Three Minds As One

Chapter 18 - The Plan Of Action - Continued

"I need you and your other mate now. Tay is very sick."
"What? Taylor? What's wrong? I thought he was okay." Zac thought fearfully. He turned over and shook Ike awake.
"Leave me alone! I want to sleep Zac!" Ike grumbled.
"Ike you have to get up! Taylor is sick. He needs us to help him again." Zac exclaimed, touching Ike's shoulder.
"What? Tay!" Ike yelled fearfully, bolting up and saw him laying at his feet. He slid toward him as his stomach turned into knots.
"What happened? I thought he was fine." Ike sadly stated, as the alien squatted down next to them.
"He needs you Ike. You have the power to heal." The alien informed him. Ike looked up with a shocked expression on his face, hearing the alien speak perfect english to him.
"I... I do? How did you learn so fast? Our language I mean." Ike asked, while he petted his brother's forehead softly.
"Zac showed me the place of words in your minds. Now you have to learn from me. I will show you how to heal your mate."
"Mate? No... the word is brother. He is my brother." Ike corrected him, as looked back down at his brother with concern covering his face.
"I will show you how to heal your brother Ike." The alien stated, still not totally understanding this word in their language.
He took Ike's hand and put his hand on the right side of Taylor's head.
"This is where he needs healing. Go into his mind."
Ike did as he was told, feeling very unsure of himself, and then saw what the alien wanted him to see and feel.
"Okay. I... I'm in. Now what? Are you sure I can do this?" Ike gulped hard not wanting to hurt Taylor any further.
"Feel the wound. Yes, like that. Now go in your mind and bring forth your healing light."
"Light? I..I don't understand." Ike said looking confused.
"I will show you. It is almost the same as bringing up the block. Go there and instead bring out your light. You'll see it."
Ike suddenly saw it, feeling amazed, never knowing he had this power within him. He brought it out like he did with the wall that he used to block and protect his brothers with.
"Bring it into Tay and force the light to heal."
Ike noticed Taylor was waking up. He brought the light through his mind into Taylor's and put the light on the spot that needed healing.
"Now what do I do?"
"Feel the pain and block it with your healing light. It will heal the wound."
Ike did as he was instructed and felt the searing pain and his first reaction was to put the light over it. He realized that the more he felt his brother's agony, the more powerful he noticed the light became. Ike smiled noticing that Taylor was looking up at him with love and trust in his eyes. Ike could see the pain draining from his brother. Tears welled in his eyes suddenly feeling not so helpless anymore. He could finally help his brother who suffered so much agony and hurt at the hands of Sam.
"Sam?" The alien asked, catching the thought in Ike's mind.
"The man who kidnapped us." Zac interjected feeling proud of his older brother, for healing Taylor.
Taylor sat up as Ike took his hands away from his head.
"Did I do it? Tay are you okay?" Ike asked raising his eyebrows in question.
"I... I can't believe you just did that. Thanks Ike. I... I..." Taylor couldn't finish with emotion filling his voice. He hugged Ike feeling a overwhemling love for him.
"Actually I can't believe I had it in me." Ike smiled pulling Taylor back and cradling his face in his hands. Taylor bit at his lower lip as tears filled his eyes.
"Hey, don't cry Tay. You're alright now." Ike smiled watching Taylor nod his head, blinking back the tears that threathened to overflow.
"The evil one did this to all of us. He forced us together."
"You mean Sam? And yeah I agree with you that he is evil." Zac stated, crinkling his eyebrows together, picturing the man in his mind.
Taylor and Ike turned to face the alien.
"How did he capture you?" Taylor asked, wanting to know.
"I was coming through the dimensional balance when I stumbled onto this world. Something pulled me in. I lost the hold of my other two mates. I couldn't find them in time and I have been trapped here ever since."
"Dimensional balance? I don't understand." Taylor thought to the alien.
"I come through time. That is how we travel and I need to get back there. They have disrupted the time equilibrium. All time is unstable. If I don't get back soon, time will collapse upon itself, destroying everything."
"What? What do you mean?" Zac asked fearfully, not liking what the alien was informing them about.
"I don't belong here. I need to balance out the dimensions. They don't understand what they have done."
"Oh God. How can we help? We don't know about time and balance like you do. I guess you could say that you are more advanced then we are." Ike stated, feeling scared and sensing that his brothers felt the same.
"I need you to get me back. I have to link with my mates again. Time has been unstable for to long. It is hard to make you understand what I mean young ones."
"How can we help? What do we do?" Taylor asked, swallowing hard, as he rubbed his hands together nervously.
"I need you to come with me through time." The alien stated seeing their faces turn into looks of shock.
"But won't we disrupt something?" Ike asserted wanting to know.
"Once I link with my mates, we can get you back to your time. The only way I can travel through time is with someone who has powers like I do. Without that I am totally trapped here and helpless. You are my way back."
Ike, Taylor, and Zac sat there blinking with fear overwhelming them.
"How long has the dimensional thing been unstable?" Zac curiously thought, as he licked at his lips nervously.
"In your time two and half years. I have been here that long. I am growing weaker. I have to get back before I don't have the strength to do it any more." The alien said turning a pale shade of blue.
"We'll help if we can." Taylor smiled, wanting to do something for him after all he did for them.
"I need to teach you first. I can't risk you going into time without knowing how."
Taylor nodded his head understanding.
"Don't worry so much young ones, there is plenty of time to learn." The alien thought, knowing he upset them greatly. But he knew he had to make them understand.
"How much time do you have?" Zac asked, searching the alien's eyes.
"It is hard to say. I sometimes think time is short. I feel confused because your time balance is so different from mine."
"Everything is so different!" Zac blurted out.
"If I could smile Zac, I would right now. Yes we are very different. I am amazed by your body structure and your form of communicating. It is really interesting." The alien stated, turning gold with the white lights dancing around them again.
"Well I can see you are smiling." Zac thought and chuckled out loud, as did his brothers.
"I remember these lights the night we sang in our room." Taylor said smiling up at the alien.
"Yes... that sound was beautiful. I enjoyed it. I never heard or felt anything like it. What was it that you were doing to make that sound?" The alien asked, cocking his head again to the other side.
"That is called music and we were singing one of our songs." Ike proudly stated.
"Music? You are amazing young ones."
"Why do you keep calling us that?" Taylor asked.
"Because you are still very young. Where I come from you would be considered new ones yet."
"Huh?" Taylor could only say, not understanding what he meant.
"Your life spans are still very short yet. So much to learn." The alien answered.
"How old are you?" Taylor asked, wondering if he really wanted to know.
"In your time I think I would be two hundred years old."
Taylor's mouth dropped open with awe.
"Oh COOL!" Zac cried excitedly. The alien turned gold again with the lights. He found the Zac one to be very funny.
"Tay, a fly will get in there if you don't close it." Ike stated, chuckling at his brother's shocked expression. Taylor composed himself throwing Ike a look.
"Guys? Are you starving like me? I'm so hungry. When are they going to give us something to eat?" Taylor suddenly stated, feeling his stomach growl out of control.
"Eat? What is eat?" The alien asked, looking at all three of them.
"We need food to survive." Ike informed him.
He put his hands on Ike's head and went into his memories and saw them eating. He realized what they meant.
"What did you just do?" Ike looked at him curiously.
"I went into your memories to understand the word eat."
"You can see that? Can we do that?" Ike asked.
"Taylor can, because he is the one with the images."
Taylor smiled wanting to know how.
"How do I do it?" Taylor thought, wanting to see.
"Here... place your hands on my head." Taylor stood up and did as he said.
"Go into my mind." Taylor gulped hard, feeling like he was invading his privacy.
"Now what?"
"Go to the back part of my mind. There... you're doing it. Now stop. Go in and see." The alien instructed, feeling the young one enter his place of memories. Taylor smiled seeing him with two others like him. They seemed to be standing on a ground that looked very strange and the color of red. Everything around him looked weird and distorted.

Ike and Zac watched their brother's face shifting into different expressions of wonder and awe. Zac wished he was seeing what Taylor could see. Taylor released his hold and sat down looking like he was in a daze.
"Tay? What is it you saw?" Zac begged, wanting to know.
"His place, where he is from, is so different from ours. It is weird. Everything looks funny."
"We live in a four dimensional world, not like this three dimensional place here. I think your world looks weird."
"I guess that would be true." Taylor chuckled.
"I want to eat something." Zac bellowed out suddenly.
"I do too. Let's go see if they left us something to eat. I mean... maybe we have food waiting for us, by the door where we came in, and we're sitting here starving to death." Taylor stated happily.
"Go and see. And after you eat I will start teaching you how to walk through time." The alien stated turning a pale shade of gold.

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