Three Minds As One

Chapter 19 - I Want To Go Home

Ike and Zac gently sat Taylor down on the mattress. Taylor's body was shaking with pain.
"Oh God! My hands! What did I do?" Taylor moaned looking deeply into his brother's eyes.
"It will be okay Tay. Ike will heal you again. Right Ike?" Zac said sitting next to Taylor still feeling scared for his brother who held his broken, bloody hands out in front of him.
"Of course, but..." Ike began as the alien approached them squatting down next to Ike in front of Taylor. He gently caressed the side of Taylor's tear stained face. Taylor leaned his head into his hand welcoming the comfort he was offering.
"I will help him to heal you young one. Are you calm now my Tay?" The alien thought turning a light golden color feeling sorry for him. Taylor nodded his head slightly and squeezed his eyes shut as he tried to move his fingers. He could feel the extreme pain flow through his hands.
"Ohhhhh...they hurt so bad. I... I didn't know what I wa...was doing." Taylor stated sucking in a shaky breath of air.
"You really lost it out there Tay. I don't blame you though. I almost did myself." Zac admitted rubbing Taylor's back trying to comfort him.
"His hands are busted up so bad. I don't think I can heal this without you." Ike said feeling a little unsure of himself as he looked down at Taylor's twisted fingers.
"I will guide you Ike. Let us begin. I hate to see this brother of yours in so much pain." The alien expressed as Taylor desperately looked into the gentle purple eyes.
Ike closed his eyes and placed his hands over Taylor's with the alien putting his over them to help. Taylor gulped hard watching his brother and the alien working together to heal him. Suddenly he felt a heat enter his hands. The pain was subsiding and before his eyes he saw his fingers and hands heal. The cuts disappeared and the swelling went down. Zac smiled and turned looking at Taylor who now seemed intranced by Ike and the alien. Ike rocked back on his heals knowing his brother was now healed.
"Tay... I did it. Taylor?" Ike asked looking at his brother who seemed to be in a daze staring up at the alien.
The alien reached out and took Taylor into his arms hugging him gently to his body. Ike caressed his brother's head that was laying against the alien's chest.
"Is he going to be okay? Why does he seem so out of it?" Ike asked looking up at the alien.
"Yes Ike. He is just exhausted. We should let him rest now." The alien assured him and lifted Taylor into his arms carrying him over to the other side of the mattress and layed him down. Taylor closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep. Zac took a cover and gently placed it over him.
"He is going to be okay? He looks so weak." Zac stated feeling worried.
"Yes. He just needs rest." The alien said seeing the love and concern they had for their brother.
Zac nodded his head. He got up and sat down against the wall next to Ike. The alien approached them squatting down in front of them glowing a shade of light green feeling concerned.
"What is wrong?" He asked cocking his head looking from one to the other.
"I don't know what we are going to do. We need to eat. I am so hungry. I...I don't know how long we can last without food, especially Tay." Ike explained with tears filling his eyes, pointing at Taylor.
The alien bowed his head feeling helpless. He knew he could give them water but to feed them was another matter.


Sam woke up feeling pain throb in his head. He opened his eyes looking into the concerned faces of Don and Tom gazing down on him, noticing he was in his room. He tried to sit up on the bed but the pain bolted through him.
"No Sam. Don't try to move. You have a bad concussion and your right arm is broken." Don said pushing him back down.
"Ohhhhh... what happened? I... I remember the last thing I saw was that stupid creature looking at me!" Sam recalled feeling his hair stand on end remembering.
"He threw you against the wall. At first we thought maybe you were dead. He really threw you hard." Tom stated gulping hard.
Sam blinked staring up at the ceiling. Anger filled him.
"Sam? Maybe not feeding the boys was a bad idea. I..I mean look what he did to you." Don expressed crinkling up his brow.
"No! I don't care. We are not going to feed them. They'll come out of that room when they are hungry enough." Sam blurted out reaching up and rubbing his sore head.
"Well I am not going near that place until they do! No way is that alien going to get a hold of me." Tom whined pouting out his bottom lip.
"For one thing if he wanted to hurt you Tom, he could do it from anywhere. So what if he did this to me. It will be worth it in the end. They have to eat some time." Sam chuckled even though it made his head throb more.
"Well you just get some rest now Sam. I'll check in on you later. Okay?" Don stated feeling frustrated by Sam's determination to get a hold of the kids.
Sam nodded his head weakly and closed his eyes. Don and Tom quietly left the room shutting the door gently.
"I hope he knows what he is doing Tom. I can't believe him. Even being thrown against a wall like that doesn't even scare the man." Don began shaking his head as they walked down the hall toward Tom's office.
"I don't know what I would have done if it was me. You should have seen how angry Taylor Hanson was and then the alien came......he...his body was the color of black. I never saw anything like that before. It gives me the creeps just thinking about it!" Tom exclaimed opening his door to his office.

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