Three Minds As One

Chapter 18 - The Plan Of Action

Sam angrily entered Tom's office and sat down hard upon the chair, facing Tom who looked tired and drawn. Tom lit a cigarette, sadly gazing up into the angry eyes of Sam.
"Well it didn't work! They are still in there. That stupid being threw me out! He created some kind of wall to protect them from the gas." Sam yelled, pounding his fist on top of the desk, which made Tom jump.
"I thought you had a hold of the Taylor kid. Now what are we going to do? I can't lose them. They are everything to this project." Tom whined, taking another puff of his cigarette, while he ran his other hand nervously through his hair.
"Yeah I had the kid in my grasp and I tried to stop him from reaching the alien. I had this feeling he could do something with them to stop us. I'm afraid I might have used to much physic energy on him though. I was just very ticked off!"
"Sam... what did you do?" Tom demanded, looking deep into Sam's eyes.
"I kept blasting him with pain. The kid was resisting and I think I might have damaged his frontal lobe. I could feel it rip." Sam stated, hating himself for doing it.
"You think he is alright though. Sam?"
"He must be, because if he wasn't I think the alien would have gone crazy on us again. And all is quiet in there."
Sam let out a deep breath, nodding his head.
"How are we going to get them out of there? That is the major priority here." Tom expressed sadly, looking down at his desk, as he started to play around with a pencil between his fingers.
"I don't really know. We will have to think of..." Sam began, when he was interupted by the door opening. They both turned as Michael entered, rolling in a cart with Tom's lunch on it.
"Good. It's about time. I'm hungry." Tom said, smiling at Michael, who nodded his head slightly and started to back out. He turned around looking at Tom, putting the plates on his desk.
"Sir? Mr. Shane?"
"Yes Mike? What is it?" Tom asked, wondering what Mike was going to ask him.
"Umm... when should I feed the boys? I... I mean they haven't eaten since yesterday sir. They must be very hungry." Michael stated shyly, looking down at Tom who was sitted at his desk.
"That's IT!" Sam shouted excitedly, bolting up from his chair, with Mike stepping back a step, shocked by the sudden out burst.
"What? What are you talking about Sam?" Tom asked, watching him sit back down again in his chair.
"Food. We won't feed them. We'll starve them out." Sam chuckled and then broke into a evil laugh. "Starve them?"
"Yeah... it's perfect. We don't even have to do anything then." Sam smiled at the thought.
"Hmmmm... you know, that is a great idea. No one can last very long without food. It might take three or four days, depending on how long they can hold out." Tom said stuffing a mouthful of stew into his mouth. Sam smiled feeling totally content with his idea.
"Are we going to tell them?" Tom asked.
"I don't think we can. They will ask for food when they get hungry enough, and then we will inform them on how they will be fed." Sam chuckled, imagining the look they would have on their faces when they heard the news.
"Yeah only if they come out of the room." Tom smiled back.

Michael frowned, slowly backing out of the room. He couldn't believe they could be this cruel to the kids. He felt angry knowing he gave them the idea. He stopped by the windows of the being's room and peered inside, wishing he could see them. He hoped the boys were alright. He couldn't help liking these kids. He felt so bad for them. He never knew that when he started this job that it would envolve kidnapping. He sadly walked down to the kitchen and started to get the lunch set up for all the employees of the complex, that had to be served.

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