Three Minds As One

Chapter 17 - Trying To Understand

The alien stared at the young creatures sleeping peacefully together next to the wall. He slowly got up and walked up next to the link connecter and squatted down in front him. He wanted to desperately understand and feel these beings out. He watched the link connecter's eyes move under the lids. He noticed the light strings also covered this area too. Curiously he reached out and lightly ran his finger across them. The creature jumped a little bringing his hand up and waved it in front of his face which turned into a slight frown. He found it amusing noticing he didn't wake up. He slid over behind the link connecter and stared down at the blocker. He cocked his head to the side noticing this one was making some kind of sound in his sleep. He gently touched the mouth on him, but he rolled over onto his other side. Slowly he slid back finally stopping in front of the one of images. What interested him is that they were similar in appearance, but had slight differences between them. This one was somewhat thinner then the other two. The blocker had wavy strings, while the other two didn't. Plus the one of images had the color of the sky in his eyes, which was different. The link connecter had fuller lips and a lighter shade of yellow strings. The sounds they made fascinated him the most. It seemed to be their way of communicating to each other. He watched the one of images chest go up and down. He looked intently at the flesh of the hearing area. He wondered why they had this piece of skin around the hole. He reached out and ran his finger gingerly around it. The one of images suddenly jerked and opened his eyes looking up at him, blinking his eyes with a questioning look covering his face.

Taylor sat up feeling a little sore from sleeping on the hard floor. He turned and looked at his brothers who still slept next to him. Taylor looked up at the alien wondering how long he was sitting there watching them sleep.
"Umm... do you want something?" Taylor asked, even though he knew he probably didn't understand him.
The alien cocked his head slightly to the right and reached out, running his fingers along his mouth. Taylor slid back until he sat up against the wall, with the alien following him. Taylor smiled up at him, sensing the alien's interest.
"You like the sounds I'm making?" Taylor asked, still smiling and noticed the alien bent in closer to his face, watching his mouth intently. Taylor was glad that he finally didn't have to fear him anymore. The alien slowly reached out and ran his finger over his ear again. It tickled, but Taylor let him explore the area as he shyly looked into the purple eyes.
"That's our ears." Taylor said, as the alien next ran his hand gently along the top of his head. Suddenly Taylor's stomach made a growling noise, which made the alien jump slightly. He reached out placing his hand over his stomach. Taylor jumped a little as he felt around the area.
"Umm... just hungry, I guess." Taylor told him, but noticed he didn't pay any attention, still intently feeling the area. Taylor started to feel uncomfortable wishing his brothers would wake up. Taylor touched his hand trying to stop him from rubbing his tummy. The alien stopped and still kept staring at him with his eyes full of interest. Taylor slowly brought his hand up and touched the alien's nose. He thought since he was exploring his body, he would do the same. Taylor noticed it felt very soft to the touch. He then ran his hand along the side of the alien's face, suddenly becoming just as fascinated with him. The alien seemed to not mind him doing this. He actually seemed to enjoy it.

The alien liked the creature's touch. He wondered why the creature's lower area made that sound still. As the creature still kept touching him, he still wanted to know what the lower area of their bodies looked like. He reached out and ran his hand up the inside of the creature's left leg, when suddenly he jumped and quickly brought his legs together, folding them up near him. He noticed he gave him a fearful look and made an angry sound that was directed at him.

"Stop that!" Taylor scolded loudly, waking up his brothers, who looked up at him with confused expressions covering their faces.
"Tay? What is going on?" Ike asked, sitting up and rubbing his eyes.
"Nothing. Sorry for waking you." Taylor apologized as the alien turned to look at Zac, who slid up next to Taylor on the left.
"What did he do to you? I heard you yell at him to stop something." Zac asked, watching the alien looking from him to Taylor.
"He was just touching me again and well... he well... he touched me in the wrong place." Taylor stammered, blushing in a light shade of red.
"Oh." Zac chuckled understanding, while Taylor threw him a look.
Ike got up and walked around the alien and sat down next to Taylor on the right side. Ike smiled up at the alien who seemed to sit there listening intently to them talk.
"These beings are really touchy, feelie sorts, aren't they?" Zac questioned, still chuckling at his brother's embarassment.
"Maybe touch is a very important part of who they are." Ike pondered as the alien turned and looked at him.
"Yeah... but they should watch where they want to feel." Taylor said matter of factly.
"Well maybe he doesn't think of it the same way. Look at him... he is naked." Zac indicated, pointing toward the alien, who looked at his hand intently.
"You know guys, we keep calling it a he. Maybe it isn't a male at all." Taylor observed suddenly, wondering which sex this being was.
"Yeah you're right. But they don't seem to show anything that indicates what sex they are." Ike added in, gazing at the alien's body curiously.
"Hmm... maybe they don't have a particular sex. Maybe they are both." Zac mumbled, as he put his loose hair behind his ears.
The alien reached out running his finger down Zac's mouth. Zac smiled taking a hold of the alien's hand.
"They feel kind of cold and dry." Zac said, noticing the alien brought his fingers around his hand gently.
"I was feeling his face before. Their skin is kind of weird. It's real soft. Almost like touching velvet." Taylor explained.
"Really?" Zac wondered and reached out, bringing his hand to the side of the alien's face and ran the back of his hand gently down the cheek. The alien suddenly jerked, pulling away. He grabbed Zac's hand and pulled him forward abruptly.

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