Three Minds As One

Chapter 19 - I Want To Go Home - Continued

Taylor rolled over and noticed that the alien was sleeping peacefully next to him by the mattress. He sat up gazing down at the alien. He reached out and touched his face gently. Tears filled his eyes. He couldn't help but feel love toward this being. He looked around and saw that both his brothers weren't in the area. He quietly slid to the end of the mattress not wanting to disturb the being's rest. His stomach growled feeling the hunger naw at him. He wanted to know where Ike and Zac went. He closed his eyes searching for their minds. Suddenly he saw that they were in the storage room that he had found earlier. He got up to go and see what they were up to.

"Ike? Find anything? I don't think there is any food in here. It seems to be just other stuff like towels, sheets, and clothing." Zac grumbled as he picked up another box.
"Just keep looking. Maybe there is something to eat, besides....." Ike stated when they both heard the door open seeing Taylor come in.
"Tay? You should be resting." Ike said looking at Taylor with a concerned expression covering his face.
"I'm fine Ike. What are you looking for in here?"
"Food!" Zac bellowed angrily putting down a box onto the floor.
"Is there any in here?" Taylor asked looking at Ike, raising his eyebrows a little hoping his brother would say that they did.
"We haven't found anything yet. I thought maybe they would have stored some in here." Ike pointed out lifting up another box to see what was behind it.
"Well I'll help." Taylor said walking up near Zac who was flinging stuff out of a box.
"There's no food! Nothing! This is a waste of time!" Zac yelled looking up at Taylor with saddness in his eyes.
"Zac... calm down." Taylor said seeing that Zac looked angry and tired.
"I still can't believe they would starve us like this. That is what I am so angry about. They kidnap us. They act like they need us so bad and now they want us to die!" Zac shouted as he reached for another box.
"I know. I just wish we could go home. I sometimes feel like this is just a nightmare and then we are going to wake up." Taylor agreed sadly opening a box and peered inside seeing it was only filled with towels that were neatly folded.
"Hey guys? I think I see something!" Ike stated excitedly reaching on his tip toes to grab a box that was on a huge stack in front of him. He saw cereal written on the side.
"What? Ike watch out!" Taylor screamed as the boxes started tumbling down on top of his older brother.
"Ahhhhh... help me!" Ike screeched in terror falling backwards with the boxes hitting him.
Taylor and Zac watched helplessly as Ike was buried under the boxes. They ran over to the pile and started to rip the boxes off.
"IKE!" Zac yelled as his hands were shaking throwing the boxes off his brother who layed helplessly buried under them.
"Ike!? Can you hear us? Please answer!" Taylor screamed with his heart racing grabbing another box and flinging it to the side.
"Oh God... oh God..." Zac prayed when they finally saw Ike laying knocked out on the floor.
They pushed the boxes that were still close around his upper body away and knelt down next to him. Zac felt Ike's neck for a pulse.
"Ike? Ike? Please wake up." Taylor mumbled tearfully petting Ike's head.
"He's alive Tay." Zac stated fearfully with tears filling his eyes.
"Ike? Can you hear me? Oh God.... I hope he isn't hurt to bad." Taylor choked holding back his tears.
"mmmmm......aaaaa...." Ike groaned rolling his head to the side weakly.
"Oh God... thank you!" Zac cried looking up at the ceiling relieved that Ike was waking up.
"My legs! I can't move my legs." Ike yelled feeling them pinned by the boxes that were laying heavily on top of them.
"We'll get them off. Are you hurt anywhere else Ike?" Zac asked searching Ike's scared eyes.
"No... I don't think so. My head hurts a little." Ike stated rubbing the back of his head noticing a bump.
Taylor stood up grabbing a box that was on top of Ike's legs. Zac still knelt near Ike looking worried.
"Zac help me get these boxes off." Taylor said grabbing another one.
"Oh Man! Guys?" Ike fearfully yelled pointing at a huge water tank that was in front of him. Taylor and Zac looked to where Ike was pointing and saw the tank was rocking toward them. They all swallowed hard watching it sway.
"What if it falls?" Ike fearfully gulped watching it still rock.
"Let's get these off him fast before it does!" Taylor jumped grabbing at another box throwing it fearfully behind him. He could feel the adrendline flowing through him as sweat started to bead on his forehead. Zac stood up helping Taylor, nervously grabbing box after box.
"Oh GOD! NOOOOOO!" Ike screamed as the tank started falling toward him. He flung his arms up waiting for the blow.
"NO!" Zac cried as a power suddenly flew out from him grabbing onto the tank.
Taylor fell backwards in shock seeing the tank just stop inches away from crushing his brother. Ike slowly brought his arms down from his face and looked up wondering why it stopped in mid air just above him. He fearfully reached out his hand touching the tank lightly and then turned to look at Zac who had a strange expression covering his face.
"Ike? Why...why....." Taylor whispered afraid to talk any louder.
"Zac. Zac is doing it Tay. He's holding it up somehow." Ike stated with tears flowing down the sides of his face sucking in deep rasping breaths of fear.
Taylor stood up and walked over to the other side squatting down next to Zac who seemed to be in a trance staring at the tank.
"Zac? Keep holding it there. I'm going to get our friend. Okay?" Taylor stated gently. Zac nodded his head slightly.
Taylor bolted to the door turning to look back at Ike who had his eyes on Zac intently.
"I'll be right back." Taylor assured his brother. He ran down the hall when he felt something suddenly lift him at blinding speed knowing it was their friend.
"Ike! Ike needs help." Taylor thought in the arms of the alien who bolted into the room. He gently placed Taylor down to the side and walked up to where Zac sat still concentrating on holding the tank up.
"Now young one lift it with your mind." The alien thought to Zac.
"I... I don't know how...." Zac fearfully stated as sweat rolled down his face.
"I'll help you. Now feel the object with your mind and lift. There you go."
The tank raised up and was thrown over to the other side. Taylor bowed his head in relief and sat down on the floor. Zac collasped leaning into the alien feeling exhausted. Ike shut his eyes raising his shaking hand to his forehead.
"Oh God thank you Zac! I love you! I love you so much!" Ike cried out as the tears fell down the sides of his face in total relief.
The alien threw the rest of the boxes off of Ike. Ike slowly sat up still shaking with fear.
"I want to make sure you are alright." The alien stated touching Isaac's head lovingly.
"I just bumped my head. I... I'm fine really." Ike thought realizing how close he came to being killed.
"You have no broken bones. Just some bruises." The alien thought.
Ike stared at Zac feeling awed by his younger brother and slid over to him. Zac tearfully gazed into Ike's eyes. Ike grabbed him by the shoulders and smiled. He then hugged him tightly to him as Zac hugged back.
"Oh God... I love you Zac. Thank you. Thank you." Ike said rocking Zac lovingly in his arms.
"I... I didn't know I could do that. I just knew I couldn't see you get crushed by that tank." Zac explained leaning back.
Taylor stood up and pointed to a group of boxes strewn on the floor.
"Guys?! Look! Cereal. It's corn flakes." Taylor said picking up a box of cereal ripping it open.
"Bring it here Taylor." Ike said as Taylor walked over to his brothers and sat down next to them holding out the box.
"Well after all this... we finally find the food!" Zac exclaimed smiling up at his brothers. They all started to laugh.
The alien glowed golden with the lights dancing around them. They reached in and started to eat.
"A little stale, but I'm not going to complain." Taylor smiled stuffing his mouth with another handful.

Michael stood in the kitchen preparing the afternoon meal. He chuckled to himself remembering how Sam's face was full of fear when the alien threw him against the wall. He was glad that the being cared for the boys. He knew somehow he had to get food to them. He hated this place and all that it stood for. Kidnapping was the last straw in his mind. Guilt rose in him picturing the fear on the youngest one's face that day they swooped him up off the road. He stirred the soup angrily wishing he could take back the crime he had committed that day. He knew he was apart of it, justifying the act at the time. Now he knew in some small way he had to make it right. Later tonight he was going to deliver the food he had packaged secretly away for the boys.

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