different ways Ike. I will never let anything hurt you if I can help it." Demi added turning a intense shade of gold.
"We feel the same way Demi. You saved us from them. I don't know what we would do without you." Zac professed feeling deeply touched by Demi words.

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