Three Minds As One

Chapter 14 - Music Fills The Air - Continued

Hours went by and Taylor was cold and hungry wondering what his brothers were doing. He knew they must be worried about him. Suddenly he heard some yelling near his door.
"No! I don't want to go in there! Leave me alone!"
Taylor knew it sounded like Zac. He heard scuffling and then a door slam. He heard Zac start to cry like he did earlier when they threw him into this room.
"ZAC?" Taylor thought in his mind and touched the wall lovingly knowing his brother was right next to him.
"Tay?! Is that you? Where are you?" Zac answered back desperately.
"Yeah I'm in a room right next to you. Are you okay?" Taylor asked feeling his brother's hand against the wall over his. Somehow he knew his hand was there.
"Yeah. I'm fine. They strapped me into a chair and that creep started to question me about everything. I wouldn't tell him anything though. At least not everything." Zac said sadly bowing his head.
"I told him about how the person or being or whatever contacted me. Zac? Did you know no one else could even connect with him before us? I'm scared. Why do they want information from this being? Why is he so special to them? What do they want from him?"
"Really? I don't know Tay. He was asking me about our connection with him too. I think they are questioning Ike right now."
"Wait! I think I hear someone. Oh God! They are opening my door."
"Mine too!"
They both stood up watching the guards enter. They were taken out and led down to another room and told to enter. Taylor and Zac looked at each other fearfully. Zac turned the door handle and slowly opened up the door. The guards gave them a shove.
"Okay! We're going in!" Zac grumbled, looking up at one of the guards angrily.
When they entered they saw Ike strapped down on a table with a bandage around his neck. He was sleeping peacefully. Taylor and Zac ran up to Ike noticing Don was strapping Ike's hands to the table.
"What did you do to him?" Taylor shouted angrily as Zac petted Ike's head staring at the bandage curiously, that was placed on Ike's neck.
"We just placed a electrode into his neck. It will monitor everything that you guys feel or say. Also if he tries to put up his block he'll get a slight electrical shock." Don Connor answered coldly.
"You people are monsters! You have no right to do this to him!" Zac yelled angrily wanting to cause this man pain for hurting his brother.
Sam suddenly grabbed Taylor and spun him around grabbing his shoulders violently.
"Since all of you have made contact with the alien we have decided tomorrow you will join him!" Sam hissed angrily, shaking Taylor as Zac stepped back fearfully bumping into Don who grabbed onto him tightly pinning his arms against his sides.
"Let me go! Oh God please let us go!" Taylor begged as Sam kept shaking him.
Don lifted Zac off his feet while he kicked his heals into Don's legs as hard as he could. Another man came up and grabbed his feet up while Zac fought screaming to be released. They carried him to another table and strapped him down. Don pulled up Zac's sleeve and injected a needle into his arm.
"You creep! I hate you! I hate all of you so much!" Zac screamed before he passed out from the drug.
Taylor fearfully watched them as Sam still held him tightly by the shoulders. He turned to look at him and suddenly spit into Sam's face.
"Why you....I'll..." Sam shouted, ready to strike him when Tom grabbed his hand stopping him.
"No! Just take him over there Sam!" Tom indicated, pointing to a chair near the wall. Sam swallowed hard wiping off the spit from his face, giving Taylor a hateful look. He dragged Taylor to the chair and roughly sat him down. Taylor held back the tears looking at his brothers, who lay silently in front of him sleeping.
Tom bent down in front of him. Taylor just sadly gazed into his eyes not understanding why they were doing this to him and his brothers.
"Well son...tommorrow is the big step. You are going to meet this alien. Yes. He is a alien. He is not of this world. We just want you to make contact with him. After you do that, we will take over and tell you what we want to know from him. We know you are ready for this. You proved that already." Tom explained gently, as Sam angrily stood over them.
"But I can't sir. I...I couldn't make contact. I'm not ready. Please! We're not ready. We tried before and it didn't work! It just hurt us. He's too fast for us. His power is way beyond us! Oh GOD! NO!" Taylor pleaded standing up with fear overwhelming him. His stomach twisted into knots. "Sit down!" Sam yelled.
"Son I know you can do this! All of you are our link to him." Tom informed him, as Taylor sat down feeling helpless with his eyes darting from side to side fearfully.
"Don't you understand? Why didn't you tell us about him?" Taylor asked searching Tom's eyes desperately.
"This is the biggest break through we have had in two years. Through you and your brothers we will make first contact with someone not like us. Do you realize how special you are?" Tom asked.
"We are not special! Oh God..." Taylor started to weep putting his hands over his face.
"Stop crying. You will do as we ask. It's your duty to mankind!" Tom stated boldly.
Taylor looked up at Tom feeling disbelief at the statement and his face twisted in anger. Taylor suddenly pushed Tom roughly backwards and bolted up running toward the door opening it and ran down the hallway with Tom and Sam standing in shock not expecting the kid to run.

All Taylor knew is he wanted to get away. He heard footsteps running after him. He wanted to get help for him and brothers. He saw a entrance leading to the outside and ran as fast as he could toward it. Suddenly sirens blasted in the air. Taylor reached the door slamming it open, running outside when he saw a group of men running at him from the front. He turned to change direction and more men were coming at him. He turned around with a warm breeze whipping through his blonde hair, as he saw Tom, Don, and Sam come through the door, followed by more guards. He was completely surrounded, knowing he wasn't going to get away. Taylor looked around him suddenly remembering they were on an island. He looked up at the sky, when Sam grabbed him pinning his arms against him, as Don rolled up his sleeve. Taylor felt the needle go in. Tears started to roll down his face. His legs collasped under him giving up the fight. Sam gently placed him to the ground, as the men stood around watching him. Taylor looked up into Sam's eyes.
"This isn't ri..right." Taylor moaned weakly, feeling the drug course through him.
"Just don't fight it. You have a big day to look forward to tomorrow." Sam said watching Taylor's eyes close as tears flowed down the sides of his face. He lifted up one of the boys eyelids checking to see that he was completely out. Sam lifted the boy up into his arms and walked back into the building with everyone watching him. Tom and Don followed Sam down the hall back to the room where his brothers were. Sam gently placed him down onto a table next to his brothers strapping his hands and feet down securely.
"I hope they are going to cooperate with us Sam, because if..." Tom began, watching Sam.
"They have no choice in the matter now do they?." Sam answered back covering Taylor up and then walked out of the room as Tom looked at all three of them laying on the tables. A thrill suddenly filled him knowing after two years they were finally going to make contact. His whole life depended on these kids now as he stood looking at them in amazement. They were the link that was going to open up a whole new world.

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