Three Minds As One

Chapter 19 - I Want To Go Home - Continued

As they walked back to their area Taylor was still munching away on the stale corn flakes. The alien walked behind him as they approached the mattress. Ike sat down heavily still feeling shaken by the incident. Zac seated himself next to him.
"Tay? I think you should stop eating those. They are very stale." Ike said sternly as Taylor stuffed another handful into his mouth.
"But I'm hungry." Taylor mumbled through the flakes.
"Remember they must be at least two years old." Zac added in wishing Taylor would stop.
"So? There is no mold growing on them." Taylor chuckled reaching into the box again as he sat himself down against the wall. The alien bent down next to him and pulled the box away.
"Hey! Give them back!" Taylor sadly yelled watching the alien walk away with them.
"No young one, you had enough." The alien stated matter of factly. He didn't like the way the one of images was desperately eating them. Concern filled him for this one. His body was very weak after all he went through these past few days. He went to the bathroom and dumped the remainer into the toliet pulling the handle watching them flush down. When he went back to the area he noticed the young one watched him approach.
"What did you do with them?" Taylor asked feeling annoyed that he was treated like a baby.
"They are gone now. You don't need them."
"But it's the only food we have right now. We need them! I... I'm hungry!" Taylor whined crinkling up his eyebrows. The alien cradled his face in his hands gently, but Taylor jerked his head away angrily.
"Don't! Don't treat me like a baby. I'm serious. What else do we have to eat?"
"Tay? I know it is all that we found, but you can't keep eating them like that." Ike responded feeling concerned.
"But I... but I...." Taylor began and bowed his head knowing his brother was right. His stomach felt so empty. He brought his legs up near his chest gazing up at the alien who's body was glowing a intense shade of green.
"Ummm... how do you eat?" Zac interjected trying to take the attention away from Taylor who sat there looking extremely uncomfortable.
"I absorb nutrients from my surroundings. It is hard to explain." The alien thought back to Zac.
"I wish we could do that." Zac sadly stated.
"That is something I can't teach you. You are a different kind of life form then me."
"Can you show us how to walk in time? You said you were going to teach us." Ike asked wanting to get his mind off food for awhile even though his stomach felt very hollow inside.
"Yeah I would like to start. Then maybe we can get out of this place and go home!" Taylor added in yearning to be with his family again. Ike and Zac nodded their heads in agreement.
"I too want to go home. I miss my world very much." The alien stated turning a light shade of blue. Taylor bowed his head with tears filling his eyes. He cocked his head wondering what upset him.
"What is wrong young one?"
"I'm sorry. You must feel worse then us. You have been here for so long and all I thought about was only how we felt." Taylor thought sadly blinking back his tears. The alien reached out caressing the side of his face.
"You three have gone through so much because of me. They brought you here in the hopes of finding out how I travel through time. Even though you are here against your will I am glad that you are. I need you so much. You are my hope to get back to my world. I want you to understand that."
Taylor nodded his head smiling.
"Well let's just get started then!" Zac excitedly voiced sliding near the alien with Ike following behind him.
"First I have to take in Ike. He will pull up the block that will protect us from slipping from time."
"Before we begin... what is your name? If you have names where you come from?" Ike asked curiously looking into the alien's purple eyes.
"My name? Yes we do have them, but I can't begin to pronounce it in your language." He thought turning golden.
"Well try us. Maybe we could." Zac said smiling.
"It is Emitforecnalab."
"Huh?" Zac thought looking at his brothers who looked just as confused as he did.
"I told you, you wouldn't be able to pronounce it." The alien stated feeling amused.
"Could we just name you something then?" Taylor asked.
"Like what Tay...lor?"
"Ummmm... how about Demi, short for dimensional." Taylor smiled raising his eyebrows as he looked up at the alien for approval.
"Demi? Hmmmm... I do like that name." The alien glowed golden with the lights dancing around him.
"Hey that's perfect!" Zac exclaimed chuckling a little.
"But it sounds sort of female." Ike stated looking at Taylor who frowned.
"Are you male or female?" Taylor asked curiously.
The alien looked confused cocking his head to the left not understanding the question.
"What is male or female?"
"Like what sex are you?" Ike asked searching the alien's eyes for a answer. Zac and Taylor felt just as curious, wanting to know.
"Sex? The sexes on your world are separate? Aren't you both?" The alien stated glowing red feeling surpised by the realization of this fact.
Ike, Taylor, and Zac started to laugh watching the alien looking totally confused.
"You mean to tell us you're both?" Zac asked feeling just as surprised.
"Yes we are both. Which are you?" The alien looked from one to the other. Taylor still chuckled looking up at the alien.
"Definitely we are male!" Zac boldly shouted as his brothers nodded in agreement.
"What makes you only male?"
"Our bodies indicate that we are." Ike stated.
"How? What do you mean?"
Taylor swallowed hard trying to think how they could explain it to him.
"Well... how about if you go into my mind and pull up a image of male and female. That is the only way you will probably understand." Taylor blushed looking up from under his eyelashes shyly. The alien gently placed his hands on Taylor's head searching for the information. Suddenly he saw the image Taylor wanted him to see. He was amazed looking at the differences of the human bodies.
"Can I see what you look like?" The alien asked leaning toward Taylor. Taylor slid backwards fearfully, putting up one hand to stop him.
"No!" Taylor yelled as the alien jumped back feeling startled at his reaction.
"Why? Your bodies are so beautiful. Are you ashamed young one?" He asked, cocking his head to the right.
"No. I um... I just don't..." Taylor began licking at his lips nervously.
"We just are modest about our sexuality, because we are different sexes on our world." Ike explained, with Taylor feeling relieved that his brother stepped in.
"I think both sexes are very beautiful." The alien stated not really understanding their reasoning. He felt he wouldn't push it from Taylor's reaction.
"Do you tend to be more male or female?" Taylor asked sliding forward again trying to change the subject back to him.
"I am really more male now. But we can always switch when the time calls for it."
"That's really weird. I mean... that you can be both." Zac exclaimed feeling somewhat flustered.
"Do you like the name Demi?" Ike curiously asked.
"Yes. Please call me that. And now I will take you my Ike into time to teach you." Demi declared liking the name that they decided to call him.

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