Three Minds As One

Chapter 13 - Session One - Continued

"Okay." Taylor said putting down the card that he held in his hand. He leaned back in his chair and gently touched one of the probes that was itching his scalp. Sam walked back over to Taylor and grabbed his chair pulling it around and sat down next to Ike. Ike looked curiously at Sam.
"Now for you... I want to see how powerful your block is." Sam stated looking directly into Ike's eyes.
"Sure. Want do you want me to do?" Ike asked.
"Before we begin..." Sam began getting up and walked back over to Taylor.
"I want you Taylor to cause a headache in your brother Zac over there." Sam said pointing. Taylor swallowed hard.
"I don't know how to do that sir." Taylor answered looking nervously at Sam.
"It's not that hard. I'll show you." Sam exclaimed suddenly causing Taylor a mild headache. Taylor's brow furrowed feeling the stab.
"I don't want to hurt my brother." Taylor declared noticing Sam gave him a cold hard stare.
"You want me to do IT!?" Sam asked angrily.
"No! Okay. I... I'll do it." Taylor assented in a worried tone of voice.
"Okay. Just do what I did."
"Just go in and find the lobe in the front of Zac's head. Like this." Sam emphasized causing Taylor another stab of pain. Taylor jumped getting angry.
"Stop it!"
"Did you feel where I caused you pain?" Sam asked smiling when Taylor jumped.
"Yes. But what if I can't control the intensity of it?" Taylor asked.
"I'll go in with you." Sam assured him.
Taylor swallowed hard again feeling a little scared. He went into Zac's mind feeling his brother's fear. He knew Sam was in with him. He found the lobe like Sam told him, but was afraid he would cause Zac to much pain. He hesitated looking up at Sam.
"Do it!"
"How? I don't know how to cause pain." Taylor blurted out angrily.
"Yes you do."
Taylor blinked casting his eyes up and down as he gently put forth a stab of pain to Zac. Zac jumped slightly but felt relieved that Taylor only put in a mild jolt. Zac bowed his head taking in a sigh of relief.
"More. Cause him more of a headache." Sam demanded looking sternly at Taylor.
"But I... but I... NO! Don't make me hurt my brother." Taylor yelled angrily standing up facing Sam. "Sit down!" Sam hollered pushing Taylor back down into his chair. Taylor crossed his arms over his chest not wanting to do this to his brother.
"Stop it! What are you trying to prove?" Ike finally said as Sam turned to face him.
"I want him to do this and then you will block out Taylor to protect Zac from the pain that he will cause. This is important to the test. And I want Taylor to know how to do this. I don't want him to kill his brother, just cause him some pain so I can see how powerful your block is!" Sam exploded starting to lose his temper again.
"Well... why didn't you say that in the first place!" Zac said rolling his eyes.
"Okay. I stated what I want. Now will you do it kid?" Sam asked turning to face Taylor again.
"How much do you want me to cause?" Taylor asked licking his lips.
"Just enough to make Zac feel sick."
"I don't really like doing..."
"Tay. It's okay. Just do it. I'm not going to die!" Zac affirmed trying to reasure his brother.
Taylor nodded his head and began again with Sam following in. Taylor saw the lobe in Zac's head again and placed a more intense stab of pain this time. Zac groaned grabbing his head. Taylor felt bad hearing his brother moan, but held the pain toward him like he was told.
"Keep it up till I say stop." Sam ordered sitting back down next to Ike again who did not look to happy.
"Now go in and feel your brother's pain and stop Taylor from causing it." Sam instructed as he looked toward Don at the computer who pressed a key as Ike began. Zac groaned wishing Ike would hurry. The pain was making him sick to his stomach. Taylor sat still holding the pain when he suddenly saw a black wall or something block him out. Taylor suddenly flew out of his chair being lifted into the air roughly.
"Oh God!" Taylor screamed as he felt a angry presence take hold of him intensely.
They all turned in shock watching Taylor floating in the air. Taylor fearfully looked toward Ike not understanding what was going on.
"Tay?!" Ike and Zac yelled bolting out of their chairs running toward Taylor, ripping the cords out from their sockets as they ran under Taylor. Sam stood up backing away from the scene feeling scared himself.
"Something else is in here." Don shouted watching the screen on the computer.
"Ike! Zac! What is going on?" Taylor screamed fearfully as he felt something squeezing him tightly causing him to feel like he couldn't breath. He lashed out his arms trying to get away from the hold.
"Tay... I didn't do this! What is doing this?" Ike yelled at Sam who just stood in shock watching Taylor and then looking at the computer.
"I don't know." Sam could only say feeling amazed.
Ike and Zac reached up grabbing onto Taylor's feet. Suddenly Taylor was being lowered toward them. Taylor started to shake as he was gently put down next to them. Ike and Zac hugged onto to Taylor who was still shaking from fear. He found it hard to stand as his legs started to collapse under him. Zac and Ike helped him to sit down on his chair. Zac bent down next to him.
"Tay... are you okay?!" Zac asked noticing Taylor was sweating hard. He lovingly rubbed Taylor's leg.
Taylor nodded his head and looked into Zac's concerned eyes as he ran his hands through his wet, sweaty hair.
"Zac. He was protecting you." Taylor whispered to Zac.
"What? Who?" Zac whispered back not understanding what Taylor was trying to say.
"Him. The being. I think he felt you were being hurt and he stopped me." Taylor informed him, looking into his brother's amazed eyes.
"You think he did this?"
"Zac I know it was him." Taylor whispered not wanting Sam or Don to hear them. Zac nodded his head totally understanding now. He stood up facing Ike who was still angry with Sam.
"Taylor is fine now. I guess Ike didn't realize how powerful he was." Zac said to Sam and Don who were still watching the computer.
"Kid... your brother didn't do that. Something else was in here. The computer picked up on it. There were four links in here just before." Don attested to the fact sternly wondering why the kid lied.
Taylor slowly stood up still feeling a little unsteady. Ike let Taylor lean against him for support.
"Then who was in here?" Taylor asked innocently trying to look like he didn't know what was going on.
"We don't know. Well I guess this ends this session. I want to look over these records and try to figure this out." Sam said looking at the boys coldly. He could tell they knew something about this incident.

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