Three Minds As One

Chapter 20 - Time Travelers

Ike felt weird seeing the dimensions before him. He rocked a little as Demi stayed near him. He gulped nervously feeling a little out of control. He looked toward Demi to guide him.
"Now bring up the block Ike. Stay close and don't move in any direction." Demi instructed watching Ike intently.
"I'm afraid. It's so weird in here. I can't see anything straight." Ike expressed feeling sick to his stomach.
"Just close your eyes and concentrate. That should help your balance Ike."
Ike did as he was told and it did feel better not to look at his surroundings. He brought up the block around them. He immediately felt better and opened his eyes. He was astounded by the colors before him.
"It's so beautiful. Wow... wait till Tay and Zac see this." Ike smiled up at Demi.
"You did very well Ike. Now you can move. The block you formed will protect us from slipping into a wrong dimension."
"But I don't see anything like that. Where are they?" Ike questioned looking curiously around.
"Oh the rips are there. With your eyes they are hard to see, but eventually your eyes will adjust to the dimensional rips and tides. That is why I have to be here with you right now or you could be lost forever." Demi explained taking a hold of Ike's hand.
"Is this all you want me to do?"
"Yes for now. You did very well. Now I will take you back and I will bring in Zac next." Demi said as he led Ike out of the dimensional tides.

Taylor and Zac sat waiting impatiently for Demi and Ike to return.
"That was weird how they just disappeared in thin air." Zac stated looking around the room.
"It looked sort of like a clear bubble like thing they went through." Taylor declared still feeling awed. His stomach was feeling a little upset as he heard it growl again. Zac chuckled looking over at Taylor.
"What? I heard yours sound off a little while ago." Taylor defended himself rubbing at his tummy. "I know but that was the loudest stomach growl I ever heard." Zac smiled.
"Hey when I do something big.... it's going to be the best!" Taylor chuckled trying to make a joke out of his hunger pains.
"Just wait Tay. You know I will beat you. Remember Tay I am the champion of burps of all time." Zac bragged as Taylor rolled his eyes.
"But the fact is Zac I am more hungier then you. So......" Taylor began when suddenly Ike and Demi appeared before them snapping back into this time. Taylor and Zac stood up noticing Ike was smiling ear to ear.
"How was it Ike?" Zac excitedly questioned him.
"It was fantastic guys. Wait till you see what it is like. You feel a little off at first, but then it is so awesome out there." Ike emphasized flinging his hands in the air.
"Well Zac you are next. Are you ready?" Demi challenged watching Zac slowly stand up looking excited.
"Sure am! Just lead me there... to the middle of nowhere." Zac chuckled taking Demi's hand. He looked back at his brothers who laughed at their brother's pun, when the room around him started to appear blurred and distored before his eyes. He gripped onto Demi's hand tighter feeling a little lost when the surroundings started to spin around him.
"When I stop Zac do not move until I raise the block. Do you understand?" Demi explained as Zac nodded feeling a little off center.
"I feel a little sick to my stomach. Everything is so.... I can't focus on anything." Zac asserted shutting his eyes tightly trying to shake the feeling away.
"That is expected. Your brother felt the same way. Your minds are not made to take the dimensions like my race is. Just continue to keep your eyes closed." Demi advised as he raised the block around them.
"How long is this going to take?" Zac asked licking his lips slowly.
"Open your eyes. Everything should feel normal to you now. You are safe." Demi announced as Zac opened his eyes slowly and smiled.
"Wow! Demi this is so cool. Ike was right. The colors are... are beyond words." Zac stated awe struck and spun around viewing the area.
"Now Zac what I need for you to do is link."
"Link with what?" Zac curiously asked him looking up at him innocently.
"Me. I am going to go outside the block. I want you to look for me with your mind and then when you see me, raise up the link, finding my mind. Think you can do that young one?" Demi gently asked.
"Well I will give it a shot. Just don't leave me alone for too long." Zac smiled watching him pop out of the block wall into the dimensional tides. He noticed he suddenly disappeared. He looked around the area trying to locate him. He turned to look around the other side but still couldn't locate him. Zac's eyes darted back and forth starting to feel a little scared and frustrated. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He resumed the search scanning the block around him slowly. He thought he saw something white moving just to the right of him. Zac smiled raising the link connection and felt the link connect with Demi's mind.
"Got it!" Zac yelled triumphly.
"Yes you did....." Demi stated sounding distant.
"Well come back in here then." Zac insisted not wanting to be alone no more.
"Bring me in Zac. Pull me back in using the link." Demi challenged him again.
"Huh? I don't know how to do that Demi."
"Yes you do. Do the same thing you did with Ike when you stopped the water tank from falling onto your brother earlier today. Use that same power. I think your kind call it telekinesis."
"I... I'll try." Zac went into his mind as beads of sweat started to form on his forehead. He felt Demi's body and pulled with all his might. He could feel him coming forward toward him. Demi popped through the block wall glowing a golden shade.
"You did it young one! Very good."
"That... that exhausted me. It seemed so hard." Zac stated wiping the sweat off his brow with the back of his left arm. Demi put his hand on his shoulder and gently squeezed.
"You did just fine. It is a power that you will get used too. Then it won't seem so hard anymore." Demi thought to Zac feeling proud.
"What else do you want to teach me?" Zac grinned ready for the next lesson.
"For now that is all I wanted you to learn. Now it is Taylor's turn." Demi replied taking a hold of Zac's hand leading him back to their dimension.

Taylor and Ike saw the bubble forming in the middle of the room seeing Zac and Demi return.
"Well Zac... what did you think?" Ike asked smiling at the awe struck look covering Zac's face.
"It was awesome guys. I never saw anything like it. I can't even begin to describe it in words." Zac exclaimed excitedly running over to Taylor who sat against the wall.
"Are you ready young one?" Demi asked reaching his hand out toward Taylor. Taylor stood up brushing his pants off feeling excited himself, after listening to what Ike had to tell him while Zac was gone.
"Sure am. I have to see this!" Taylor smiled taking a hold of Demi's hand.
"You're going to love it Tay! Just wait and see." Zac said as they suddenly disappeared through time. Ike smiled sitting back down on the mattress.

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