Three Minds As One

Chapter 18 - The Plan Of Action - Continued

They got up and headed down the hall, letting Zac lead them since he knew how to get to the door. When they approached the area Zac held out his arm stopping his brothers from going any further.
"Why did you stop Zac?" Ike asked, watching him cautiously peer around the corner.
"I want to see if anyone is looking through the windows."
"Is there anyone Zac?" Taylor said, feeling weak with hunger as he licked his lips.
"No. All clear." Zac stated and stepped out into the room with his brothers still behind him. They walked up near the door and saw nothing.
"If they were going to give us food where would they slide it in?" Ike wondered looking around.
"Well... well how have you been?" Sam's voice asked sternly over a intercom.
They jumped seeing him gazing at them through the window next to the door.
"Ummm... we're hungry. We just wanted to eat and..." Taylor began as Tom looked through another window at them, smiling.
"If you want to eat something just come out of the room. It's that simple really." Sam stated smiling at them.
"No way! You are not going to get us out there." Ike yelled, stepping back a few steps away from the windows.
"Well kids it is the only way you are going to get some food. When you decide that you are hungry enough I'll be waiting for you." Sam laughed.
Taylor's eyes filled with tears not believing what Sam was announcing to them. He turned and saw Zac starting to shake with anger.
"You can't do this to us!" Zac fumed stomping his foot angrily on the floor.
"You really are a son of a bitch!" Ike yelled, coming forward and hitting the window with his fist.
"You won't get away with this. When our parents find us..." Taylor began angrily.
"Your parents will never find you, Taylor Hanson. All I want is for you to come back out and give up, so I can teach you what we want you to do with those powers of yours." Sam grinned, knowing he had them against a wall.
"I never want to learn anything from YOU! You hear me!? I will die first!" Taylor screamed, loosing his temper and then ran toward the window and pounded his fists violently against it. All his anger from what this man did to him came flowing out. Sweat and tears starting pouring down his face as he still pounded his fists against the glass. Ike and Zac ran to him trying to stop him, knowing he was only hurting himself. Ike never saw Taylor so angry in his life.
"TAY! Please stop! You're hurting yourself. PLEASE!" Ike desperately yelled to his brother, but he shoved his brothers back and kept hitting the glass, wanting desperately to smash Sam's awful smirk off his face, that was peering at him through the window.
Sam suddenly bolted away from the window when he saw the alien coming up behind Taylor with his body in a shade of black. Ike and Zac stepped away as the alien grabbed onto Taylor from behind him, lifting him up around the waist. He looked at Sam with his eyes flaring the color of intense purple. Sam felt himself suddenly lift off the ground. He screamed in terror feeling an invisible grip surround him. Tom fearfully ran down the hallway wanting to get away in fear for his own life. Sam was thrown violently against a wall knocking him out and then slid down into a grumpled heap onto the floor.
Taylor still screamed struggling against the alien's hold. His hands were a bloody mess as he kicked his feet wanting to be let go.
"NOOOOOO! I WILL DIE FIRST! I will die first!" Taylor cried out, as the alien carried him back to their place, with his brothers following close behind.
He put the young one down gently in front of him. Taylor spun around still feeling the adrenaline rushing through him. He panted with his bloodly fists tightly gripped at his sides as they stood around him hoping somehow he would calm down.
"Tay? Please Tay, calm down." Zac begged starting to cry. He desperately looked at him, seeing his brother's eyes finally searching his with a look of confusion and deep set hurt.
"I... I..." Taylor looked down at his hands and started to weep. He collapsed to his knees holding his hands out, with his body starting to tremble from the intense pain. Zac ran to him hugging his brother against him. Taylor moaned feeling dizzy with the pain from his broken and bloodly hands crawling suddenly through his hands.
"I... I'm sorry Zac! Ike!" Taylor sobbed in his brother's comforting arms, which held him tightly, as he rested his head on Zac's shoulder.
"It's going to be alright Tay. It's going to be alright." Zac consoled him, gently rocking him in his arms with Taylor starting to cry uncontrollably.
Ike walked up to his brothers and kneeled down next to them, behind Taylor, reaching his arms around both of them and hugging them tightly to his chest. He felt his brother, Taylor, grow limp between them, while he moaned softly against Zac.

The alien turned into a shade of blue feeling their pain. He wanted to reach out to them, but thought it best to leave them alone at the moment. He could feel their love for one another radiating off of them. He suddenly realized what 'brother' meant. They were of the same flesh and blood. He felt worried for the Taylor one, who's hands looked broken and twisted. Their body structure was very delicate compared to his. He could see that their bodies wouldn't last long without norishment. He also knew he had to find a way to help them.

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