Three Minds As One

Chapter 10 - Time To Learn - Continued

"I love you Zacman! I love you guys so much." Ike said sitting up and cradling Zac's face lovingly in his hands. Zac smiled up at him when he noticed one of Zac's pupils looked dilated.
"Zac do you feel dizzy or anything?" Ike asked with concern filling his voice.
"A little. I just want to go to sleep, but I am too worried about Tay." Zac said feeling a little scared by Ike's serious look that covered his face.
"I think you should lie down Zac."
"Why? I'm okay Ike. Really." Zac assured him, as Ike helped Zac up and led him over to his bed helping him lay down. Ike knew Zac probably had a concussion from hitting the bed. He took the cloth from Zac and held it on Zac's head. He noticed Zac started to look very drowsy.
"Zac!? Stay awake!" Ike commanded as his stomach grew into knots. He felt so worried now for both his brothers. Tears started to form in his eyes again. Frustration filled him because he knew he couldn't really help either of his brothers. He sat there feeling helpless when the door to their room suddenly opened and some guards entered walking up to him.
"Just stay seated! Hear me kid!?" One of the guards warned him as they brought in Taylor who hung limply from their arms. They placed him gently on his bed. Zac and Ike fearfully looked over at their unconscious brother waiting for the guards to leave. Zac tried to sit up as they left wanting desperately to go over by Taylor.
"No Zac... stay here." Ike said pushing Zac back down on the bed.
"But I want to see Tay! Is he alright Ike?! TAY!?" Zac yelled starting to shake looking over at his brother who still laid unmoving on his bed. Ike petted Zac's forehead noticing he felt hot to the touch. A fever was forming.
"Zac take it easy. I will see if Tay is okay. Okay?" Ike implored trying to comfort his brother. Zac nodded watching Ike get up and walk over by Taylor. Ike bent down noticing the red marks around Taylor's wrists. He could tell he was fighting the ropes hard by whatever torture Sam put him through. He didn't like the way he looked so pale and very gently felt his brother's forehead and softly petted his head.
"Tay?" Ike said as his voice cracked from the tears deep in his soul. Taylor didn't move but he noticed he was breathing okay. He bowed his head as sobs suddenly shook his body. He felt a hand on his shoulder and jumped looking up at Zac who was sweating and looking pale himself. Ike helped Zac sit down on the side of Taylor's bed.
"Oh Tay.... please God let him be okay." Zac begged, as tears of worry fell from his eyes. He looked up at the ceiling letting out a loud angry sob of agony. A dizzy spell hit him and he rocked back onto Taylor's legs.
"Za...Zac I think you should lay down." Ike said gently to Zac.
"I want him to wake up first." Zac groaned pitfully as he gently reached out and lovingly touched Taylor's leg.
Taylor suddenly jumped flinging his arms into the air. He burst into loud screaming sobs.
"Ike! Zac! Please help me!" Taylor shrieked with intense fear resounding in his voice.
"Tay you're with us now. You're safe!" Ike yelled grabbing Taylor around the torso and lifted him up into his arms drawing him into a hug as he sat on the bed. Taylor desperately clung onto Ike. Zac leaned in reaching his arms around both his brothers sobbing. Taylor with eyes wide with fear grabbed onto Zac too. They all sat in a embrace as their bodies were racked in sobs. Taylor's hands were hurting him and his head pounded with intense pain as the tears poured down his cheeks.
"He hurt me again! I couldn't move Ike! Why? Why does he hate us so much? What did we ever do to him?" Taylor cried pitfully.
"It's okay Tay! It's okay!" Ike crooned softly rocking his brothers in his arms, feeling so worried about both of them.
"Thanks guys for stopping him." Taylor moaned softly sniffing.
"Taylor? We didn't do anything." Ike informed him leaning back a little looking into Taylor's sad blue eyes.
"Yes you did. I felt you come in and... and..."
"Tay we tried! I couldn't find the link." Zac began looking confused. Taylor blinked back the tears looking at both his brothers feeling dumbfounded.
"But... but something did! I felt the block come up. That's when I guess I passed out." Taylor said with his voice shaking.
"It wasn't us Tay." Ike said petting the side of Taylor's face who looked suddenly fearful. Taylor suddenly looked over to the door.
"Oh God Ike! Zac! It was him!" Taylor exclaimed looking wide eyed with wonder.
"You mean the one they want us to meet?" Zac asked feeling very sleepy.
Taylor nodded his head.
"Zac? What is wrong with your eyes?" Taylor asked as Zac suddenly passed out in their arms.
"ZAC! Oh man... what is wrong?" Taylor asked with his hands shaking trying to lift Zac into a upright position.
"When they threw us into the room Zac hit his head on the leg of the bed. I think he has a concussion." Ike explained licking his lips helping Taylor to sit him up. Ike gently tapped Zac on the cheek noticing he crinkled up his brow and groaned.
"Zac wake up! Stay awake!" Ike yelled grabbing onto Zac's head. Zac grabbed onto Ike's hands trying to pull them away.
"Just let me sleep. I need to sleep." Zac groaned feeling extremely dizzy and a little sick to his stomach.
"No! You have to stay awake!" Ike pleaded desperately. Taylor started to shake as his stomach turned over into knots. He gazed at his brother who kept nodding off.
"Tay we have to keep him awake." Ike declared.
"Just let me lay down for awhile." Zac whined pushing away from Ike and Taylor.
"No! You're going to stay awake." Ike said sternly.
"How do you feel Tay?"
"Just very sore and I have a splitting headache. But I am more worried about Zac right now. Maybe we should call somebody."
"No! I'm not leaving you guys!" Zac cried hearing what Taylor said and hugged onto Taylor around the neck. Taylor hugged him back putting his arms gently around him. Ike looked down at Taylor's hands and noticed his fingers wouldn't grab onto Zac. Fear struck him as he rubbed his forehead knowing both his brothers probably needed help.
"He... Sam told me that we were going to start learning later today. But how can Zac do it? He is not up to it Ike. What are we going to do?"
"We just have to tell him just that. Zac is not up to it!" Ike said matter of factly.
Taylor softly touched Zac's forehead. He noticed he had a fever.
"Ike? Zac has a fever. His head feels really hot."
"I know. I am going to get some more ice and put it on his forehead. Keep him awake."
"Yeah." Taylor nodded his head that felt like it was going to split in two. He shook Zac gently who moaned softly opening his eyes again.
"I want to go home! Tell them to bring us home Tay! They have no right to keep us here!" Zac moaned angrily starting to weep again.
"Everything is okay Zac. We're here for you." Taylor assured him, still holding onto Zac as he kissed the top of Zac's head and then rested his cheek against it rocking Zac slightly. Ike came back taking Zac from Taylor's arms and carried his little brother to his bed gently laying him down. Taylor watched his brother then go around to the other side and push the whole bed until it went against Taylor's bed. He did the same with Zac's and went and got the ice. Finally he climbed into Zac's bed placing the ice on his little brother's forehead sitting next to him. Zac jumped slightly from the cold of the ice.
"I'm going to keep him awake. I'm going to stay up and watch over him okay Tay?" Ike said.
"I will too." Taylor stated wanting to help.
"Tay? Lie down and get some rest. You need it."
"Ike! I can help. I'm okay." Taylor said a little angrily.
Ike got up and walked over to Taylor who looked up at him with wide innocent eyes. He bent down and gently took one of Taylor's hands in his. He pressed his wrist slightly as Taylor jumped from the pain.
"Hey!" Taylor groaned feeling a bolt of pain shoot up his hand.
"Try to move your fingers." Ike asked him and could see he could only move them slightly. Taylor swallowed hard looking from under his eyelashes at his brother.
"It hurts to move them. I... I guess I fought the ropes to hard."
"Taylor... it looks like they tied you down pretty tight to cause this." Ike expressed seriously. He gently pushed on his brother's shoulder to a laying position.
"You rest Tay. I will watch over the both of you."
Taylor nodded his head closing his eyes feeling exhausted. Ike went back and sat on the bed again next to his little brother and gently woke up the dozing Zac. He suddenly felt a calm overcome him. He was now determined to try to find a way out of here. He vowed to himself that he wouldn't let anyone touch his brothers ever again in this place. He lovingly looked down at both of them. Taylor finally drifted off to sleep. Zac moaned while he kept placing the ice on his forehead, making sure he kept him awake.

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