Three Minds As One

Chapter 16 - Can We Communicate? - Continued

"Ike? Zac? I... I can't see!" Taylor cried reaching in the air around him desperately. Zac and Ike grabbed his hands.
"It's okay Tay. We're here." Ike crooned softly petting Taylor's head gently, that was dripping with persperation. Zac looked toward the alien sadly.
"I...I tried. I couldn't connect. How can we tell him that he is going to fa..fast?!" Taylor sobbed uncontrollably as Ike sat him up and hugged him while he weeped onto Ike's shoulder rocking him slightly.
"I... I ca... can't keep taking this much lo..longer." Taylor cried, feeling scared, seeing his vision finally clearing up again.
"We have to somehow get it across to him that he is doing it wrong." Zac observed, as Ike looked up at him, nodding his head in agreement. He couldn't keep hurting his brother like this. Zac got up and started to walk toward the alien who watched him approach.
"Zac?! No! Stay here by us." Ike yelled watching his brother ignore him.
Zac sat down in front of the alien. The alien cocked his head to the right turning back to a shade of white wondering what this creature wanted. Zac swallowed hard and looked up boldly into the purple eyes.
"You are going to fast." Zac exclaimed feeling suddenly stupid. He knew the alien didn't understand him.
This time he tried to gesture speed with his hands.
"You're going to fast." Zac explained again, watching him cock his head to the left. The alien copied the gesture he made with his hands. Zac nodded his head and smiled.
"Yeah... you... (he pointed at him)... are going to fast... (he gestured speed with his hands).
The alien suddenly bolted up, turning a intense shade of orange. Zac scrambled backwards on his butt, watching the alien run back over to Taylor.
"No! Leave me alone! Please!" Taylor yelled fearfully, as he stood up and tried to back away quickly from the alien, who reached out to him, when he hit the wall with his back.
"Tay! No! I think he understands now." Zac shouted as Taylor leaned against the wall, wiping his tears off with the back of his hand. Ike turned watching Zac come up to Taylor.
"Zac I don't know about this. I... I can't take it anymore." Taylor groaned fearfully looking into Zac's eyes, sadly.
"I think he understands now." Zac assured him, looking up at the alien.
He reached out grabbing Taylor by his hands pulling him forward once again. Taylor's bottom lip quivered in fear. Zac sadly watched his brother shake, understanding the fear he held inside. The alien placed his hands once again on his head. Taylor shook, closing his eyes tightly, fearing the pain again.
"Oh God... oh God... no..no..no!" Taylor gasped pitifully, as a bolt of energy exploded in his mind. Taylor's face twisted in agony, when his legs collapsed under him. The alien slowly placed him down flat on the floor, straddling over him again. Zac bowed his head with tears welling in his eyes while he slid down the wall, finally sitting on the floor. Ike slid over near him.
"It didn't work Ike. Oh God I made him hurt Tay again." Zac said with his voice cracking with tears.
"Zac you tried."
"NO! PLEASE! NO!" Taylor screamed, flinging his right hand out to the side, that landed near Zac. Zac reached out for Taylor's hand, gripping onto it tightly, as he started to sob.
"Tay! I... I'm sorry Tay!" Zac cried out, feeling him squeeze his hand tightly. Isaac fearfully watched them, not wanting them to both get hurt and reached out wanting to pull Zac's hand away from Taylor's as he his eyes filled with tears, feeling totally helpless.

The alien suddenly saw an opening when the third mind connected with the touch of hands. He took one hand off of the creature's head and slapped it over all their hands, gripping onto them tightly. All three of their bodies suddenly jerked and then relaxed, looking astounded when the image, he was trying to get them to see of his galaxy, exploded before them. Joy filled the being. He knew the bond was finally established. He was amazed. He understood now. It was all three. Three minds as one.

Ike, Taylor and Zac watched the image before them. Taylor didn't see or feel the agony of pain anymore. He only saw the space of stars floating before him. He knew Ike and Zac were with him as well as the being. He could feel a sense of joy coming out of the alien. Taylor suddenly smiled sniffing back his tears. The alien bent close to his face, gently rubbing his cheek against his. He heard the alien moan in a soft soothing sound of peace. Ike and Zac felt the same things as Taylor. It was as if they were all together in one mind. They smiled enjoying the freedom of space and time, that the alien was showing to them in the image.

The image slowly faded as the alien gently released the bond, watching the three creatures eyes focus back into this dimension. He looked down at the young creature who was under him and slowly petted his wet brow. He noticed he was breathing easier now. He never wanted to hurt or cause him pain. The link connector, he understood now, was trying to show him that he was going to fast for their minds. These creatures were still not as advanced as his kind was. He realized they were just discovering the use of mind energy. The creature with the sky eyes looked peacefully up at him, filled with understanding. He knew this one was very weak from causing it so much pain. He filled his body with a healing light, wanting to heal the creature and glowed with the color of gold, touching the creature's head gently. The eyes slowly closed on the young one as he filled it up, healing the damage that he caused.

Ike and Zac watched the alien who was healing their brother who fell asleep. The alien gently dragged him next to them and reached out touching their faces, running his fingers up the sides of their cheeks lovingly. They smiled up at him. He took Isaac by the hand and pulled him forward, placing his hand over his throat. Ike crinkled up his brow when he felt an intense heat penetrate his neck. When the alien took his hand away he noticed the electrode was sitting in the palm of his huge hand. Ike reached up, feeling his neck, where he knew they had placed it and felt the skin. It was as if it was never there. Ike smiled feeling a great relief that it was gone now. They watched the alien get up and go around the corner. They heard a sudden smashing sound hit a wall. When the alien came back he sat near the same corner again and bowed his head. Ike looked at Zac wondering what he did.
"What did he do with it?" Ike asked as Zac shrugged his shoulders.
"Beats me. Whatever he did, now we don't have to worry about Sam interfering with us anymore." Zac stated smiling at his brother.
"Yeah I can put up the block again and he can't hurt any of us again, if I have anything to say about it." Ike expressed boldly, feeling joy while he looked down at Taylor, who rolled onto his side facing the wall.


Sam frowned watching the alien by the window as it showed him the electrode and suddenly smashed it to bits against the wall. The alien then turned around and disappeared. Sam slammed his fist down on the table looking up at Tom who stood in shock.
"What are we going to do now Tom?!" Sam yelled angrily, standing up facing Tom.
"Can't you go into their minds like before?" Tom asked licking his lips nervously feeling his stomach turn into knots.
"I DON'T know! I can't just go in there! Now the kid can put up the block again and with the help of that alien we won't know what is going on anymore!" Sam shouted on the top of his lungs.
"Well we have to try something!" Tom stated desperately.
"I told you it was to soon! You should have let me teach them how we wanted them to use their power!" Sam exploded, spitting into Tom's face who jumped back throwing Sam a dirty look.
Tom stood there speechless not knowing what to say or do. A sick feeling overcame him. He couldn't imagine losing these kids that were his answer to his dreams. Somehow he knew he had to figure out a way to get them out of the room and in their control again.


The alien sat against the wall pondering the question of how he was going to communicate with these young creatures even further. He knew time was growing short for him. The dimensional balance was worst then he could imagine. He had to get back soon or the balance could be destroyed forever. He couldn't stay in this dimension very much longer. He had maybe only a few days in this time left, but he wasn't sure. He gazed over at the creatures, hoping he could make them understand his situation. He knew they were victims, as he was, by the evil one outside this room. He rested his head against the wall knowing they were his only hope. Without someone like him, he couldn't get back from where he came from. Only with them he could enter the balance of time again. He felt joy knowing that these creatures gave him his freedom once again.

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