Three Minds As One

Chapter 12 - What Kind Of Power Is This? - Continued

"I didn't feel afraid either. This person must know we are here. I wonder if we could talk to him or her." Zac wondered feeling a little excited.
"I don't know. Look what it did to me yesterday. Whoever is in there is way more powerful then us." Taylor gluped remembering the blinding lights.
"But maybe now he knows we are friendly. Look we are in the same situation as he is. He must know that." Zac attested boldly. Taylor nodded but still felt unsure.
"That's true but..."
"But what Tay? We can at least try. We have nothing to lose." Zac said gazing into Taylor's worried blue eyes.
"I don't want to get..." Taylor couldn't finish looking down at his hands sadly.
"Hurt?" Zac finished understanding Taylor's fear.
"Zac maybe later we can try." Ike said.
"I don't think he wants to hurt us. Look he helped us....healed us Tay." Zac smiled trying to reasure Taylor, but knowing how he felt deep inside.
"Maybe you're right." Taylor smiled looking back up at Zac.
"I don't think this is a good idea. Let's just hold off on this." Ike declared sensing Zac's determination.
"Ike... I want to try. Maybe we could let him know how thankful we are for him or her helping us." Taylor expressed rising up his eyebrows as he flipped out his hand for emphasis. Ike grabbed Taylor's hand.
"Tay I don't want to see you get hurt anymore. Maybe he doesn't want us in there." Ike warned sternly as Taylor took his hand away.
"Ike you worry to much. We'll be careful. Just go in slow." Zac said trying to get Ike to agree. Ike looked at Zac and then broke into a grin.
"Okay... okay! I know once you set your minds to something there is no stopping you." Ike chuckled.
"I hope I can do this again." Taylor asserted shifting in the direction of the door so he could face it. Taylor closed his eyes and drained his mind feeling light headed. He could now feel himself starting to drift like before. He reached out and Ike and Zac grabbed onto Taylor's hands with Zac establishing the bond between them. He knew they could now see what he was seeing again.
"Any sign of trouble Tay get out fast. Okay?" Ike thought to Taylor. Taylor nodded as he slowly and cautiously went through the wall searching for the being.
"I'm in... but I don't..." Taylor thought when suddenly a blinding light filled up his mind. Taylor shook as Ike and Zac squeezed their hands tighter onto Taylor's. Taylor felt the presence link to him. Images over powered him. He suddenly couldn't see. Beads of sweat started to form on his forehead. Fear came over him knowing he couldn't take this much longer.
"OUT! I have to get out!" Taylor thought desperately feeling the pain. The images were hurting him like before. Ike tried to raise the block but couldn't bring it forward. Zac tried to break free but felt locked in. Ike and Zac could feel Taylor's pain. They were trapped in the connection and couldn't understand how to get out.
"Oh GOD! Please!" Taylor screamed when suddenly something pushed them out of the bond, like throwing them out. They all collapsed on the beds sweating profusely, sucking in air in short rasping breaths.
"Tay? Zac? Are you okay?!" Ike asked still laying down feeling exhusted on the bed.
"Yeah... I.. that was cool." Zac said breathing hard.
"I... I can't see again. But I'm fine. Why did that happen? I can't seem to link with it. I could feel the frustration of it." Taylor droned breathlessly still feeling relieved he was out of there.
Ike and Zac sat up slowly still feeling a little dizzy noticing Taylor was rubbing at his eyes trying to clear his vision. Ike and Zac bent over to Taylor looking down at him.
"Can you see yet?" Zac asked concerned.
"Zac? Next time you want to do this... remind me to slap you on the side of the head." Taylor said opening his eyes seeing that his vision was finally clearing up.
"Okay I will!" Zac said starting to laugh. Taylor and Ike started to laugh too till they were all laughing and rolling on the bed.
"You know this isn't really funny guys." Taylor said still chuckling.
"Yeah I know, but the look on your face was hysterical Tay!" Zac stated with Ike agreeing with him.
"I am not going to try that again. I don't know how to connect with him." Taylor exclaimed turning to look at Ike.
"Yeah I agree with that. Even though I hate to admit it, maybe that Sam character can teach us how to do this thing."
"Man... we have to depend on him to show us how?" Zac groaned with a angry tone of voice.
"Well at least the dude may be worth something to us." Taylor said as he turned to look at Zac who was smiling at him.
"Yeah I suppose." Zac agreed.
"You know maybe he is still going to teach us today, like he told me he was going to do." Taylor pointed out sitting up feeling suddenly depressed by the thought. Ike and Zac sat up next to him.
"Well at least we don't have to tell him what we did here just now." Zac stated.
"And let's not say anything about this person healing us either. It's our secret." Taylor said rocking a little into Zac.
Just then they all looked up hearing the door open. Taylor slid fearfully backwards along the bed when Sam entered the room gazing angrily at them. Zac boldly stared back at the man, hating him for hurting his brother, who fearfully leaned up against the wall. Ike got up off the bed standing up to face him as he approached. Ike noticed there was some guards at the door waiting.
"Well it is time for your first class. Time to teach you how to control and use those powers of yours." Sam chuckled, looking over at Taylor who he noticed feared him yet. Taylor shyly cast his eyes down and hated the fear that this man instilled in him. He tried to stop shaking, but the memory of the pain he caused him overwhelmed him at the moment.
"Where are we going to do this?" Zac asked trying to take Sam's attention away from Taylor.
"I have a room set up not far from here. I don't want any arguments from any of you about this." Sam sternly ordered looking from one to the other.
"Okay. Agreed." Ike said looking directly into Sam's eyes. Sam nodded his head still disliking this kid who seemed so sure of himself.
"I will give you ten minutes to get ready." Sam informed them and turned walking toward the door, stepping out next to the guards and gently shut the door.
"Tay... it's alright." Zac gently said crawling up to Taylor who still shook uncontrollably touching his arm. Ike came back on the bed crawling up next to Zac. Taylor looked up at the wall fighting back the tears that were threating to spill over as he sat there curled up against it.
"Why... why am I so scared of him? I don't want to be afraid anymore guys! Why did I have to react this way when he came into the room? Now he'll take advantage of the fact." Taylor complained, biting his bottom lip fearfully.
"Tay... you couldn't help it. Look what he did to you. I think I would have reacted the same way if it was me." Zac consoled him softly, watching his brother give him a weak smile.
"Taylor I promise he won't hurt you again or any of us for that matter." Ike said boldly.
"Ike you can't promise that! But thanks for saying it." Taylor smiled weakly, looking into Ike's loving eyes.
"Let's just cooperate with him for now. Maybe it might be cool to know how to use these psychic powers of ours." Ike said, smiling at Taylor, who was finally calming down.
"Yeah and then we can whip his butt when we learn how!" Zac chuckled.
"God what would I do without you guys?" Taylor gushed starting to move forward to get off the bed. Ike and Zac followed him smiling.
"Not much Tay! Together in this we can be powerful! I know it!" Zac affirmed boldly.
"Well let's go for it then. I'm ready." Taylor said looking at both his brothers. They all took a deep breath and headed toward the door to face their captor once again.

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