Three Minds As One

Chapter 17 - Trying To Understand - Continued

Taylor suddenly stuck his tongue out, wanting enough of the inspection. The alien made a sound jumping back and turned a light shade of blue. Taylor slid back toward his brothers knowing that color meant anger.
"Oh..oh I think I got him mad." Taylor mumbled as he rubbed his mouth.
"Maybe he never saw a tongue before." Ike pondered, watching the alien creep forward again.
He slid up next to Zac, who looked into the purple eyes gulping hard.
"I wish he would turn white again guys. He's still kinda blue." Zac said a little fearfully.
Zac cringed when the alien put his hands on his head and started to feel around.
"Just let him. He's only interested in knowing us, I think." Taylor answered, watching the alien inspect Zac's hair.
"Tay? Zac? I don't know about you guys, but I have to go to the bathroom real bad." Ike moaned, rocking a little.
"Yeah I do too a little, but where is a bathroom in here, if there is one?" Taylor wondered, searching around with his eyes.
"Stop it! That hurts. Don't pull it!" Zac shouted, grabbing at the alien's hands, who had his fingers twisted in his hair.
"See? Now you know why I don't like it Zac." Taylor grinned at his brother, finally feeling glad it wasn't him the alien was interested in this time.
"Man... it's just hair!" Zac moaned, looking directly at the alien, who cocked his head to the right side.
Ike got up and started walking to the other side of the room, when the alien curiously turned to watch him. Ike looked to the right and noticed other sections covering the area.
"Wow... this place is huge. There are a lot of different sections in here. It's almost like a maze." Ike declared, still wanting desperately to find a bathroom. Taylor and Zac both got up and walked up next to their brother, as the alien followed them. Zac looked up at the alien, who had a look of awe on his face.
"Man he is tall! I would say at least nine feet." Zac said, gazing at the alien, who looked down at him.
"Right now, Zac-man, I don't really care how tall he is. All I know is... I have to go the bathroom and real soon!" Ike implored, as he started walking to the right, down a hallway. The alien decided to follow him. Taylor and Zac looked at each other.
"I am going down that way." Taylor pointed in the direction straight ahead of him.
"Well, I will see what is down to the left then." Zac said smiling at Taylor.
"Think Ike will be okay with the alien?" Taylor questioned.
"Yeah. Ike is so intent on finding a place to relieve himself, I don't think he even notices him." Zac chuckled, starting to walk down the left hallway as Taylor nodded his head.

The alien sensed something urgent in the blocker and wondered what was concerning him. Ike turned and looked up at the alien sadly. Suddenly he saw a door and approached it, hoping this was a bathroom in this huge maze of a room. He turned the knob slowly noticing it was open. His face lit up, realizing it was a bathroom. He bolted inside and slammed the door in the alien's face.

The alien cocked his head feeling shocked by the blocker's actions. He pushed against the door wanting to get in.

"I know you don't understand... but stay out there!" Ike yelled nervously. He saw the door knob shake and hurried as fast as he could. When the door finally burst open, Ike was done and slowly looked up at the alien, who appeared in a very light shade of blue. Ike gulped hard as the alien walked up to him, hoping he wasn't mad at him for shutting him out.
"Ummm... I'm fine. Really I am." Ike tried to assure him, blushing a little.
The alien placed his hands over Ike's head and petted it gently, as if it was feeling sorry for him.

Taylor looked around the area he came into, noticing there was a door to the left side of him. He went to the door and turned the handle, finding it was open. He cracked it slightly open, peering cautiously inside. A smile formed across his face when he saw it was a huge storage room, filled with covers, pillows and other various items.
"Jackpot!" Taylor bellowed with joy, thinking the next time they slept they could have some comforts of home. He couldn't wait to tell his brothers what he discovered.

Zac finally reached the end to the long hallway. He looked around the corner and realized this is where they first came into this huge room. He saw the windows and jumped back, noticing Sam was looking into the room. Zac balled his hands into fists as he filled up with anger. He rested his head against the wall hoping they didn't see him. He could hear them doing something near the entrance. His curiosity got the best of him and he slowly peaked around the corner and saw some kind of nozzle like thing was being pushed through the wall. Zac swallowed hard when he heard a hissing sound coming from the hose.
"Oh God! They are going to gas us!" Zac thought, turning to run back to his brothers. He could smell a sweet, sicking scent fill the air, as he ran.

Ike was following the alien back to the area, that they came from, when Ike started to smell something funny. The alien suddenly stopped and let out a horrible scream of anger and agony. He turned and pulled Ike to him. Ike noticed the alien was turning a dark shade of blue and fear started to fill him.
"What? What's wrong?!" Ike asked desperately, as he started to feel dizzy. The alien put his arms tightly around him and lifted him up.
"Tay! Zac!" Ike yelled, sensing they were all in trouble. The alien looked worried and bolted down the long hall quickly, carrying Ike in his arms.

"Ike! Where are..." Zac started to yell, when he began to cough violently. His head started to spin. He fell against the wall, sliding down to the floor. He felt like he was suffocating. Suddenly he felt himself being lifted off the floor. He looked into the gentle, sad purple eyes and passed out.

The alien knew he had two now, but where was the other one? He had to get the one of images soon, before the gas would overtake them all. He desperately didn't want the evil one to take them away from him. They were his only hope to make everything right again. The blocker was groaning in his arms, while the link connecter was hanging limp next to him. Fear coursed through him knowing he didn't have much time.

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