Three Minds As One

Chapter 21 - Hunger Pressing Against Them

Taylor moaned turning onto his back feeling extremely hot. He felt a cool hand touch his forehead gently.
"Mom?" Taylor muttered under his breath.
"Oh God... Zac he is burning up." Ike fearfully stated as Zac came around looking down at his feverish brother.
"The hunger must be getting to him Ike. I noticed yesterday he kept rubbing at his stomach." Zac added leaning against the wall as he petted Taylor's head gently.
"I..I saw Mom Ike." Taylor slurred through his feverish mind smiling up at him.
"He looks so bad." Ike said as fear gripped his stomach twisting it into knots.
"What are we going to do Ike? I'm so hungry and now Tay's sick because of it." Zac sadly said with tears filling his eyes.
"Where is Demi?" Ike asked sitting up and noticed he wasn't around.
"I don't know. When I woke up he wasn't in the corner anymore."
"I hope he comes back soon. We need his help with Taylor." Ike stated looking back down at him.
"Did you find the food Ike? We have to eat. Please... I'm so hungry." Taylor moaned with sweat pouring down his face. Ike gently wiped the sweat off with the back of his hand lovingly.
"Tay... just rest. You're going to be okay." Ike said with his voice cracking as he began to cry.
"Ike? Are you okay?" Zac asked feeling worried knowing his oldest brother never cried easily.
"I can't take much more of this Zac. I just want to go home!" Ike cried out pitifully. He gently raised Taylor's upper body into his arms as he hung limply, while he moaned softly.
"Oh Tay... hold on. Please hold on. How do I heal hunger?" Ike asked rocking his brother back and forth in his arms as he hugged him against his body.
"Demi?! Please help us." Zac yelled weakly when he suddenly appeared in the room.
Demi bolted over to them filled with worry as he saw Ike rocking Taylor in his arms. Ike desperately looked up at Demi as he squatted down near Zac who listlessly turned to look at him.
"What happened?" Demi questioned turning a aqua blue shade again.
"Tay woke up sick. He is burning up with fever. It's the hunger Demi. We have to eat. We haven't eaten anything since they shoved us in here." Ike cried out with tears streaming down his face.
"Taylor is the weakest due to all the pain he has been through. Please... please help us Demi!" Zac begged suddenly feeling a little dizzy.
"I don't know what to do. How do I feed you?" Demi asked wanting to know.
Zac started to cry knowing there was no way he could help them. He dreaded the idea of giving up and going back into the clutches of Sam again. He stood up feeling very weak and headed for the hallway.
"Zac? Where are you going? Please stay here." Ike demanded, while Zac ignored him as he turned the corner into the hallway.

Zac shakingly walked down the hallway thinking maybe he could try to reason with them to let them have something to eat. He knew they couldn't hold out much longer. He angrily wiped the tears off his face feeling determined. He reached the entrance and peered around the corner cautiously and felt relieved that no one was by the windows yet. He wanted to compose himself. He walked near the door glancing through the window and could see that no one was around. He turned around and slid down the wall feeling his legs collapse under him. He panted trying to gain back some of his energy. He weakly flung his hand out to the side, hitting a box that laid on the floor next to him by the door.
"What's this?" He thought noticing it was a large box with their names written on it with a note attached. He shakingly tore off the note and opened it. As he read the note his eyes misted with tears, with a smile forming on his face.
"Thank you Michael." He whispered under his breath. He slowly stood up lifting the box. It felt heavy in his arms, but somehow he found the strength wanting to hurry back to his brothers. He turned the corner noticing that Demi and Isaac were still trying to care for Taylor.
"Ike!? Ike! Michael gave us food. He snuck it in last night!" Zac yelled with joy, placing the box down on the mattress and plopped down feeling exhausted from carrying it.
"Oh God thank you! Thank you!" Ike exclaimed with joy and smiled at Zac who ripped the brown paper off trying to hurry to see what kind of food was inside. When he opened the box his eyes lit up.
"Oh man food! Lots of it!"
"What kind? It smells so good!" Ike asked leaning forward a little to peer inside.
"Soup. And looks like roast beef sub sandwiches and potato salad." Zac grabbed one sandwich out and handed it to Ike.
"But what about Tay? He's very sick. He can't eat this right now." Ike stated sadly, putting down the sandwich next him.
"Give him the soup. We'll force it down his throat if we have to. I am not going to let my brother die like this!" Zac bellowed with determination as he grabbed one of the containers filled with chicken noodle soup.
"It's still warm. Demi can you raise Taylor so he is sitting up?" Zac asked noticing he was glowing in a shade of gold.
"Yes. Of course." Demi agreed as he gently raised the front part of his body letting him lean against him.
"I... I want..." Taylor moaned looking up into the purple eyes weakly that stared down at him.
Ike grabbed the soup from Zac and opened the lid smelling the aroma of chicken.
"There is to much stuff in it. We have to drain it somehow. Taylor can't eat the chicken and noodles right now. I want him to sip the broth. That should bring his strength back." Ike said matter of factly.
"Here... drain it in this." Zac instructed holding up a bowl that they were drinking water out of that they found in the storage room.
"Good idea Zac." Ike smiled holding the lid so only the broth came pouring out.
"There!" Zac said handing Ike the bowl and grabbing the container with the remaining soup.
Ike brought it up near Taylor's lips, but he turned his head away crinkling up his eyebrows.
"Taylor please drink this. It's soup Tay. It's soup." Ike begged watching Taylor turn his head toward him, while he blinked rapidly trying to clear the tears that formed from his feverish eyes.
"Soup?" Taylor whispered weakly.
"Here, just drink it." Ike said gently putting the bowl to his lips again. Taylor sipped the soup slowly while he looked up at Ike.
"Chicken. It's chicken." Taylor stated softly, between sips, as Zac and Ike smiled.
"Yeah it is Tay. That's it... drink it all." Ike smiled with his mouth watering, feeling the hunger naw at him.
"It... it tastes good Ike." Taylor whispered with his eyes misting with tears. He couldn't believe he was actually tasting real food. Zac crawled back to the box and grabbed himself a sandwich. He shakingly unwrapped it raising it to his mouth and took his first bite. He closed his eyes while he savored the mouthful chewing slowly. Ike smiled at him putting down the empty bowl and grabbed his sandwich, that he had placed near him and quickly unwrapped it taking a big bite and loving the wonderful taste that filled his mouth.
"Wher...where's mine?" Taylor asked watching his brothers eat their sub sandwiches.
"Are you sure you can eat one Tay?" Ike mumbled through the food.
"Please... I want one." Taylor pleaded. Ike reached into the box and was just about to hand it to Taylor when he noticed that he fell asleep in Demi's arms. Ike smiled looking up into Demi's eyes.
"He needs to rest. His fever went down a little." Demi said, gently placing Taylor down, making sure his head rested onto his pillow. He felt happy that the young ones were getting the nourishment that they desperately needed.
"I will save it for him for later." Ike stated placing it back into the box.
Zac was eating his portion of the potato salad enjoying every mouthful.
"Zac, slow down a little will you?" Ike commented happily smiling at him.
Zac nodded his head starting to feel sleepy and content. His stomach no longer felt empty.
"What did the note say Zac?" Ike suddenly thought to ask.
"Oh... wait..." Zac looked and found the note near the box.

Dear Ike, Taylor and Zac,

I think not feeding you is cruel and uncalled for. I am sorry for all the pain and suffering you guys have been going through. I just want to make it right somehow and tell you that I am truly sorry for everything. I will try to sneak in food to you everyday if I can. It will mostly be very late at night when everyone is asleep. I hope you enjoy the food. God Bless.


He's one of the guys who helped kidnap me, but right now I could kiss him!" Zac chuckled filling his mouth again with another spoonful of potato salad.
"I want to also!" Ike laughed.

The alien enjoyed watching them, feeling very happy, when just moments ago everything seemed so dark. He gently caressed Taylor's head softly still noticing he felt a little warm. His thoughts went out to Haelz, his mate, remembering her violet eyes staring at him feeling her pain. He lovingly watched Taylor sleep. Now all he had to do was teach them to use control and then he would be home again.

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