Three Minds As One

Chapter 14 - Music Fills The Air

Taylor laid on his bed staring up at the ceiling feeling worried. He kept running the image of being lifted up over and over in his mind. He couldn't understand why this being interfered with the session. He sat up and looked over at his brothers who sat at the table playing a game of cards. Ike smiled at Taylor. Taylor slid off the bed and walked over to his brothers and sat down to watch them play crazy eights.
"Ha! Beat you again Ike!" Zac laughed cheerfully.
"Tay? Stop worrying so much over Sam." Ike insisted as Zac picked up the cards to shuffle the deck for the next game.
"How can you not? I could tell he didn't believe us. He knows, that we knew, what was going on. What happens if he finds out that we tried to link with him?" Taylor asked crinkling up his eyebrows.
"He is not going to find out Tay." Zac added in while he shuffled the deck.
"I don't know about that. Remember he can read our minds."
"Tay... I'm keeping him out. I have a block up constantly." Ike explained as Taylor bowed his head looking down at the table.
"I guess you're right. I just hate the way he looked at us when we left the room. Man I can tell he really hates us."
"Probably because he knows deep down that we are more powerful then him." Ike exclaimed.
"But he said he was more powerful then us Ike." Zac reminded him, as he dealt out the cards including Taylor in this round.
"I think he just said that to scare us. He wants to be in total control of us."
"Yeah I agree with that. He thinks if he instills fear in us we won't try anything. I wonder why he feels that way?" Taylor pondered, picking up his cards and put them in order.
"I don't want to know how the guy ticks." Zac mumbled placing down the first card.
"Yeah trying to read his mind might be a frightening place to be." Taylor chuckled.
"Tay... don't ever try to do that." Ike declared seriously putting a card down.
"I'm not. I wouldn't want to. Not with his temper." Taylor affirmed strongly, looking up at Ike.
"I know you Tay. You can get curious at times." Ike said as Taylor cast him a look.
"Well it's true Tay!" Ike began reading the look on his brother's face.
"I won't. Don't worry." Taylor assured him, feeling a little annoyed and put down a card.
"This game is getting boring. I wish they would have put some instruments in here for us." Ike complained leaning back in his chair letting out a puff of air.
"Yeah they must know how much we love music. I'd give anything for a keyboard right now." Taylor exclaimed smiling at Ike.
"Yeah and a drum set to pound out my frustrations on!" Zac bellowed dreaming of the sound of drums.
They all laughed together.
"Why don't we just sing together like the old days?" Ike asked leaning forward, while he put down his cards on the table.
"A-cappella?" Taylor answered.
"Cool. What song?" Zac asked looking at his brothers.
"Lets warm up first." Ike suggested. Taylor and Zac nodded their heads.
"MMMBop." Taylor stated.
They started singing the song, getting in tune and feeling in better spirits, as this was bringing a little sunshine into their situation.
"What do you want to sing now?" Taylor asked Ike and Zac.
"How bout 'With you in your dreams'?" Ike answered looking deeply into his brother's faces.
"Yeah I would like that." Taylor grinned casting his eyes downward.

Taylor closed his eyes to get in the mood and began...

If I'm gone when you wake up please don't cry
And if I'm gone when you wake up it's not goodbye
Don't look back at this time as a time of heart
break and distress
Remember me, remember me, 'cause I'll be with
your in your dreams.
Hooo. Ohh I'll be with you.
If I'm gone when you wake up please don't cry.
And if I'm gone when you wake up don't ask why
Don't look back at this time as a time of heartbreak
and distress
Remember me, remember me, cause I'll be with you in your dreams
Ohhh, ohhh
Don't cry I'm with you don't cry I'm by your side
Don't cry I'm with you don't cry I'm by your side
And though my flesh is gone. Hoooo Ohhhh Ohhhh
I'll still be with you at all times
And though my my body's gone. Hooo Ohhh
I'll be there to comfort you at all times
hoo, ohhhh, ohhhh
And if I'm gone when you wake up please don't cry
And if I'm gone when you wake up it's not goodbye
Don't look back at this time as a time of heart
break and distress
Remember me, remember me, 'cause I'll be with you
ohhhh, ohhhh, hoooo, ohhhhh
'cause I'll be with you

Suddenly the room filled up with a glowing gold warm light. They kept on singing looking at one another amazed by the gentle lights floating around them. They felt the presence of the being. Ike nodded to Taylor to keep on singing with the passion that was coming out of him. Zac smiled trying to touch one floating in front of him but it moved away.

I don't want you to cry and weep. hoo ohhhh
I want you to go on livin' your life
I'm not sleeping a endless sleep. hooo ohhhh
cause in your heart you all have good times
ohhhhhh, ohhhhh
all of our good times
ohhhhh, oh ohhhhhhhh
And if I'm gone when you wake up please don't cry
And if I'm gone when you wake up it's not goodbye
Don't look back at this time as a time of heart
break and distress
Remember me, remember me, 'cause I'll be with you in
your dreams
ohhh, ohhhhhhh
Cause I'll be with you in yoooour

When Taylor finished the lights kept dancing around them. The golden glow illuminated the room.
"He's here." Ike whispered softly feeling a sense of peace surrounding him and his brothers.
"You think he can see us?" Taylor asked with his eyes wide with wonderment watching the lights dance.
"I think he is leaving now guys." Zac said noticing the light started to fade from the room.
The room was finally back to normal. They all sat there feeling every hair on their bodies stand on end.
"Do you feel static electricity like me?" Zac asked rubbing his arms.
"Yeah. That was awesome!" Taylor smiled.
"I guess he liked the song." Ike chuckled looking at both his brothers.
"What is he? Is he human Ike?" Taylor asked seriously.
"I... I don't know. Whatever he is I think he likes us."
"How did they capture him? That's the big question." Zac wondered, turning to look at the door to their room as it suddenly burst open with Sam angrily walking in. They all sprung up and backed up towards the wall.
"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING!?" Sam yelled blowing his stack as they cringed near the wall next to the TV.
"We were just... just singing sir." Zac claimed meekly.
"We just wanted to past the time and..." Ike started to say when Sam slapped him across the face.
"Don't ever do that again!" Sam yelled into Ike's face as he rubbed it feeling like striking the man back, but thought better of it. Sam turned to face Taylor who stepped back, fearing this man's anger suddenly come his way.
"And you were doing most of the singing!" Sam pointed angrily, as Taylor bumped into the wall with his back, fearfully watching Sam approach him. He grabbed his shoulders hard, pinning him against the wall tightly.
"Wh... what did we do wrong?" Taylor asked, trying to hold back his fear, as he gulped hard.
"You want to know?! Do ya?!" Sam yelled spitting into his face, watching his expression turn into a look of terror.
"Our guest suddenly went into a deep sleep and now we can't wake him up! It was your singing that tiggered it! We don't understand why! And another thing... he was the other presence in the room when we were testing you! Did you somehow contact him?!" Sam shouted as tears welled in Taylor's eyes. He grabbed Taylor roughly by the arm and started to drag him toward the door where several guards stood waiting. Ike started to come forward watching his brother desperately trying to pull away, not wanting to go with him.
"Just stay where you are KID! You're next after we question your brother!" Sam hissed, pointing at Ike who stood back with a look of shock covering his face as the guards grabbed onto Taylor who looked fearfully back at his brothers before they slammed the door.
Ike and Zac heard their brother scream outside the room as he was being dragged down the hall. Zac started to pace nervously back and forth.
"Oh God. Oh God Ike... what are we going to do? Tay was worried about this." Zac murmured with his voice cracking. Ike sadly looked at the floor feeling totally helpless.

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