Three Minds As One

Chapter 15 - Contact - Continued

"Tay what was he... he doing?" Ike asked noticing Taylor's top was off and laying on the floor near the alien who sat there watching them intently.
"I... I don't know. When I woke up he was taking my clothes off." Taylor shivered and blushed slightly feeling scared and looked at Zac who sat in the middle.
"I wish he would stop staring at us." Zac expressed staring back at the alien.
"I think he was examining us Tay. He probably is just as curious about us as we are with him." Ike concluded, rubbing his forehead still feeling the pain that the alien caused.
"I have a splitting headache too. I think he was trying to communicate with us." Zac added, resting his head against the wall feeling exhausted.
"But he doesn't know that he is going to fast for us. All he is doing is hurting us guys. Man it is cold in here. I wi...wish I could get my shirt back." Taylor said, licking his dry lips, wishing he could drink some water and gazing at his top that was laying near the alien.
"I'll get it." Zac offered leaning forward.
"No Zac. I'll get it later." Taylor exclaimed stopping him.
"But Tay you're shivering." Zac began, looking into Taylor's eyes.
"I... I'm okay. I wonder what he is thinking?" Taylor asked, when the alien stood up suddenly and grabbed onto the shirt, walking toward them. They all cringed into the wall as he approached. He bent down near Taylor and dropped the shirt in front of him. He went into a squat position and Taylor swallowed hard when the alien caressed his head very gently, looking deeply into his scared eyes.
"Do... do you think he sensed I was cold?" Taylor whispered to his brothers, not stopping the alien from petting his head.
"May... maybe." Zac answered, jumping slightly, when the alien reached out and ran his finger over his lips.
"He is really fascinated with us." Ike noticed, calming down a bit, sensing maybe the alien wasn't going to hurt them after all.
The alien suddenly put his hand over Taylor's face covering his mouth. Taylor jumped and felt the alien's grip grow a little tighter. He started to breath nervously when suddenly he tasted water in the palm of the alien's hand. which dripped into his mouth. Taylor sucked a little and looked wide eyed with wonder up at the alien as he drank more of the water relieving his thrist. He slowly pulled his hand away looking gently into Taylor's eyes.
"What did he just do Tay?" Zac looked at his brother curiously, who still looked up at the alien dumbfounded.
"He... he just gave me some water." Taylor informed him, feeling amazed.
"Water?" Ike asked not understanding.
"Yeah... it came from his hand. Don't ask me how he did that." Taylor grinned a little as he rubbed at his arms, trying to warm up.
The alien slid over, still squatting, so he was now in front of Ike. Ike blinked and looked at him curiously. He reached out and touched the bandage covering his neck. Ike swallowed hard and gently pushed the alien's hand away. Ike noticed he cocked his head to the right and reached out again toward the bandage. As he tried to stop the alien again he grabbed Ike's hand with his other and pulled it down holding it tightly as he gently pulled off the bandage. Ike winced when he touched the wound.
"Please. That hurts." Ike pleaded with tears welling in his eyes. Zac tried to interfer wanting to stop the alien from hurting his brother, when the alien shoved him slightly back with his mind, pushing him into Taylor. Zac cringed never feeling anything like that before. The alien suddenly started to glow a soft golden color and closed his eyes placing his hand over Ike's wound as he shifted a little feeling somewhat scared. He felt a soothing warmth cover his sore neck and he closed his eyes feeling suddenly very sleepy.
"Tay? What is he doing to Ike?" Zac asked.
"I think he is healing him... like he did with us." Taylor pondered, watching the alien in amazement.
Ike fell asleep and the alien gently let him fall to the side, petting his head gently, until he rested on the floor. He stood up looking suddenly angry and bent down near him again and placed his hand over his neck again. Taylor and Zac noticed the alien's body suddenly turned a deep shade of blue and his face twisted into a look of pure anger. He got up and bent down next to them and put his hands over their necks roughly. Taylor let out a slight yelp, as Zac sucked in a sharp breath of air. The alien stood up again and let out a high pitch screech, which made Taylor and Zac cringe in terror. He suddenly grabbed onto Taylor lifting him into the air somewhat roughly. Taylor kicked his feet wondering why the alien turned so angry. He brought him to the side at the other wall and placed his hands over his head again. Taylor screamed in agony when he felt the stab of blinding lights overwhem him again. Zac sat back in terror, noticing it looked like he was scanning for something in his brother's mind. He then stopped and brought Taylor back, laying him down so his head rested on top of Zac's lap. Taylor moaned, grabbing at his head weakly, as the alien disappeared from the area.
"Tay? Are you all right?" Zac asked, finding his voice again, while he petted Taylor's head softly.
"oooohhhhh." Taylor moaned, feeling the pain was beyond words.
Zac could hear the alien pounding on the walls of the room violently. After a few minutes the alien came back and bent down near Taylor who still was moaning softly. Zac fearfully looked up at the alien. He lifted Taylor into his arms and brought him over to the other wall again. Zac crawled over to Ike who was still sleeping peacefully. He looked over at Taylor, noticing the alien was still holding him in his arms and his body was still a shade of dark blue.
Taylor shivered fearfully looking up at the dark blue alien.
"Please... please don't hurt me." Taylor weeped pitifully, not understanding why he suddenly became so angry. The alien started to pet his head gently and his body was turning back to lighter shades as the minutes passed. He cradled Taylor in his arms and brought on the golden color and gently kept petting his head, looking deeply into his eyes. Taylor could feel the headache subsiding with each stroke of his hand. He started to feel drowsy and slowly fell asleep in the alien's arms. The alien closed his eyes, still holding onto to him in a sitting position, falling into a deep sleep himself with his long legs curled up against Taylor's body.
Zac was in awe of the alien knowing he healed both his brothers. He slowly got up and walked next to the alien and bent down looking at him curiously. He felt that Taylor was safe in the alien's arms. He suddenly felt alone with everyone else sleeping now and walked back over to Ike, sitting down next to him and gently raised Ike's head, while he moved himself so his brother's head rested on his lap. He gently caressed his brother's head lovingly and it suddenly struck him why the alien went into a rage. He knew he probably detected Ike's electrode that they placed into his neck.
"That's why he felt our necks too. He wanted to see if they did it to us also." Zac thought smiling. He could now sense that this being really did care about them, but there was only one problem... how were they going to communicate with him?


Sam watched the monitor and they could hear every word that was spoken. The group outside of the room listened quietly. Tom nervously puffed out his lip, feeling frustrated that he couldn't see what was going on with the boys.
"Man that thing has power. But he's knocking them out! Wait! Taylor is waking up I think." Sam said watching the monitor with Don looking over his shoulder.
They listened intently to the conversation between the boys. He could feel their fear. Ike's heart rate was suddenly slowing. They heard him say how the alien was probably fascinated with them. Sam grinned slightly, but his face dropped into a frown when he saw some kind of surge of power that seemed to disrupt the electrode for a moment on the monitor. They suddenly all jumped hearing the alien scream in anger.
"What's happening now?!" Tom asked feeling scared by the sudden burst of anger they all heard. "I don't know. Why is..." Sam began, when they heard Taylor scream out in agony.
Tom jumped when the alien suddenly appeared at the window he was gazing through. He noticed he was a dark blue shade. He started to violently pound at the walls and windows making them all backup.
"Why is he so mad?! What tiggered that off?" Don asked, gulping hard, hoping the alien wouldn't crack the walls.
"I don't know. I hope he stops it soon!" Sam yelled angrily.
"Do you think the kids are all right?" Tom asked looking at Sam.
"Yes the monitor indicates that they are still alive." Sam informed him, throwing him a distainful look.
"Good. That is all that is important." Tom exclaimed, letting out a breath of air and noticed the alien stopped his rage and the room was silent for a few minutes. They listened hearing movement and then heard Taylor's voice moan asking someone not to hurt him.
"I hope they are alright in there." Sam expressed with concern, looking over at Tom angrily.
"I don't hear anything. What is the monitor showing?" Tom said boldly looking back at Sam.
"It's showing nothing right now. It is like they are sleeping. I want someone constantly watching this monitor at all times." Sam ordered. Tom nodded his head in agreement. They would put someone by it hourly to watch the activity for any interesting updates.


Walker stood in the bathroom shaving his face sadly still feeling odd. He knew he heard Taylor's voice cry out to him. He finished, wiping off his face and went back into the bedroom watching Diana make up the bed.
"Please sit down. I have to tell you something." Walker said taking Diana's hands into his and sat her down on the end of the bed. He gazed deeply into her sad eyes.
"Di? The boys are still alive." Walker told her.
"You wondered why earlier I suddenly bolted up in bed? Taylor. I heard Taylor cry out to me!" Walker exclaimed, still hearing the voice in his head.
"Walker it was probably just a dream." Diana said with tears welling in her eyes.
"No Diana. It was Taylor. I could feel him. He somehow reached me, but it seemed so far away." Walker asserted staring at the wall with a distant look covering his face. Diana could see that Walker was telling her the truth. Her heart skipped a beat at the news.
"You really think Taylor called out to you?"
"Yes... he was trying to reach me. Oh Lord... I could feel so much fear in him and I still don't know where they are. The FBI can't find them. No one can. It's like they suddenly disappeared off the face of the earth."
"What did he say Walker?"
"He just screamed out DAD, and then he was gone. I think they were trying to tell us where they are, but maybe something or someone stopped them before he could tell me!" Walker groaned, balling his hands into fists. He hated these last couple of days and now they had to face another day with the FBI and the news media hounds trying to gain information about their famous sons.
"Well if they tried once Walker, maybe they will do it again." Diana muttered with hope filling her eyes. Walker hugged her close hoping the same thing. All he could do was sit and wait.
"God please protect them. Where ever they are, keep them safe. Let them know how much we love them!" Walker prayed, kissing the top of Diana's head as she started to cry softly.

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