Three Minds As One

Chapter 13 - Session One

As Ike, Taylor and Zac entered the room where Sam was going to teach them, they slowly scanned the room looking around them. Taylor licked his lips nervously standing next to Ike near the door, while Zac started to walk toward the table that was in the center of the room.
"Do we sit here?" Zac asked looking intently at Sam who was watching the guards shut the door.
"Umm... yes. I want you all seated around this table."
Ike and Taylor went over to the table and sat down in a section noticing they couldn't see each other due to the small walls that were installed on the table top. Taylor looked around in the space and noticed different pieces of equipment laying on the table. He reached out to pick one up, but Sam came around and grabbed his hand stopping him. Taylor immediately pulled away not wanting this man to touch him.
"Just leave those things alone for now. They will be used in later sessions with all of you." Sam said matter of factly. Taylor nodded his head.
"Why are these walls up sir?" Zac asked.
"They are up so when I test your psychic ability I will know if the test is true or not." Sam stated walking over to Ike. Ike looked up at him from his seat crinkling his brow.
"What are you going to teach us today?" Ike asked.
"First of all I want to make it clear that I will not tolerate any mind talking in here to each other. I don't care if you do it in your room, but not here. If I catch any of you doing it I will send you back to your room. Got it?"
"Yes." They all said in unison.
"Good. Now please go into your drawer Taylor and pull out the flash cards that you will find and place them on the table in front of you."
Taylor did as Sam told him and found the cards. He put them down in front of him noticing that they had different symbols marked on them.
"Now before we begin Dr. Donald Connor will be here shortly to place some probes onto each of your heads. This is so we can monitor the strength of the psychic power each one of you hold."
"Can I ask a question sir?" Taylor asked looking at Sam curiously.
"What?" Sam said walking up next to Taylor again.
"Why us? Please don't get mad. How long are you going to be keeping us here?"
"Why you? Because I know all of you have the power that we want to use and you will stay here for how long it takes...too communicate with our special friend in the room across from yours." Sam expressed a little perturbed by the questions.
"Can I ask who he is?" Taylor asked swallowing hard.
"You will find out when the time comes. For now don't be so nosy about it!" Sam bellowed throwing Taylor a dirty look.
"How long is this learning process going to take?" Ike asked taking the attention away from his brother.
"Probably about two to three weeks, depending on how fast you learn and if you cooperate with me fully." Sam exclaimed in a cold tone of voice.
Zac turned hearing the door open and a tall lanky man with glasses entered the room. Zac watched him as he approached Sam that was standing near Ike.
"Boys? This is doctor Donald Connor." Sam said gazing at Taylor and Ike.
"Hi." Ike weakly responded turning in his chair toward Taylor.
"Hello guys. Who do you want me to begin with first?" Don asked looking at Sam.
"Start with Taylor Hanson first." Sam pointed out, leading him to the kid who looked up at Don shyly.
Don smiled at the boy and nodded his head in a greeting.
"Okay. Just sit back." Don told Taylor as he shifted in his chair.
While he placed the probes gently through his hair, attaching them to his scalp, Taylor kept noticing that Sam was staring at him curiously.
"Let me see your wrists." Sam demanded of Taylor, who then tried to pull the sleeves down over them.
"Why? They're fine." Taylor said fearfully gulping hard. Sam grabbed up his hands forcefully, when Don finished with him and then went over to Ike. Taylor pulled back as his heart started to race.
"Stop fighting me. I am not going to do anything to you. I just want to see them." Sam yelled as Taylor calmed down, watching him turning his hands around.
"They don't hurt. I'm fine really." Taylor assured him once again.
"Hmmm... that's odd. They couldn't have healed this fast." Sam pondered, as he released his hands and gave him a hard cold look making Taylor shiver slightly.
"I... I" Came only out of Taylor's mouth.
"Did you do something to heal so quickly?"
"Well I... well I..."
"Ike and I did it!" Zac yelled, lying to Sam feeling his brother's fear as he was listening in.
"How? Tell me how you did it." Sam asked, going around the table and facing Zac who stared up at him boldly.
"I don't know how we did it. We... we were very worried about Tay and it happened!" Zac stated, shrugging his shoulders.
Taylor bowed his head, feeling relieved that his little brother thought up something to say quickly.
"Oh..." Sam wondered if he should believe him or not.
Don finished on Ike and went to Zac next. Sam shrugged it off walking over to a table and sat down near a computer screen turning on the power.
"Almost finished Don?" Sam asked, while he watched the computer boot up.
"Yes. They are ready now. Boys please plug in the cord with the blue end into the socket marked in red on top of the table surface." Don instructed them, watching Zac find his cord and did what he was told.
"What is that for?" Zac asked looking up curiously at Don.
"That is so we can monitor how much strength your psychic power really is." Don answered smiling down at him.
"Oh. You mean he'll see that on the computer over there?" Ike asked.
"Yes and we can record all impluses and save them for later examination."
"What do you want us to do first?" Taylor asked, leaning around the wall so he could see Doctor Connor.
Sam got up from the computer table and walked over to Taylor. He grabbed a chair and pulled it next to him and sat down. Taylor slid slightly over still feeling a little unsure of Sam and his intentions.
"What I want you to do is pick up the first flash card and look at it. Don't tell your brothers what it is. Okay?" Sam said firmly, lifting up the first card and showing it to him. Taylor saw the symbol of a black circle on it, while he nodded his head.
"Now what?" Taylor asked.
"First invision it and send a message to your brother Zac."
Taylor smiled knowing Zac could see it. Zac grinned.
"I see a black circle." Zac announced.
"Good. Now pick up the next card and proceed to Ike. Keep going back and forth from Zac to Ike and keep doing this until I say stop." Sam informed him seriously looking at Taylor.
Taylor picked up the next card and did as he was instructed. Sam got up and went back to the computer watching it intently. Fifthteen minutes passed by as Ike, Zac and Taylor kept doing this procedure, not missing one card. Sam rubbed his chin watching the monitor feeling astounded by these boys. Don stood behind him thinking these boys were truly amazing. He never saw such psychic power come out of anyone like this before.
"Taylor? You can stop now."

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