Three Minds As One

Chapter 1 - Can Anyone Hear Me? - Continued

Walker noticed his sons were extremely quiet in the backseat, while they drove down the busy street. He turned around looking into three sets of wide fearful eyes.
"Guys? What is eating at all three of you? Ike?" Walker asked, looking directly into his oldest son's eyes.
"Um... nothing dad. Really. We're just tired. That's all." Ike assured him, sadly noticing Taylor's hands were shaking a bit.
"Yeah. Really... we're fine." Taylor added, agreeing with his brother, forcing a smile.
"Well if you want to talk about it don't hesitate to come to me. Okay?" Walker pointed out, wishing they wouldn't keep things away from him. He knew something was up with them. But he thought maybe they just needed some time before they would let it out. He wondered what shook them up so much. They were all in such good moods earlier. He turned around and gazed out the window hoping to be home soon. He missed Diana.

Taylor rested his head against Isaac's shoulder. His head was pounding from a tremousness headache. The man's voice still resounded in his head.
"You okay Tay?" Ike whispered to Taylor and gently put his arm around him, feeling for some reason like Taylor needed his comfort. Taylor nodded his head slowly with his eyes closed and nervously licked his lips.

Zac looked over at Taylor, then up at Ike, who he noticed had a worried look on his face. He knew Taylor was scared about something. Somehow he could feel it and he couldn't figure out why. He reached over Ike and gently touched Taylor's arm.
"Shhhh. He's sleeping Zac." Ike whispered.
"Something is wrong Ike. I don't like this feeling I have." Zac groaned in a whisper not wanting his father to hear him.
"What feeling?" Ike whispered back looking at Zac with concern.
"Like... like... I don't know." Zac muttered, feeling frustrated as he rested back onto the seat and slid his body a little bit down, feeling confused and angry.
"I am feeling the same way." Ike said sadly, looking at Taylor who was sleeping peacefully.
"It's the man. Something about that man." Zac whispered feeling suddenly very uneasy.

"Hey guys? We're home!" Walker announced as the taxi pulled up the driveway by their house.


Samuel sat in the limo looking very satisfied. Finally he knew his mission was over. He found the subjects he was looking for. Thomas Shane, head of The Project and his boss, sat next to him feeling impatient. He wiped his brow with a handkerchief. His dark brown, short hair still clung to his forehead from the warm weather. He reached over and slid the window open that separated them from the driver and told him to turn on the air conditioner. Sam watched him intently thinking if he would only lose some weight he wouldn't be feeling so hot. Thomas sat back getting himself comfortable again and turned toward Sam.
"Well? Did you find anyone this time?" Tom asked angrily.
"Yeah. But you're not going to like it." Sam smiled and turned to look directly into Tom's dark brown eyes with a smug look on his face.
Thomas at times felt like he hated this man. He gave him the creeps, but he needed him for The Project due to his psychic powers.
"Why won't I like it?"
"Ever hear of a group called Hanson?" Sam asked coldly.
"Hanson? Yeah some kid band I think. Heard their song dubop or mmmbop or something. I think I heard it on the radio a few times. Why?"
"They are the subjects."
"Them?! Come on Sam."
"Yes. Quite remarkable actually. They all responded at exactly the same time."
"But we only need one person. Who has the most ability?"
"Hard to tell. One has it I think, but I couldn't pin point it." Sam admitted, crinkling up his brow.
Tom chuckled thinking this man was suppose to be so brillant and he couldn't even tell which kid had the most ability. He stopped noticing Sam was giving him a angry look.
"Making fun of me?" Sam shouted angrily reading Tom's weak mind.
"No! I... I..." Tom began, noticing a tightness suddenly forming at his temples.
"Don't EVER think that again!" Sam warned him, looking straight into Tom's eyes.
"Okay! Stop it. I told you to never do that to me. You know I need you as much as you need me." Tom claimed matter of factly and noticed the pain he felt in his head suddenly subsided.
"I say we might as well take all three of them. Somehow I think they have it together. Their minds seem to work as one. The question is how do we get them?" Sam questioned staring down at his hands.
"Great! It would have to be someone who is well known. Personally I don't care how we get them. I will leave that job up to you. They are important to The Project." Tom declared, puffing out his bottom lip.
"Fine. Don't worry. Give me a few weeks and I will bring them to you. Just get things set up from your end." Sam said smiling a little, remembering the fear on the face of the one who realized that he heard his voice in his head.

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