Three Minds As One

Chapter 16 - Can We Communicate?

Taylor woke with a start as his body jerked noticing he was still in the alien's arms. He looked up at the alien fearfully watching it as his eyes suddenly opened and gazed down at him. Taylor turned his head looking for his brothers, who he saw were sleeping against the opposite wall. The alien gently touched his hair running his finger tips lightly down his head and then touched his cheek still lightly running a finger down the side of his face. Taylor blinked and swallowed hard wishing he would stop. It made him nervous knowing the alien was examining him again. Taylor reached out stopping the alien's hand when he reached his upper chest. The alien felt cold, but dry to the touch. He turned his head watching Taylor stop him.

The alien saw the creature's sky eyes intently looking up at him. He felt the soft strings again liking the touch. He felt along the young one's face and gingerly ran his finger down to the upper chest. He noticed he shifted and grabbed onto his hand stopping his concentration in wanting to feel these creatures out. He looked at the small hand enjoying the touch. They were warm and dry creatures. He shook off his grip and placed his hand over the thumping sound that he could feel under the skin's upper chest. He noticed the creature frowned slightly blinking sadly up at him and made a sound that seemed to be directed at him. He cocked his head wondering if these sounds really had meaning. He touched the creatures lips wanting him to make more of these sounds. The young one reached again trying to take his fingers away from his mouth. He turned and saw the other two creatures resting peacefully against the wall. He slowly got up lifting the creature in his arms carrying him over to the others sensing he wanted to be with them. He gently placed him down next to them watching him slide over to them. He could feel and see the concern in the creature's eyes. He squatted down watching him intently to see what he was going to do.

"Ike? Zac? Wake up." Taylor begged, shaking them both gently as he kept turning noticing the alien was watching his every move. Zac shifted groaning and sat up suddenly waking Ike that was still sleeping on his lap.
"Taylor? Are you okay?" Zac asked concerned looking at the alien staring at them.
"Yeah. I'm fine. Ike?" Taylor assured him, looking at Ike who slowly sat up rubbing his neck.
"What happened?" Ike asked realizing that his wound was totally healed.
"Well he healed you, threw a fit, and then went to sleep with us." Zac explained, looking at Ike who blinked at him and then at the alien.
"Threw a fit?" Ike asked looking confused.
"I think he knows about the electrode in your neck and he certainly didn't like it very much." Zac informed him, looking at the alien who kept staring at them watching them talk.
"That is putting it mildly." Taylor chuckled.
"Huh?" Ike said wanting to know more.
"I thought he was going to break the walls down guys. He was really mad." Zac exclaimed looking at his brothers.
"Well he seems to be fine now. Why is he just sitting there like that? He is really making me nervous." Ike pointed out, frowning at the alien.
"I think he likes the sounds we are making." Taylor answered.
"Yeah he seems fascinated by it." Zac agreed looking into the purple eyes that kept staring and turning to who ever spoke.
"To bad he doesn't understand what we are saying." Taylor said as he shyly looked at the alien again.
"Try to communicate with him. Stop TALKING!" Ike heard Sam yell into his head. Taylor heard Sam's voice in his mind also.
The alien shifted slightly turning a light shade of blue.
"Oh... Oh he's turning blue again." Zac moaned fearfully.
"So... why is that so important?" Ike asked looking at his brothers with a questioning look covering his face.
"I... I think he turns blue when he is angry. He is sort of like a mood ring I think. The darker he gets the more angry he is." Taylor informed him, watching the alien turn more light again making him feel relieved.
"I said communicate with him! NOW!"
The alien suddenly pounded his fist onto the floor making all of them jump as his body turned instantly blue.
"Stop talking to us! You are making him angry." Taylor thought desperately back to Sam.
"Then do as I say." Sam demanded in Taylor's mind.
The alien grabbed Taylor suddenly by the shoulders looking angrily into his eyes. Taylor cringed starting to shake. He shook Taylor once snapping his head back.
"Please don't. Please!" Taylor moaned pitifully feeling scared. Zac cautiously reached out and touched the alien's hand on Taylor's right shoulder. The alien looked into Zac's eyes and released his brother who fell back against the wall. Taylor rubbed his arms fearfully looking into the alien's eyes. Ike grabbed Taylor's top that was still laying on the floor and handed it to his brother, who was shivering. Taylor grabbed it, putting it back on. The alien moved forward again gently taking a hold of Taylor's hand and pulled him forward a little.
Taylor swallowed hard. He put his hand against Taylor's head and felt around as he started to tremble, wondering what he was about to do. A bolt of light stuck his mind. Taylor jerked backwards feeling the pain again from the sudden jolt of energy that was filling his mind. Zac and Ike fearfully watched him. He pulled Taylor toward him again, this time placing both of his hands around his head. Taylor started to try to pull away fearing more pain.
Ike reached out trying to stop the being from hurting his brother. Ike felt a push holding him against the wall.
"Please... you don't understand. You're hurting him!" Ike declared, struggling against the invisible hold.
Taylor felt another jolt pound into his head.
"NO!" Taylor screamed, trying to rip the hands of the alien away from his head desperately.
Zac came forward, but to no use, as he too was thrown back against the wall next to Ike. They watched him with frustration, while the alien was still trying to make their brother see something. He suddenly lifted him up with his head falling backwards, his body was totally limp. He carried him over to the other wall again and placed him down onto the floor placing his hands again onto his head. Ike and Zac helplessly watched as Taylor's body jerked in agony.
"Why? Why is he doing this to Tay?" Zac grunted, struggling against the hold that pinned him against the wall.
"I think because he knows he sees images Zac. He is trying to communicate with him." Ike said sadly.
"How Sam?! How do we do it? If you can hear me... show us how!" Zac yelled angrily.
Zac received no answer. The alien stopped looking incredibly frustrated and brought him back to his brothers releasing the hold on them. He placed Taylor down in front of them who had tears running down his face. The alien looked sadly at them turning a shade of blue-gray and walked off, sitting himself down in a corner, staring at the floor.

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