Three Minds As One

Chapter 15 - Contact

Ike laid awake staring up at the ceiling sadly, feeling pain in his neck where they placed the electrode. He still couldn't believe they did this to him. He swallowed hard trying to hold back his tears remembering.

Ike struggled as they dragged him down the hall. Two guards held him tightly by the arms as he heard his brother Zac screaming in another room being questioned by Sam.
"Let me GO! Take your flithly hands off me! We haven't done anything. Why? Why are you doing this to us?" Ike screamed trying to forcefully get away.
"Stop struggling so hard kid!" Don hollered leading them to another room down the hall from where he heard Zac yelling in fear.
"Where are my brothers? Where is Taylor? If you guys hurt them......" Ike bellowed as they dragged him into a room. Ike looked around desperately noticing they were bringing him near a table in the center of the room. They suddenly lifted him and plopped him down hard on top of it knocking the wind out of him. He could feel them strapping his legs and feet down as Don strapped his hands tightly down.
"What are you going to do to me?" Ike asked fearfully looking up at Don who wouldn't look him in the eyes. Ike gulped hard as he turned his head and saw a tray with surgical instruments laying on top of it.
"Don't worry we just are going to fix something." Don grinned.
"What? Oh God please! What are you going to do?" Ike pleaded starting to shake with fear. He tried to twist his hands around, but it hurt him feeling the straps that tightly bound his wrists.
"I am just going to place a electrode into your neck. It will monitor all activity that you and your brothers think, so we can see the levels of your physic power that you will be using." Don informed him coldly.
"Why?" Ike could only ask as Don unbottoned the front of Ike's shirt.
"You will be meeting him soon." Don mumbled, preparing Ike for surgery, rubbing down his left side of the neck and upper chest area with a antiseptic fluid. Ike started to shiver feeling the coldness of the fluid.
"Who? Your guest?" Ike asked with his voice shaking staring up into Don's eyes.
Don nodded his head as he placed a sheet over the area he was going to operate.
"Please! Please don't do this to me." Ike begged desperately as his stomach turned into knots.
"We have too son. You are the one who keeps raising the block against us and we have to make sure you don't use it when we want to know what is going on. Once the electrode is in place and you try to block us out you will receive a small electrical shock." Don explained gently noticing Ike's heartrate was getting faster.
"I... I..." Ike tried to speak but fear was overwhemling him as he listened to Don.
"Now just calm down. This is only minor surgery." Don expressed in a cold tone of voice, as he lifted up a needle to inject it, to put the boy under. He brought it close to Ike's arm.
"Wait! Before you put me out... please tell me who the guest is! Is he of this world? Please tell me...you owe me that much sir." Ike asked moaning tearfully watching Don hesitate.
"Okay. No... he is not of this world. Tom Shane has decided that you and your brothers are going to meet him tomorrow. He thinks you are ready." Don explained, bending near Ike's face watching the boy's eyes grow wide with fear.
"No! We are not ready. Tay couldn't connect with him! We all couldn't. Oh man....you are making a big mistake sending us in there." Ike gulped as his eyes darted fearfully from side to side.
"Well Tom thinks you are! Now don't ask me any more questions. Just relax."
"Nooooo! Please... don't do..." Ike moaned, as Don injected the needle into his arm. The room spun and Ike could feel his world turn into blackness.

Ike turned his head slowly looking at Zac who was strapped down on a table next to him. He again swallowed hard feeling pain throb in his neck.
"Are you okay Ike?" Zac asked noticing Ike looked very pale. Ike nodded his head as his eyes filled with tears. Zac tried to move but the straps were bound to securely. Anger was forming inside of him knowing that Ike was in pain. He turned and saw Taylor on the other side of him still sleeping.
"Tay?!" Zac called to Taylor who didn't respond.
"Ike... what are they going to do now with us?" Zac asked angrily turning to look at his brother who's eyes were only filled with pain.
"Zac? I ca... can't talk. It hurts to much." Ike thought closing his eyes as he passed out from the pain.
"I'm going to kill them!" Zac screamed as he started to violently fight the straps that held him down. He couldn't stand this situation they were in anymore. He desperately wanted to help Ike.
"Zac! Please... stop it!" Taylor suddenly yelled trying to calm Zac down who woke him up. Zac balled his hands into fists turning toward Taylor.
"I hate them Tay! Ike is hurting. We have to help him." Zac hissed, watching Taylor try to lift his head to look over Zac at Ike.
"He passed out. He can't even talk." Zac said grinding his teeth.
"Ike?! Ike? Wake up." Taylor shouted, feeling his stomach churn as he struggled against the straps.
Taylor layed his head back down as he felt the strain in his neck from trying to look over Zac. Taylor squeezed his eyes shut feeling totally helpless.
"Zac... they want us to meet this alien today. They are going to send us in there and...and..."
"WHAT?! They can't do that! Alien?" Zac asked starting to shake.
"Yeah they think we are ready, but..."
"Tay... Oh God we are not ready. He's a alien? I knew it!" Zac exclaimed, looking into Taylor's worried eyes.
Ike moaned turning toward his brothers.
"Ike? Are you okay?" Taylor asked.
"Yeah... I just feel a little dizzy." Ike thought to Taylor.
"You can't talk? Ike they want us to meet this...."
"Alien. Yeah I know. The doctor told me. Guys... I can't put up the block to protect us anymore." "We know Ike. They told us yesterday when they pushed us in here." Zac thought to his brother.
"Oh... Why do they think we are ready? I told them that we couldn't connect with him! What are we going to do?" Ike thought sadly still feeling the fear he felt yesterday.
"Tay? Ike? I thought of this the first day we were here. Why don't we try to contact Dad and Mom?" Zac thought turning his head from one brother to the other to see their reaction from his idea.
"What? How Zac? I would if we could...." Taylor thought with tears welling in his eyes.
"Tay you can travel with your mind. Just think of home. Maybe we can get a message to them before they stop us. I don't care what they do to us anymore!" Zac thought angrily.
"Taylor? Let's try! There is nothing we can loose. Okay? Zac I love you! I wish we would have thought of this before." Ike thought weakly smiling at his brother.
"Okay. Let me..." Taylor concentrated, as he drained his mind as he pictured home. He could feel Zac link knowing his brothers were with him. He felt his mind start to drift. Home. Mom and Dad. Sweat started to bead on his head trying desperately to reach across the distance. Taylor felt a sudden burst of energy and he could see nothing but a tunnel that sucked him in. Fear filled him losing control for a moment and also realizing he lost the link with Ike and Zac. The tunnel moved around him spinning in bright blinding colors.
"Ike! Zac! I... DAD!" Taylor screamed in his mind when he suddenly stopped and saw his parents below him sleeping in their bedroom at home. He noticed his father bolted up looking desperately around the room. Tears welled deep in his soul. His mouth opened letting out a sobbing gasp when he felt himself being pulled back violently.

Taylor looked up into the angry green eyes of Sam. Sweat poured down his face as he started to cry turning his head toward Zac.
"Don't ever try that again! You could have been killed." Sam yelled grasping Taylor's arm and shaking it. Taylor just nodded his head not saying a word.
"Tell me what you saw?" Sam questioned turning Taylor's head to look at him. Taylor weakly licked at his lips.
"Nothing... I just saw a tunnel of lights." Taylor murmured sadly.
"You are not ready for that kind of trip yet." Sam expressed boldly, feeling relieved that their plan didn't work.
"What made you think we wouldn't find out what you guys were up too?" Sam asked sternly gazing from one brother to the next as he walked up near Ike who just stared up at him hatefully.
As he talked to Ike, Taylor nodded his head to Zac with a small grin covering his face. Zac felt a thrill suddenly bolt through him knowing that Taylor did connect with their parents, even though he lost the bond when Sam just moments before bolted into the room trying to stop them from their plan to contact their parents through their psychic power. Zac slowly turned toward Ike, who looked beyond Sam who was inspecting the straps on his hands. Zac nodded his head as Taylor did and smiled. Ike smiled back.
Tom and Don walked into the room followed by some guards as they walked up near the tables.
"Did you get here in time? They didn't connect with anyone did they?" Tom asked throwing the boys dirty looks.
"Yeah... don't worry about it. Let's get them ready for their big day." Sam stated.
"We are going to unstrap you and we don't want any fights or struggling from any of you. We are going to take you down the hallway and give you some breakfast before the meeting. Understand?" Sam explained, looking coldly at all of them. Ike, Taylor and Zac just nodded their heads looking defeated. The guards came around to each of them and released them from theirs straps. Ike still felt a little unsteady with his legs shaking under him. Taylor and Zac ran to him each taking a arm to help their brother walk. They slowly left the room not saying a word with the guards leading them down to a room, near the alien's room. When they entered they saw the man, named Michael, by a table which was covered with plates of eggs, pancakes, and toast. Taylor and Zac helped Ike up to the table, sitting him down gently and then taking their places around the table also. They all looked down at the food sadly, not feeling very hungry. Fear and anticipation filled them.
"Well enjoy your breakfast fellows." Michael said noticing they all looked scared and confused.
Zac raised his head and nodded at Michael and then looked back down at his hands. Michael left leaving the boys alone as the guards stood outside the doorway.

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