Three Minds As One

Chapter 20 - Time Travelers - Continued

Taylor felt extremely dizzy watching the colors spinning before him as they moved forward. He looked up trying to focus on Demi that seemed to be the only thing solid before him. He gripped onto Demi's hand tightly, feeling out of place as he looked below him and noticed that they seemed to be floating through air.
They stopped as Demi gazed down at him.
"Look at me Taylor."
He lifted up his head weakly searching Demi's eyes.
"I feel so sick Demi. My eyes feel so weird." Taylor moaned rocking slightly.
"Just close them as I told your brothers. Your mind can't take the power of the dimensional balance in here. You're not made to do this young one." Demi explained feeling a little worried as Taylor's face grew a pale shade of white. He quickly put up the block wanting to protect him. He released his hand and cradled his face gently in his hands.
"Are you alright my Taylor?" Demi asked with concern looking deeply into the boy's crystal blue eyes.
"I feel better. I just couldn't take the spinning sensation out there." Taylor stated swallowing hard trying to control his upset stomach.
"Do you think you can track out different shapes and forms?" Demi asked releasing Taylor's head watching him look around the area.
"What do you mean? Track?" Taylor questioned feeling overwhelmed by the beauty that surrounded him even though he still felt extremely sick to his stomach.
"I am going to go out of the block and create different forms out there and I want you to tell me what you see. Okay?"
"Sure. Sounds like fun." Taylor smiled watching Demi suddenly disappear through the wall of the block that surrounded him. Taylor licked his lips enjoying the view.
"Tay? To the right. Quick. What do you see? Remember use your mind to see them."
Taylor spun to the right and saw a shape of a huge hand.
"A hand?" Taylor announced wondering if what he saw was correct.
"Good... now keep looking and tell me what else you see around you. Remember to look all around you. Use your mind to locate and feel out the shapes and forms." Demi instructed as Taylor nodded his head.
"A bird. A flower. A cat? A tree. Foot. Zac? Violet eyes." Taylor rattled off hoping he was keeping up.
"What was that last one Taylor?" Demi asked sounding confused.
"Violet eyes. They are still there. Kind of pretty." Taylor stated becoming absorbed in the beauty of them.
"I didn't show you that Taylor."
"But they are there looking at me. They look kind of sad and confused. How did you do that?" Taylor asked moving toward them feeling intranced by the staring eyes.
"Tay don't move toward them. Taylor?" Demi beseeched him as he suddenly felt worried by Taylor not answering him. He moved back quickly into the block. He bolted to Taylor seeing him reaching out trying to touch the eyes.
"No Taylor! Don't!" Demi yelled grabbing onto Taylor around the waist pulling him back abruptly. Taylor's head snapped back hitting Demi's chest. Demi looked into the violet eyes and recognized them. He turned a shade of intense aqua blue. Saddness filled him knowing it was one of his mates who was lost in time. He released Taylor as he let out a high pitched moan raising his arms out toward her as the eyes slowly faded away. Taylor blinked moving fearfully backwards.
"Demi? Are you okay? Who was that?" Taylor asked starting to shake nervously as Demi still moaned pitifully bowing his head. Taylor approached Demi cautiously touching him gently on the back wanting to comfort him. Demi looked up into Taylor's eyes. He grabbed onto Taylor hugging him against his body tightly. Taylor didn't understand just what was happening.
"Demi... please tell me who that was?" Taylor whispered softly feeling the saddness that overcame his alien friend.
"She is one of my mates Taylor. She has been lost since they captured me. She must have sensed us out here. Oh Taylor... I have to get back soon. The balance is very unstable. They are very sick and they need me as much as I need them." Demi sadly explained as Taylor's heart began to pound hard.
"I wish we could help, but we don't know how yet." Taylor stated tearfully looking up at Demi as his arms were still wrapped tightly around him.
"You will help. You are helping now young one. Your powers are more then I thought in all three of you. I just need to teach you how to control them so I can reconnect with my mates again."
Demi noticed Taylor looked weak and exhausted with fear covering his face. He stood up taking Taylor's shaking hand to bring him back to his time. He put down the block and turned still feeling the presence of his mate.
"Soon. I will come soon." Demi thought into the dimensional balance as Taylor looked up at him understanding his pain. He moved forward with Taylor holding his hand.

Ike and Zac bolted up watching Taylor and Demi come back through time, but their smiles melted away looking at Taylor's troubled expression.
"Tay? What happened?" Ike stated running up to Taylor as the alien went off into a corner and curled up into a ball.
"We... we saw one of his mates out there. They are stuck out there Ike. They must have been there for two years." Taylor stated biting his bottom lip as he turned and looked at Demi who turned a shade of aqua blue again. Zac ran his hand through his hair wanting to do something for him as he walked over to him.
"Demi? Do you need anything?" Zac asked wanting desperately to help in any way he could.
"Zac... please just leave me alone for now. I need to be alone." Demi expressed sadly, resting his head on his knees as he stared at the wall. Zac nodded understanding and quietly walked back over to his brothers who were sitting on the mattress also looking sad.
"I feel so helpless. We have to get him back. He did so much for us. Now it is our turn to help." Taylor said searching his brothers eyes.
"I know. I can sense his pain. It is almost as if we are apart of him now." Zac added looking over at Demi who sat still and lonely in the corner. Ike nodded his head in agreement.
"Young ones rest now. Don't worry so much about me. I will be alright." Demi expressed softly, wanting to calm their fears.
Taylor crawled weakly onto the mattress, resting his head onto his pillow, staring at the wall. He started to feel warm when he felt Ike lie down next to him. Ike rubbed his back softly, sensing his brother didn't feel good again. Zac laid on the other side of Ike, facing toward Demi, and prayed that their alien friend would be alright. Ike threw a cover over all of them and after a few minutes they all drifted off to sleep, because they were exhausted by the day's events.

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