Three Minds As One

Chapter 17 - Trying To Understand - Continued

"Taylor? Oh please... wake up." Ike implored, as he and Zac kneeled down next to him.
"Oh God Ike... he looks so bad." Zac said with tears filling in his eyes. He started to pet Taylor's head lovingly.
"He feels so cold." Ike said sadly, looking up at the alien who started to straddle on top of Taylor. Zac and Ike backed away a little, knowing somehow he was going to help their brother. The alien placed his hands firmly on Taylor's head and closed his eyes, with his skin turning into a light shade of gold.
"Please heal Tay." Zac pleaded, swallowing back his tears.
"Taaaay..." The sound came out of the alien, but only through their minds. They both jumped slightly, hearing it, and looked up at the alien amazed. The alien grabbed onto Ike's hand and placed it on Taylor's forehead and then put his hand over his. Ike wondered what he wanted him to do. A light broke through in his mind and the alien showed him the damage. Ike tearfully blinked, knowing it was bad. The alien went into Ike and searched for the same area in his brain. Ike understood he wanted to see what it looked like normally, so he could help his brother.
Zac watched as Ike and the alien seemed to glow a golden color. Colors seemed to radiate around them. A calm overwhemed him, knowing they were find a way heal his brother, who laid lifeless on the floor. It thrilled him to hear the alien speak Taylor's name. He though that maybe they could teach him how to talk and then they could really find out everything about him.
He watched wanting to help if he could in anyway. Taylor still looked very white and pale. Ike sat back on his heals, bringing his hand up to his face, and rubbed the side of his cheek feeling scared.
"Is Tay going to be alright?" Zac asked, not liking the look on his older brother's face.
"Yeah... yeah Zac he will be just fine. He just broke the link with me. I think he is now going to heal Tay. Oh man, the damage looked bad Zac. Why did Sam do this to him? He nearly killed him." Ike said sadly, looking down at his hands.

The alien connected with the young creature, reaching into the damaged tissue. He lit the light of healing, knowing this wound was going to be hard to repair. He gazed at the other two creatures sensing their worry and fears. The area started to heal, as he brought forth more power. He felt scared, still not feeling the consious mind wake. He reached in deeper, closing his eyes, draining in everything he had within him. Suddenly he felt the young one stir under him. The consious mind of the creature suddenly came forth with fear and panic. He touched him, wanting to comfort him.

"Ike... he's moving. Tay is moving!" Zac declared excitedly, feeling like he could breath again, watching Taylor's legs shift under the alien's body.
"Oh yes! He's doing it. Thank you Lord." Ike stated, with tears of relief flooding his eyes, as he looked up toward the ceiling.
Taylor moaned opening his eyes slowly, with fear and confusion covering his face. Tears welled in his eyes, searching for his brothers. The alien looked down at him, still glowing in a intense shade of gold.
"Taaay..." The alien said in his mind again. Taylor blinked, looking up at him in wonderment.
"Ike? Zac?" Taylor exclaimed weakly. Ike leaned over him and petted his head gently, looking into his brother's fearful eyes.
"It's okay Tay. We're both here. You're going to be alright." Ike crooned in a soothing voice. Taylor's body started to skake with racking sobs. Zac took hold of Taylor's hand and rubbed it between his, wanting to comfort his brother. The alien stood up over Taylor and reached down, lifting him under the shoulders and his legs, and gently started to carry him to the place where he brought them the other day. Ike and Zac followed behind, till they reached the area. The alien put Taylor down near the wall and lovingly caressed his head.
"Ike? He... he said my name." Taylor said, looking up at his brothers, who sat down next to him.
"Yeah I know. Before he healed you he said it also, but only in our minds." Ike answered back.
"Why did Sam hurt me like this? I... I think he was trying to kill me." Taylor said with new tears welling in his eyes.
"I don't know Tay. I am going to make sure that I put up the block at all times again. I'm so sorry I didn't do it before. I just thought we were safe in here." Ike said sadly.
"Taaaaay..." The alien said again. They all turned and gazed at the alien, who sat down looking at them intently.
"Tay. Yes Tay." Ike thought back to the alien and pointed to Taylor.
"Zac. Ike. Tay." Zac thought to the alien, indicating each of them with his hand.
Even though Taylor still felt very weak he smiled and tried to sit up, but couldn't find the strength.
"He's trying to communicate. We have to make him understand our language." Taylor exclaimed excitedly.
The alien cocked his head to the side, hearing the sounds. Suddenly he realized what they meant. It indicated them. He pointed at Ike.
Ike nodded smiling. Then Ike pointed to Zac.
"He understands guys! Oh man, he knows." Zac shouted with joy.
Taylor felt sleepy, wiping the tears off his face.
"Ike? Did you find a bathroom?" Zac asked, suddenly feeling the need to relieve himself.
"Yeah it is not to far down to the right. But if you have to go, let's always go with somebody. I don't want to be split apart like this ever again. We don't know what they are planning out there." Ike boldly stated.
"Well then, go with me now. I have to go." Zac announced smiling, at his oldest brother. Ike got up with Zac.
"Guys? I found a storage room where I went. It has covers, pillows and a lot of other stuff in it." Taylor informed them, licking his dry lips, as the alien looked lovingly down at him.
"Well after we go to the bathroom, we'll get some stuff and bring it back here." Zac said smiling at his brother, who nodded his head.
"Just don't take to long." Taylor weakly pleaded.
"We'll hurry. Be back in a flash. Promise." Zac said, trying to reasure Taylor.

The alien looked down at the young one, who licked again at his dry lips. He knew he was still weak from the damage that the evil one caused. He reached out, petting the one they called Tay gently on the head. It seemed to make him drowzy with each stoke. The one called Tay reached for his hand and stopped the stroking. He wondered what he wanted.

"Water. Could you give me some water again?" Taylor pleaded, as he reached out and grabbed the alien's right hand and brought the palm up, next to his mouth. He cocked his head not understanding what Taylor wanted. Tears filled his eyes feeling extremely thristy. He tried to show him and sucked a little at his palm.
"Water?" Taylor asked again, searching the alien's eyes, seeing that he now understood.
Taylor looked at the hand and noticed that water was dripping a little from the center of the palm. He brought it up to his lips and felt the cool wetness drip into his mouth.
"Waaaterrr." Taylor looked up at the alien, hearing the word. Taylor finished drinking and smiled up at him.
The alien pointed at his lips and then gestured the curved up corners on his own face.
"Smile." Taylor thought back. He wished his brothers would hurry back, feeling excited that the alien was learning words from him. The alien grabbed his hand and pointed at it.
"Hand." Taylor smiled at him, thinking he was a fast learner.
"Smmile." The alien thought and pointed at his mouth. Taylor nodded his head.
Taylor and the alien turned, hearing a swishing sound coming near them. Ike and Zac were dragging a giant mattress, that was loaded with other stuff on top of it. The alien got up and walked toward them, wanting to see what they had.
Zac breathlessly looked up at him, dropping his side of the corner.
"Zac! We are not all the way there yet." Ike said feeling annoyed.
"I... I have to rest here a second." Zac replied, throwing his brother a dirty look.
"Okay. I'm tired too actually." Isaac then agreed and dropped the mattress also on his side, while he wiped his hands on his pants to get off the dust.
The alien came up to them, curiously wondering what they were up too. He looked at the stuff they seemed to be dragging with them and bent down, grabbing one end and started to drag it toward where he left Taylor laying on floor.
"Good! He is helping us." Zac chuckled, watching him.
The alien dropped the king sized mattress and sat down to see what they were going to do next with the stuff.
"Hey Tay!? You were right. We found a lot of stuff we can use." Ike affirmed happily, looking at Taylor.
Taylor sat up slowly feeling his head spin, making him dizzy. He grabbed his forehead and rested his head against the wall.
"You alright Tay?" Ike asked, squatting down next to him, touching his shoulder with concern.
"Yeah.. yeah I'm fine. I sat up to fast I guess." Taylor answered smiling.
"Are you sure? You look a little pale. We found a big mattress we can all sleep on. We'll set it up so you can lie down on it. Okay?" Ike expressed seriously, filled with concern for his brother. Taylor nodded his head and watched them both set it up, as they dragged the mattress next to the wall and threw three pillows and blankets on top of it.
"There... ready for bed!" Zac chuckled, looking toward Taylor who smiled at him.
"Well can you guys help me? I...I don't think I stand very good yet." Taylor murmured with his brothers helping him to the mattress, sitting him down carefully. Taylor laid down on it, loving the softness under him.
"Oh God... this feels so good!" Taylor cheerfully moaned, resting his achy head onto a pillow.
The alien was amazed by their activity watching them. The Tay one seemed to be joyful, laying on this huge square cushion. He always wondered what all this stuff was for in the first place. These creatures seemed to need these kind of things. He cocked his head to the left, finding them amusing.
Taylor stretched his body loving the comfort. He slowly closed his eyes, feeling extremely tired. He could feel that Ike was staring at him.
"Don't worry Ike. I'm okay. I just need to get some rest." Taylor assured him, with his eyes half shut, as Ike smiled down at him, still with a concerned look on his face. Taylor quickly fell into a deep slumber. Ike and Zac covered him gently with a blanket.
"I hope he will be okay. We haven't eaten anything yet since they shoved us in here." Ike grumbled feeling very hungry.
"I know. I'm starving." Zac began, wondering when and how they were going to be fed.
"Do you think he needs food too?" Ike pointed at the alien.
"Fooood." They heard the alien say in their minds. They both laughed looking at one another.
"He learns fast. Maybe he wants to understand us, as much as we want to understand him." Zac said, staring intently at the alien, who shifted his weight to the right side, near the other wall across from them.
"Well let's start teaching him then. I have so many questions to ask him. Like how did they capture him? What do they really want from him? How come he can't escape?" Ike droned on, looking at his brother who nodded in agreement.
"Let's go over by him, so Tay can rest." Ike whispered, getting up with Zac following him. They sat down next to the alien, who eyed them curiously.

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