Three Minds As One

Chapter 1 - Can Anyone Hear Me?

Samuel Rodden sat in a chair looking around the airport hating this so called mission he was on. Months have gone by and yet he still couldn't find the person he was looking for. This world wasn't filled with very many psychic wonders. He knew he was and trying to find anyone else like him seemed impossible. He got up slowly and started walking around again asking the question in his mind and still nobody turned to look. He noticed a small crowd forming near one of the airport lounges and headed for that direction to see why. He came up near a pillar and saw three young blonde boys sitting in some seats near the window. He pulled his black trench coat around him feeling a little cold. A smile formed across his face.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac sat in the airport lounge in Tulsa, waiting impatiently for their father to find out where their luggage was located.
"I can't wait to get home." Ike stated looking around the area watching a few people walking back and forth.
"Me too. The interview went pretty well though." Taylor said happily remembering how the last few days went. He always loved New York City. Being there again felt so good. It was hectic with the recording of the new album and then this magazine wanted to do a interview with them before they headed back home. He was tired though and just wanted to get home and sleep for a few days.
"Hey guys? I think people are starting to notice us." Zac stated and turned around to look out the huge window and started watching the planes.
"Yeah...wish Dad would hurry before we cause a scene." Ike chuckled looking at Taylor who suddenly looked a little nervous noticing a group of girls were staring in their direction.
"Uh...yeah." Taylor began licking his lips as he looked at Ike.
"Don't worry Tay. Security is watching us." Ike assured him.
"CAN ANYONE HEAR ME?" A loud voice boomed over the crowd.
Ike, Taylor and Zac jumped at the same time and turned toward the sound of the voice and saw a strange looking man standing by one of the pillars. He was dressed in a black trench coat and suddenly looked over at them and grinned slightly. He was bald with bright green eyes that penetrated you when you looked into them.
They noticed no one else seemed to have heard the voice like they did.
"You heard that? Didn't you?" Zac whispered feeling suddenly scared and didn't like the looks of the strange man looking over at them.
"Yeah!" Ike and Taylor said in unison.
Taylor shivered slightly wishing the odd man would stop staring at them.
"Wish Dad would get back soon." Ike murmured looking anxiously around for him. He didn't want his brothers to see that the man shook him up somewhat.
Zac slid in closer toward Taylor and looked up at him noticing Taylor was looking down at his hands, then looked up toward the direction of where the man was standing again.
"Hey where did he go?" Taylor asked feeling relieved that he was gone now, but somehow sensing he was still around.
Ike and Zac looked too.
"God! Glad he is gone. Did he give you the creeps like me?" Ike asked his brothers who nodded their heads in agreement.
"Why did he yell like that?" Taylor said wondering.
"Why did he yell 'Can anyone hear me?' But what is really strange it seemed like we were the only ones who heard it!" Zac expressed feeling scared and swallowed hard.
"Yeah. I noticed that too." Ike agreed noticing Zac looked very nervous and upset.
"He gave me the creeps too. I...I still feel like he is around yet. I don't know why he asked that." Taylor exclaimed still looking around nervously.
Suddenly their Dad came up to them looking a little angry.
"Well they lost our luggage! Let's just go home." Walker shouted, noticing his sons bolted up.
"Yeah lets go!" Zac piped in.
"What's wrong guys? You all look like you have seen a ghost or something?" Walker asked.
"Oh ...it's nothing. We're just tired I guess." Ike explained not wanting to upset his father about the strange man.
"Security is waiting for us. We have a taxi just outside."
They quickly followed him outside and some fans ran up as security held them back. They were getting into the taxi when Taylor felt a odd sensation and turned looking behind the taxi and noticed the strange man was again staring toward them by a long tan limo. He gave Taylor a grin and got into the back seat. Taylor swallowed hard feeling weird.
"See you soon kid!" Taylor jumped as tears sprang to his eyes realizing he heard the voice in his head.
"Tay!? Come on .....get in!" Walker yelled wondering why Taylor was hesitating.
"Oh...yeah." Taylor mumbled bolting into the back seat.

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