Three Minds As One

Chapter 17 - Trying To Understand - Continued

"Hey!" Zac shouted, as the alien put his arms around him and flipped him so he was sitting on his lap.
"What is he doing now?" Taylor questioned, feeling a little worried, watching the alien put his hand under Zac's shirt.
"Guys? I don't like this!" Zac complained, feeling a little scared. The alien slid his hand around his chest and stopped over his heart.
Taylor slid forward a little and grabbed the alien's arm, trying to pull it away from Zac. The alien slapped Taylor's hand away and resumed his exploration on his brother. Taylor frowned sadly as Ike tried next to stop him, but the alien pushed him away too. Zac tried to wriggle his way off the alien's lap, but he held onto him too tightly. The alien then put his hand over his neck and squeezed it gently. Zac swallowed hard wanting him to stop.
"Zac are you okay?" Ike asked.
"I... I wish he would stop! This is getting a little freaky." Zac gulped nervously, looking desperately at his brothers.
"Is he hurting you?" Taylor asked with concern.
"No. But I feel like... like..." Zac couldn't finish, when the alien put his hand over his mouth, turning his head so he could look directly into his face.
"Please... put me down." Zac pleaded with the alien, when he took his hand away from his mouth. The alien lifted him up and gently put him down next to his brothers. Zac took a sigh of relief and sat down heavily.
"You... you think he just understood what I said?" Zac wondered, with his voice shaking.
"Maybe he sensed that you wanted him too somehow." Taylor pondered, looking back up at the alien, who cocked his head to the left.
"Now what is he going to do?" Ike said as the alien pulled Taylor toward him. He stood him up in front of him, while Taylor looked at him confused.
"Umm... what does he want me to do?" Taylor asked, when the alien started to run his hands up his legs. Taylor stepped back bumping the wall, almost tripping. The alien slid in closer and started to pull at his pants.
"Hey! I said before to stop that!" Taylor yelled angrily, trying to stop him, but the alien still kept trying to pull at his pants. Ike stood up and gently put his hand on the alien's shoulder. He turned and looked at Ike curiously, blinking slowly at him.
"Please... we don't like it. I know you don't understand, but please stop it." Ike implored, hoping the alien would somehow understand.
The alien then ignored Isaac and leaned in toward Taylor, pinning him against the wall, with a determination filling him. Taylor tried to push him away, but it was no use.
"Ike? Zac?" Taylor groaned fearfully, as the alien insisted on rubbing his hands up and down his legs. Taylor started to fill up with anger. The alien then backed away, releasing Taylor, who slid down the wall feeling relieved.
"Man I think he likes you Tay." Zac laughed as he sat back down next to Taylor.
"Oh very funny! I don't think he thinks that way Zac." Taylor exclaimed, turning red again, raising his eyebrows, when he saw the alien looking at him, while he slowly blinked at him lovingly. Zac laughed even harder at Taylor's frustrated look.
"Tay don't get so worked up over it. I think he just doesn't understand that we humans are a little shy in that area." Ike smiled looking at Taylor.
"Well would you like it, if it was you he was doing it too?" Taylor grumbled feeling a little miffed.
"No... I have to say I wouldn't." Ike agreed as he still couldn't help from smiling.
"You hear that? Don't do that anymore. I don't like it!" Taylor scolded the alien, gesturing the movement of going up and down his legs, and shaking his head in a firm no. The alien cocked his head looking at Taylor innocently. Suddenly Zac couldn't help it, but he broke down into rolling laughter.
"Zac! It's not funny!" Taylor fumed, but then Ike started to laugh too.
"I... I kn..know, but the look on his face cracks me up. And yo..you showing him... it's ju..just..." Zac doubled over laughing even harder. Taylor started to smile. He couldn't help but start to laugh also.

The alien suddenly bolted backwards with a shocked expression on his face. He couldn't understand why they were making this sound. He sensed the creature of images was trying to tell him not to feel him in the lower area of his body. His body turned into a intense light green. These creatures were amazing to him.

"I... I think we scared him." Taylor smiled, still chuckling a little, watching the alien cautiously approach them again. He squatted down in front of Taylor again and gently rubbed his fingers across his mouth. Taylor smiled up at him as did his brothers.

The alien saw the white hard bones as they made that expression, which he felt meant they were content. He reached out again to the one of images and lifted the upper lip wanting to feel the bones.

Taylor jerked when the alien stuck his finger on his teeth. The alien rubbed his finger across them, curiously liking the touch.
"Do you think he doesn't have teeth?" Ike asked.
"Why does he mostly feel everything on me?" Taylor questioned, as he slurred his words, while the alien still was rubbing his front teeth, feeling a little annoyed by the alien's attention. He finally stopped, with Taylor stepping back a little from him.
"Beats me. He must like your pretty face, even though I don't understand why." Zac teased.
"I really don't think he or she views beauty in the same way we do Zac." Ike pointed out, looking at his brother.
"Well he must think we are fascinating then. All he does is stare at us." Zac said defending himself.
"Yeah maybe you're right." Ike chuckled back.
Taylor was then pulled forward again by the alien.
"Now what is he going to feel and look at?" Taylor wondered feeling a little exasperated.
He grabbed Taylor's lower jaw and opened his mouth as he tilted his head up looking into his mouth. He put his finger into his mouth and felt around. Taylor shook his head trying to break free of the hold.
"Ahhhhhh..." Taylor groaned as he gagged a little.

The being was amazed by how many small bones covered the inside of the mouth. He noticed it was very wet inside. The creature didn't seem to enjoy the exploration, but he wanted to understand these beings. The image one started to shake his head and twist away from him.

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