Three Minds As One

Chapter 17 - Trying To Understand - Continued

Taylor could smell a sweet odor fill the hallway, making him feel dizzy and sick to his stomach. He knew for some reason his brothers were in trouble. He slowly walked down the hall as his vision began to blur. He felt the wall for direction, with his legs feeling like rubber under him.
"Why? Why are they doing this to us?" Taylor thought angrily, as he started to cough.
"It's time to come out now! We're not going to let go that easily Taylor."
Taylor crinkled up his eyebrows, hearing Sam's voice resounding in his head. Fear filled him knowing that Sam linked with his mind. His head snapped back, feeling a bolt of pain overwhelm him. Taylor started to shake, trying desperately to reach his brothers and the being. He thought he could see something ahead of him, but he wasn't sure if he was imagining things. He slid down the wall, hitting the floor face first. He weakly raised up his head, watching something walk toward him. He knew that Sam was trying to stop him from getting to his brothers. A strong bolt of pain hit him again and he jerked his body in agony.
"Ike! Zac! Please... help me..." Taylor moaned, curling into a ball. He felt a ripping sensation in his head and tears filled his eyes.
"Noooo... leave me alone! GO away!" He cried out as he felt his body being gently lifted off the ground. He blinked pitifully into the worried purple eyes before his world went dark.

The alien felt relieved he found the one of images. He wrapped his arms around all three as they hung weakly in his arms. He made sure the one of images was in the center, placing the blocker to right and the link connecter to the left. He hugged them close to his body, noticing they all passed out with their heads thrown back as he lifted them up with their legs dangling under them. He reached into their young minds and found the link he desperately needed to protect them from the evil gas, that was filling the rooms quickly. He closed his eyes and brought the power forth rising a golden mist around them. Without them he couldn't have ever done this. The swirls of light spun around the creatures and him enveloping them in a golden translucent bubble. The alien felt another presence within the bond. The evil one was there with them, hurting the one of images. He found the link in Taylor's mind and broke it violently, feeling the evil one being cast out. The bubble filled with fresh clear air and he noticed that the creatures were breathing easier now. The blocker awoke in his arms and gazed up at him peacefully and looked disoriented. The alien felt at peace holding the bubble he created around them. He worried about the one of images, feeling that his brain seemed damaged in some way, but he couldn't do anything about it till the gas passed from the room.

Zac jerked awake, popping his eyes open, feeling totally disoriented. He looked around him, seeing that they were inside some kind of golden glowing bubble. He didn't smell the awful stench of the gas anymore, but his stomach was still a little upset. He noticed Taylor was next to him and Ike was on the other side, who appeared to be awake also.
"Are you okay Zac?" Ike asked, feeling very sleepy.
"Umm... yeah. My stomach is a little upset though. Where are we?" Zac asked, looking up at the alien, who stood with his eyes closed, seeming like he was concentrating hard.
"He created some kind of bubble or wall I think to protect us from the gas." Ike explained, turning his head to look at Taylor.
"Zac? Why does Tay look so white?" Ike asked as he crinkled his eyebrows together.
"Maybe because he is still unconsious."
"He doesn't look right to me." Ike exclaimed, reaching out to Taylor and felt his neck. He could feel he had a pulse.
"Ike... Tay is going to be alright. Isn't he?" Zac asked, thinking that his brother did look bad.
"Make a link Zac. I want to get inside his mind." Ike demanded.
"Sure." Zac agreed, forming a link with Ike, then reaching into Taylor's mind.
Fear filled them when they received no response from their brother. The alien seemed to sense they were concerned about their brother. They saw a image form in their minds of a bright glowing ball, that slowly floated in front of them. Somehow they knew to follow it. It stopped in front of darkness and they sensed Taylor's pain. Ike and Zac knew he was hurt very bad. The alien showed them who caused the damage. Ike blew up with anger, breaking the link.
"I'll... I'll kill him!" Ike screamed, thinking of Sam.
"Ike! I know the being will heal Tay. Don't worry. I sensed it. I don't know how, but I did. He just can't do it right now. He has to hold the wall, till the gas leaves the room." Zac assured his brother and took hold of Ike's hand, which shook.
"Oh God... please let Tay be okay." Ike pleaded tearfully, squeezing Zac's hand. Zac reached out and petted the side of Taylor's face gently, noticing he felt clammy to the touch. Saddness filled him.

As the minutes ticked by Ike and Zac were starting to feel uncomfortable in the arms of the alien. The position he held them in was making them feel sore and achey. Zac squimmed a little, trying to find a more comfortable position, feeling his legs dangling under him.
"How much longer do we have to be like this?" Zac asked angrily, as he gazed up into the alien's intense face, noticing his eyes were still tightly shut in concentration.
"I don't know. I am getting worried about Taylor. He hasn't moved since we have been together." Ike moaned sadly, with knots forming in his stomach.
"Yeah I know. I hate him Ike. I hate that Sam so much. I know it is wrong to hate, but I can't help it." Zac hissed between his teeth, sadly looking at his brother who hung there limply next to him.
"I feel the same way Zac. I... wait! He seems to be letting down the bubble Zac." Ike announced as they both looked up and noticed the alien was slowly coming out of his trance and the golden light was fading around them.

The alien sensed the gas was finally gone from the air and started to release the link that he held together with the creatures in his arms. He squatted down till he felt their feet touch the floor and gently released them. He saw the one of images was still out and hung limply in his arms. The other two creatures seemed to be okay and slid out from under his arms, as he held onto the one in the middle. He then very gently placed him down onto the floor, knowing he had to quickly go into the young creature's mind and heal the damage done by the evil one.

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