Three Minds As One

Chapter 15 - Contact - Continued

"I don't know if I can eat. My neck hurts. It hurts to swallow." Ike groaned, gently touching his neck where the bandage covered his wound.
"I think we should try to eat something. You have to try Ike. We do need this to keep up our strength." Zac said in a caring voice.
"I... I saw Dad..." Taylor whispered, hoping they couldn't hear him. Ike raised his finger to his lips to stop Taylor. Taylor gazed up and down understanding.
"Let's try to eat like Zac said." Ike asserted, grabbing the plate of eggs and pushing one on his plate with his fork. He then passed it to Zac who did the same passing it to Taylor. Ike lifted his fork full of eggs and carefully placed the food into his mouth. He swallowed feeling the sting with tears welling in his eyes.
"You okay Ike?" Zac asked watching his brother struggle to eat.
"I'm fine. Even though it hurts I am going to eat." Ike bravely exclaimed. Zac nodded his head filling up his mouth with a forkfull of pancakes. Taylor sat picking at his food.
"Tay? Eat something!" Ike demanded sternly.
"My stomach is upset. I...I..."
"Taylor please just eat something. Do it for Zac and me." Ike pleaded with Taylor knowing how his brother couldn't eat when he felt upset or scared about something. Taylor nodded, raising his fork and put in the first bite. He chewed the food slowly not enjoying the taste, but knew Zac was right when he stated that they needed their strength. Fear filled him with the thought that they were going to meet with the alien soon after they ate this breakfast.


Sam sat in Tom's office waiting impatiently. He was still angry that Tom wanted the boys to meet the alien this soon. He knew it was wrong. They were not ready for it. It was the first thing that he totally agreed with the boys on. But he knew Tom was stubborn once he made up his mind about something. He asked to meet with him hoping he could talk Tom out of this foolish plan of making them go in today. He shifted in his seat when finally the door opened and he watched Tom walk to his desk sitting down looking very happy.
"Before you say anything Sam. I want to tell you that if you are going to try to change my mind about my decision of sending the boys in today... don't even try. They are going in!" Tom exploded, watching Sam's face turn into a frown.
"Tom, you are making a big mistake! They are not ready. I wanted to teach them and..."
"No! They are ready. I am not waiting any longer. They are getting more defiant and I don't want to lose them! They'll get the swing of it once they are in." Tom expressed, smiling at the thought.
Sam rolled his eyes thinking 'how could he be so stupid'? Sam sat turning a shade of red and growing angry.
"I have them under control." Sam declared trying to reasure Tom.
"Oh really? Look at them this morning. They actually tried to contact someone. No! They are going in and that is final!" Tom declared, watching Sam shift nervously in his seat. Sam knew in that aspect of the situation Tom was right. The boys were freely trying to do things with their powers not feeling scared or unsure about themselves anymore.
"Okay... okay! But if anything goes wrong... don't look towards me for help!" Sam hollered angrily.
"Don't worry Sam. This is the greatest day in mankind's history. First contact. Imagine that." Tom smiled feeling a rush of excitement fill him.
"All you are thinking about is fame. Stop and think carefully about this move. I still feel like we are jumping the gun on this. But... well... OKAY... I won't try to stop you anymore! This is your project and you own it so I guess I will keep my big mouth shut from now on!" Sam droned in a sarcastic tone of voice.
"Yes! That is right Sam. I OWN it! I own him and now I own those boys too! I have been waiting for two years for this day and you or no one is going to stop me now!" Tom yelled, defending himself.
Sam threw his arms up in the air, standing up and headed for the door. He gave up trying to talk Tom out of this.
"Where are you going?" Tom asked watching Sam open the door.
"I am going to get the boys ready to go in. Okay?! I think they should be about done with their breakfast now." Sam said as he left the room. Tom swung his chair around, looking out the window, feeling like he was on top of the world. A big smile crossed his face, as he slowly got up to head down the hallway, for the big moment.


Sam entered the room seeing the boys fearfully look up at him as he approached the table. Taylor nervously put his hair behind his left ear.
"Did you enjoy your breakfast?" Sam asked looking at Zac.
"Ahhhh... yeah... I guess so." Zac answered suddenly feeling very scared.
"Well it is time." Sam informed them, watching their reactions intently.
"We aren't ready for this." Taylor exclaimed, feeling very depressed.
"Listen to me..." Sam said leaning close to Taylor who searched his eyes fearfully. "Yes you are! You are all going to do just fine."
"What are we suppose to do? How do we do this?" Taylor asked swallowing hard.
"Just use your abilities as you see fit. That is all I can say." Sam said gently.
"What happens if we can't connect with the alien sir?" Zac asked seriously.
"Don't worry if anything starts to go wrong we will pull you out of there." Sam assured them, trying to calm down their fears. Zac bowed his head as his heart began to race knowing his brothers were feeling the same as him.
"But if he starts to hurt us... I can't put up the block because you put this thing into my neck." Ike grumbled, feeling scared and angry at the same time.
"You... Ike are our link in there. We will monitor everything through you." Sam explained as Ike stared at him in disbelief.
"I... I... don't..." Ike started.
"Anyways the being seems to want to protect you guys. He has proven that. I don't think he wants to hurt you." Sam claimed, hoping this would reasure them a little.
"And if we do connect with him... what then?" Taylor asked as Ike and Zac nodded their heads wanting to know the answer to this one too.
"We will instruct you in what we want to find out from him. Now I want you all to take a deep breath and follow me." Sam instructed, as he signaled for the guards to enter from the open door.
Ike, Taylor and Zac got up feeling like their legs were lead weights under them. Fear filled them. The guards surrounded them making sure they couldn't bolt or run away. They followed the men out and saw Tom and several other men watching them as they walked down to a door that was the entrance into the alien's room. Sam took a card key out of his pocket and slipped it through the slot by the door. The door slowly raised as Ike, Taylor and Zac's eyes grew bigger with fear. The guards shoved them gently toward the entrance as they noticed it was a small room with another door on the other side. They turned watching the door quickly shut them in.
"Oh God!" Taylor moaned out loud. They helplessly watched as the other door began to lift. They all backed up slightly as their hearts felt like they were going to beat out of their chests. Ike grabbed onto his brothers pulling them close thinking it was taking forever for the door to raise. It suddenly stopped and immediately they noticed an odor that smelled sweet like overpowering roses. They stood locked in fear gazing around the room noticing the dead silence before them. There was a odd bluish glow covering the room.
"Go in." Sam demanded, through Ike.
Ike moved in slow with his brothers next to him. They stepped into the room when the door suddenly slammed shut behind them. They spun around fearfully seeing Sam, Don, and Tom look through the windows at them from the hall.

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