Three Minds As One

Chapter 12 - What Kind Of Power Is This?

Sam sat in the learning room feeling disturbed. He didn't like how the way the whole situation was going. First the boys were being defiant with Tom and him earlier. After the incident he had a huge argument with Tom of how he was treating the boys. Then of all things, now Taylor Hanson seemed to possess a telekinetic power. He rubbed his forehead feeling angry and confused. The question now was how was he going to keep them under his control. If they discover how powerful they really are, could he teach them to use it for The Project. His mind kept going over the incident. He still could not believe the strength of the throw. His back was still hurting him. Could the kid really do this? If he didn't do it, who did? Which one of the three held this power was the big question. He knew how angry Ike was when he was dragged out of the room. Maybe through the anger it came out of him trying to protect his brother from harm or it could have been the youngest of the three too. He shook his head looking down at the floor. He got up slowly and headed for the door. It was time for them to start learning. Power or no power he felt determined to teach them. He would make them use it in his way.


Ike felt drained, but a sense of peace was covering him and he couldn't understand why. Just a few minutes ago he was filled with worry and grief. He lovingly gazed down at his two sleeping brothers knowing for some reason that they would be okay. He gently shook Zac thinking he still had to stay awake.
"Zac? Wake up." Ike crooned calmly.
Zac opened his eyes noticing he wasn't hurting anymore. He blinked and put his hand on his forehead rubbing it gently in the spot where the wound was.
"Hey? Where did the bump go?" Zac asked confused still rubbing his forehead expecting to feel some pain.
"Thats odd. It looks like it healed up or something." Ike said reaching out and touching Zac's forehead.
"Your fever is gone. And your eyes look normal too. How?" Ike asked looking into his brother's brown clear eyes. Zac slowly sat up noticing he didn't feel extremely dizzy also. He smiled at Ike who sat there looking amazed.
"Maybe it wasn't as bad as we all thought." Zac assumed turning to look at Taylor who still slept at his side.
"Zac I know you had a bad concussion." Ike affirmed, feeling totally amazed.
Zac shrugged his shoulders as he reached out and shook Taylor on the upper chest. Taylor groaned and flipped over on his side toward Zac and grabbed the pillow tightly, pulling it up close cuddling the warmth. Zac smiled watching him.
"Tay? Time to wake up." Zac said bending close to Taylor's face. Ike smiled watching Zac trying to wake up their sleepy brother. Taylor nodded his head with his eyes still closed.
"TAY!" Zac yelled as Taylor's body jumped from the sound.
"Hmmmmm? Let me sleep." Taylor moaned softly crinkling up his brow.
"No. Time to get up now!" Zac insisted shaking Taylor's shoulder. Taylor suddenly remembered where they were and bolted up into a sitting position feeling disoriented for a moment. He looked down at his hands and noticed they weren't hurting anymore. He curled his fingers in and out testing them.
"That's weird." Taylor expressed still moving his hands.
"Tay? Your wrists. They aren't red or swollen anymore. How's your headache?" Ike asked gulping hard.
"My head feels fine. What happened?" Taylor asked looking at his brothers.
"I..I don't know. Both of you seemed to heal up suddenly. But how?" Ike wondered.
"Zac...you're okay?" Taylor asked as Zac nodded his head with his eyes wide in wonderment.
"What did this?" Taylor gulped hard wanting to know.
"Guys? You don't think that person in the room had anything to do with this do you?" Zac asked bringing his legs up into a crossed position.
"Why would you say that Zac?" Ike questioned looking at him searching his eyes for an answer.
"I don't know. It is just that I felt something earlier. Like a warm touch or some kind of heat in my head."
"Yeah...it felt soothing in a way. Like something was helping me. Taylor didn't you feel anything like that?" Zac asked noticing Taylor seemed to be thinking about something deeply.
"I said didn't you feel anything earlier? Like something was helping you?" Zac asked again.
"As a matter of fact yeah... I did. But I saw a glowing like thing in my mind. I wasn't afraid though. Like I knew it was there helping me. I wanted to touch it but I was to fascinated by it. I thought I was dreaming. It must have did this!" Taylor said looking at the door to their room.

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