Three Minds As One

Chapter 14 - Music Fills The Air - Continued

Taylor struggled as they dragged him down the hallway. Sam opened a door and they dragged him in throwing him roughly into a chair. They strapped down his hands and feet. Taylor started to shake looking around the room watching Sam intently, noticing a window was in front of him. He could tell some people were in there, but he couldn't tell who. The guards left leaving him alone with Sam again.
"Now... I want you to answer my questions. I don't want you lying to me." Sam demanded of him, bending over and looking directly into Taylor's wide fearful eyes.
"We didn't do anything! We just started singing to pass the time! That's all we did!" Taylor moaned pleading with Sam.
"Did you contact him?"
"Why did he come into the session earlier today?"
"I don't know!" Taylor shouted as he filled up with anger.
"Kid... there is no way he would have linked with you if you haven't done that already!" Sam informed him, poking his finger painfully into his chest. Taylor swallowed hard as his heart began to race.
"Now tell me again. Did you connect with him?" Sam asked, as Taylor licked his lips, but he didn't answer.
Sam grabbed Taylor's hair behind his head and shook it, causing him to cringe. He balled his hands into fists resisting to answer.
"ANSWER ME!" Sam screamed into his face again.
"YES!" Taylor yelled back angrily. Sam grabbed his hair tighter and pulled his head back.
"Ahhhhh! Please stop it!" Taylor screamed.
"Why? When did you do this?" Sam asked grinding his teeth.
"The day you gassed him! It happened by accident. He connected with me! Okay!? Now let go of my hair you idiot!" Taylor answered angrily, struggling against the straps that held him down.
"You think you're smart don't you? You and your brothers think you are more psychic and powerful then me... don't you?" Sam asked, shaking his head again. Taylor gritted his teeth trying to resist the pain.
"We never said that! Why? Are we?" Taylor asked looking defiantly at Sam who turned a shade of red.
"Don't you change the subject on me! Did he say anything to you?" Sam questioned further, releasing his hair, watching the kid try to regain his composure.
"No. I couldn't see anything." Taylor admitted, feeling his head throb from the hair pulling.
"I didn't ask weather you saw anything. Did he say anything?!" Sam asked him again.
"No. All I could see and feel was lights. He said nothing to me. I swear I'm telling you the truth." Taylor answered, looking at the window again, noticing some movement behind it.
"Then why is he protecting you?"
"What? I don't know anything about that."
"Oh really?! You better be telling me the truth. I am going to question your brothers about this too!" Sam warned him, leaning into Taylor's face again.
"I am telling you the truth and you just leave my brothers alone!" Taylor shouted back not feeling afraid anymore of this man.
"Then tell me everything I want to know!"
"I thought I did!"
"Did he heal up your wrists too?"
"Yes. I think he did. I fell asleep and when I woke up I could use my hands again." Taylor confessed, looking at Sam.
"Why did you decide to sing before?"
"We were bored and we just wanted too... that's all." Taylor exclaimed, looking at Sam with a confused expression covering his face.
"Well the effect it had on our guest concerns us." Sam said, realizing they didn't know what they actually did.
"Why do you keep calling him 'our guest'?" Taylor asked wanting to know.
"It's none of your business."
"He's not of this world. Is he?" Taylor asked as Sam grew more angry again.
"What makes you say that?"
"Because you people keep referring to him as being, guest, our special guest, stuff like that. Is he?" Taylor asked, watching Sam's face grow angry and red. Taylor tried to turn his hands around, but the straps were to tight.
"When the time comes you'll find out who he is." Sam answered.
"Why do you think we can communicate with him? We couldn't before." Taylor affirmed innocently staring up at him.
"Before? I thought you said you didn't try to contact him." Sam growled, grabbing his hair roughly again. Taylor licked his lips nervously trying to think of something fast to say.
"I mean... all I saw was blinding lights. When he... he connected with me the images were going to fast for me to see. He is way more powerful then us." Taylor groaned, wishing he would let go of his tight grip on his hair.
"In some way I am glad a contact was made. You passed through unlike the others who tried." Sam suddenly expressed, giving the boy an evil grin. Taylor raised up his eyebrows slightly, not understanding the statement.
"Yes... everyone who tried before you three, failed and didn't come out so good in the end." Sam chuckled, watching Taylor's face twist into a look of wonder and fear.
"Wh... what happened to them?" Taylor asked, trying to sound brave.
"Let's just say they aren't of right mind anymore." Sam laughed.
"You're insane! You're just trying to scare me!" Taylor yelled trying to shake free of the fear that was overwhemling him.
"No. I'm not trying to scare you. You should feel honored that you and your brothers will be able to connect with him." Sam droned on, suddenly feeling very jealous of them. He looked at Taylor hatefully and full of distain.
"Why didn't you try?" Taylor asked curiously.
"Shut up!" Sam hollered angrily, feeling like striking him, but knew he was being watched by Tom and Don behind the window.
"You can't... can you?!" Taylor asserted feeling Sam's fear.
"Just keep that mouth of yours shut!"
"That's why you hate us so much, because you know we can and you couldn't do it!" Taylor claimed, knowing for once he got the best of this man.
"All I know is... if our friend doesn't wake up soon, you and your brothers are in big trouble!" Sam informed him, releasing the kid's hair and walked toward the door opening it. He signaled for the guards to enter. Taylor felt relieved that the questioning was finally over. They unstrapped him from the chair as Taylor stood up and rubbed his wrists, ready to follow the guards back to the room.
"I don't want him with his brothers tonight. Put him into the room next to this one."
Taylor's face dropped as Sam smiled at him coldly. The guards led Taylor to the room and pushed him in. Taylor sadly looked around the barren room that was cold and dimly lit. He walked over to a corner and slid down the wall starting to cry. He wanted to go back with his brothers. He placed his hands over his face and started to sob uncontrollably feeling alone, scared and helpless.

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