Three Minds As One

Chapter 11 - The Being

He sat in the corner of the large spacious room hearing screams of agony resound and bounce off the walls. He sensed the creature was in pain. Anger filled him thinking the evil one was at it again. He shut his eyes slowly and drifted to the mind who finally released him from his prison yesterday while the evil one filled the room with the gas again, putting him out. A stabbing pain entered his mind. He could feel the young creature was scared and in extreme agony. He looked through the eyes of the creature and saw the evil one smiling down at him and making that sound when he found something joyful. Another creature out there was trying to link also with this young one, so he blocked it from making contact. He searched and found the outlet through this young mind. Joy filled him as he raised his arms latching onto the evil one and lifted him throwing him across the room. He was not going to let him hurt this creature knowing how he caused him pain through his time spent here in this awful place. He saw the fear and felt like smothering it, but the mind went down. He knew it passed out. His heart went out to the young one and he bowed his head resting again. He reached out again but couldn't connect. So he waited listening intently.

Some time passed by and he knew the creature was again awake. The one who could take in and see images. Excitement filled him knowing that three minds were out there that fit with his so perfectly. He never thought that any of these creatures from this world were capable of such power. And these young minds were close and interconnected. That amazed him. He gently went in feeling saddness overwhelm him, picking up on their delicate feelings. Two were in extreme pain. The link connector was in serious condition. He passed from the one of images to this one. He slowly felt around in it's mind trying to locate the damage. After a few minutes he saw what was causing the problem. Gently he lit the light of healing as his body glowed a warm yellow hue, and touched the delicate area of the brain. Slowly he healed the place of damaged tissue. He went back to the one of images and eased it's headache. He sensed the area of the wrists were damaged also on this one from the ropes that tightly bound him earlier and lit the light of healing again. He could feel the blocker was worried over these other two and felt a sense of love. A warmth filled his soul and he passed this feeling on to this one. He felt that he needed it. He rocked backed leaning against the wall knowing sometime in the near future he was probably going to join with these three. He could feel that they were his link to getting home again. A sense of peace came upon him after so long feeling alone and empty. He would wait for the day to come and in the mean time stand guard over them, not letting any more harm come to them. His mind drifted to the memory of the evil one and his body glowed dark with hate.

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