Three Minds As One

Chapter 10 - Time To Learn - Continued

"No! Tie him down in that chair over there!" Sam ordered rubbing his shoulders where the older brother hit him.
"Nooooo! Let go of me!" Taylor screamed angrily as they forcefully tied him down to the chair.
"Shut up!" Sam yelled.
"Sam what are you doing?" Tom asked feeling sick to his stomach.
"Tom leave the room. I am going to teach this kid some manners!" Sam declared as Tom backed out of the room.
"IKKKKE!" Taylor yelled suddenly feeling scared as he watched the guards walk out leaving him alone with Sam. Sam approached him and leaned down in front of Taylor who swallowed hard watching him with wide fearful eyes.
"Please let me go. I...I..."
"Shut up!" Sam yelled into Taylor's face. Taylor swallowed hard again licking his lips as his heart began to race.
"You are never going to talk like that to me or Tom again. You and your brothers are here and will do as you are told. I am going to teach you to use those powers of yours and you will cooperate fully with us. You have no choice in the matter. The teaching will begin later today. GOT IT?!"
Taylor nodded his head fearfully feeling the ropes dig into his wrists and ankles. Sam grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head back as the kid's eyes filled with tears.
"Now I am going to teach you a little lesson again." Sam grinned watching Taylor's face twist into a look of confusion and terror. Taylor could feel Sam enter his mind dreading what this man was going to do next. He tried to shake his head free but Sam held him still as he brought on a stab of pain. Taylor squeezed his eyes shut trying to block the pain that suddenly engulfed him. His body stiffened violently against the ropes.
"Ike....Zac....help me!" Taylor thought trying to reach out to his brothers through his mind that was filled with intense pain.
"Please stop! Please!" Taylor begged pitfully as tears started to flow down his cheeks. Sam started to laugh as he increased the level of pain. Taylor screamed in agony as his wrists jerked violently against the ropes that bound them. When he thought he couldn't take much more Sam's body suddenly lifted into the air and was thrown against the wall roughly. Taylor passed out as his head fell forward onto his chest. Sam fearfully looked around and still felt that something had a hold on him. He couldn't move from the wall. Flashing lights blinded him. Fear raged through him when suddenly as quickly as it started it stopped. He sat against the wall breathing hard and rubbed his forehead.
"What was that?" Sam expressed out loud looking around the room fearfully noticing the boy passed out. He slowly got up off the floor and walked over to Taylor. He lifted the boy's head wondering if it was him that had this power. He regained his composure and called in the guards acting as if nothing happened unusual to him.
"Take him back to his room with his brothers." Sam demanded watching them untie the kid and carry him out of the room.


Ike and Zac were thrown into their room roughly. Zac fell to the floor bumping his forehead very hard on the leg of his bed. Ike rolled across the floor stopping short of the table. He immediately flew up and ran at the door as the guards shut it quickly before he reached it. Ike pounded angrily on it repeatedly, flying into a rage.
"Where's Tay?! YOU BETTER NOT HURT HIM! Please!" Ike yelled helplessly as his fists began to hurt from hitting the door. He suddenly heard a groan behind him and turned around seeing his brother laying on the floor near the bed. Ike ran to his little brother who started to cry watching him holding his head as he slowly rocked his body from side to side in agony. He lifted Zac wanting to get him off the floor and placed him gently on the bed. He noticed that Zac had a huge bump forming on the left side of his forehead. He gently touched it as worry filled him and noticed that Zac cringed from the pain.
"Ohhh ...that hurts!" Zac sobbed trying to regain his emotions as he desperately blinked back the tears that continued to flow from the pain. Ike got up and went to the refrigerator and opened the freezer pulling out the ice cube tray and brought it over to the sink cracking them out of the tray. He opened the drawer on the side and pulled out a dish cloth as he grabbed a bunch of ice cubes in his hand and placed them in the towel bringing it over to Zac who still lay there moaning in pain. He sat on the edge of the bed and softly placed it on the bump.
"Hold this on it. It will take the swelling down." Ike instructed, still shaking with anger and worry.
"Where's Tay? Ike... where is Taylor?" Zac asked desperately.
"I heard him tell the guards to tie him down on a chair."
"Oh God... what is he going to do to him Ike?" Zac sobbed with his voice cracking.
"I don't know! Can you reach him Zac? Can you link with him?"
"I'll try." Zac stated sitting up slowly feeling a little dizzy and weak. He tried to connect but something was blocking him.
"I can't do it Ike! I think that Sam guy is stopping me." Zac moaned pitfully when suddenly they heard Taylor's voice scream out in agony.
"Oh God... nooooo!" Ike shouted bolting up off the bed and went to the door again.
"Ike PLEASE! Stop it!" Zac yelled running over to Ike who was desperately pounding on the door.
"TAY! Leave him alone!" Ike screamed as he broke down into tears, when Zac grabbed his fists and pulled Ike into a hug knowing his brother couldn't stand the thought of not protecting them against any kind of harm. They both collasped to the floor as Ike weeped in Zac's arms.
"I can't help him. I promised I wouldn't let anything hurt him again." Ike sobbed into Zac. Zac rubbed Ike on the back holding him tightly.
"Ike? You can't always protect us against everything. Tay will be alright. They'll bring him back. You'll see." Zac professed feeling his head still throb in pain. Ike looked up into Zac's face tearfully.

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