Three Minds As One

Chapter 15 - Contact - Continued

"I... I'm scared." Zac said in a whisper looking around nervously.
"Me too! Where is he guys?" Taylor asked with his voice shaking as he nervously rubbed the center of his left palm with his right thumb.
"Why does it smell like this in here?" Ike questioned, slowly scanning the area wondering where this alien could be in here.
"Yeah like roses. I don't know Tay." Zac gulped as they noticed the room was huge. It had corners and nooks around the entire area. They slowly walked toward the wall when Taylor's foot bumped into something on the floor. He looked down and sucked in his breath sharply, jumping back making his brothers stumble onto the floor, as he fell on top of them. They all scrambled backwards on their butts, hitting the wall behind them staring at the alien, who seemed to be sleeping peacefully on the floor in front of them. Their eyes grew wide staring at the huge figure that seemed to be glowing white. The skin of the alien appeared to be translucent in color. He was facing them in a fetal postion. His hands, arms, and legs were extremely long, like if he stood up he would tower over them. The fingers that were curled near his face appeared delicate and tampered. It had huge eyes, even though they were shut and a tiny nose, that only appeared to be a bump with three tiny holes at the end. No clothing covered him. The head had no hair and only had small holes on the sides for hearing. The mouth was small, like the nose, with very thin lips, that appeared to be a light shade of blue.
"Oh God... help us." Ike whispered fearfully. They all sat staring at the alien in awe. Taylor blinked turning to look at his brothers, who sat glued to their spots staring at the alien.
"He's still sleeping." Taylor muttered softly in wonder as his brothers looked at him. They turned to face the alien again and suddenly he was gone.
"Oh God! Where did he go?" Zac exclaimed bolting up as his brother's did the same. Zac spun in a circle wanting to know where the alien went.
"How can he move that fast?" Taylor asked with his eyes darting around fearfully, stepping close to his brothers. The room was suddenly filled with a hissing sound.
"What is that?!" Zac screamed, when he felt himself being forcefully lifted into the air. It felt like a blinding force just suddenly hit him out of nowhere. The alien held him in his hands, under his arms looking up at him.
"Ahhhhhhhh... Ike!" Zac screamed as he looked into the huge purple eyes of the alien, frozen with fear.
"Zac!" Taylor yelled, watching his little brother, being held by the tall creature, who was white with fear. Suddenly he disappeared taking Zac with him.
"Zac?! ZAC!" Ike screamed, spinning in a circle wanting to run to his brother.
"Where is he? Where did he take him?" Taylor moaned with tears welling in his eyes.
They heard Zac cry out, like he was in pain, but they couldn't tell where the sound was coming from. Ike and Taylor stood rigid with fear.
"Please! Whoever you are... don't hurt him!" Ike cried out desperately into the room.
Ike felt the wind knock out of him, when he too was lifted into the air at blinding speed. Ike tried to struggle as fear gripped his insides.
"IKE!" Taylor shrieked, running toward them, but they vanished before he could reach them. Taylor spun fearfully in circles and started to shiver with tears welling in his eyes, when he heard Ike scream out in fear.
"Oh God... Oh God!" Taylor murmured through rasping breaths, sensing he was going to be next.
"Noooooo!" Taylor screamed feeling his body lift into the air. He looked into the eyes of the alien when the room suddenly appreared to be moving to quickly and just as fast it stopped. The alien put him down, laying him on the floor and straddled over him pinning him so he couldn't move. Taylor fearfully sucked in air in short rasping breaths and saw his brothers laying on the floor near him. A small relief filled him knowing that they were still alive. He turned slowly looking back up at the alien, who bent his head down close to his and placed his long, delicate fingers over the sides of his head. Taylor tried to back away as he began to shake. Tears started to flow down the sides of his face as he wimpered softly with gut wrenching fear filling every fiber of his body. The alien pulled back slightly, looking at him curiously. He gently touched one the tears, just under his right eye, and brought his finger up, examining it closely as he sat on top of Taylor who watched him intently with his heart racing. The alien then again placed his hands over his head. Taylor jumped feeling him enter his mind with sudden speed, making his head fill up with intense pain. Taylor's face twisted in agony feeling a power that was beyond him. Flashing lights entered his mind again. Images raced and he felt sick and dizzy. His head started to throb from the pain. He felt like the power that the alien was inflicting on him was making his head feel like it was going to explode.
"Nooooo! I... I ca... can't!" Taylor cried out before he passed out.

The alien lifted up the young creature and placed him next to the other two. He couldn't understand why he couldn't connect with them. He only seemed to hurt them. He was amazed by their different kind of beauty. He cocked his head slightly and looked down at the link connector and gently touched his long yellow thin strings that seemed to grow out of their heads. It felt soft to the touch. He slowly leaned over to the blocker and ran his finger over the brow of thin strings over one of the eyes. These strings fascinated him. He wondered what their use was for. He went back to the one of images and lifted up one of the eyelids, seeing the color of this planet's sky. He wondered why he was different in eye color then the other two. He lifted up one of the hands and examined the short small fingers that they seemed to have. He touched the nail at the end noticing its hardness. He looked down at the feet and noticed that they were covered like the rest of their bodies. He slowly pulled the small covering, encasing the foot off and looked intently at the toes, noticing the end too had the hardness piece growing at the top of the tip. He gently laid the foot down. Curiosity was getting to him wanting to see the rest of the body that was covered under these layers. He gently lifted the upper layer up on the image maker and pulled feeling the limpness of the body. He jerked the top as the creature's head popped out of the hole that was around the neck and pulled till it was completely off. He gently ran his hand over the skin noticing the softness. The color was strange to him. He ran his hand down the chest feeling the life rhythm pump under the flesh. It ended at the middle and he wanted to see more. He wondered what the lower part of their bodies looked like. As he started to pull down the lower layer the creature jerked awake and fearfully looked up at him. The young one grabbed at the layer pulling it back up trying to stop him. He released the layer noticing he scrambled backwards toward the wall and the creature started to shiver staring wide eyed at him. The link connector suddenly awoke making that awful sound of a cry and the one of images reached out to him pulling him near him. He cocked his head watching them huddle together. He got up and walked over to the blocker, that was still unconscious, and bent down over him while the other two followed his every move with their eyes. He still wanted to see what was under the lower layer and tried to pull down the layer on this one, when he bolted awake and scrambled also near the other two creatures, giving him a crinkled up brow. He sat there and stared at them in awe. He thought they were quite remarkable creatures. He heard them start to make sounds at one another and cocked his head to the right feeling curious.

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