Three Minds As One

Chapter 10 - Time To Learn - Continued

"Good, because Mr. Shane should be here pretty soon." Sam said impatiently looking down at his watch.
"Never on time!" Sam thought angrily. Taylor grinned slightly.
"What's so funny?"
"Nothing...nothing.." Taylor said gulping hard. He had to remember not to let on that he could read his thoughts. Ike threw Taylor a stern look. Taylor looked up at Ike giving him a look that he understood.
Finally the door opened and they watched a heavy set man come into the room. He slowly walked in seating himself in the chair next to Sam. He threw them all a big smile. Tom noticed the kids did not look to happy.
"Well hello. I'm Thomas Shane. I am glad to finally meet you three." Tom said nicely reaching out his hand to Ike who just stared up at him. He put his hand back down on the table and cleared his throat.
"Well let's begin. First of all what are your names?" Tom asked.
"I thought you knew our names." Ike said noticing Sam threw him a angry look.
"Answer the question!" Sam yelled angrily noticing Taylor jumped being startled by his sudden outburst.
"I'm Ike and that's my brother Taylor and that's Zac." Ike said in a dry voice, as he pointed his hand to indicate each of them.
"I want to begin by telling you that you are all very important to this project."
"What is the Project?" Ike asked.
"This project started about two years ago. It is a place to enhance psychic abilities. We find people through out the world and teach them how to use their psychic powers."
"By kidnapping them against their will?" Taylor asked feeling a little angry.
"Yeah... like us! You guys brought us here against our will!" Zac added feeling just as angry as Taylor.
"This place is secret. No one knows about it. We hold someone very special here. Not even the US government knows about us. Let's just say we are borrowing you for awhile. We want and need your help. I hope you will cooperate with us. I don't want to hurt you. We never intend to harm you."
"But you did! You keep hurting my brother, Taylor. First I think you overdosed him and HE hurt us all yesterday!" Ike yelled angrily pointing at Sam.
"Overdose? I never heard about that." Tom said throwing Sam a angry look.
"It's a long story and look the kid is alright. I punished the guy who accidently did it to him." Sam said suddenly wanting to hit Ike across the face. He ground his teeth as he held the feeling back.
"Well I am truly sorry about this. It won't happen again." Tom stated matter of factly.
"Please we don't want to be here! We just want to go home!" Zac said pleading with this man. Zac thought maybe he would understand.
"We can't do that son. We need you."
"Why? For what? Why us?" Taylor asked feeling frustrated as he pulled his hair back behind his ears nervously.
"Because you have some amazing powers. We are going to teach you to use them."
"Teach us for what? Our psychic abilities aren't that strong." Ike stated looking confused.
"You don't know how special you are. Sam here sensed your powers and he feels you can help us to communicate with someone that we have been trying to do for over two years now."
"You mean that person in the other room across the hall from us?" Taylor blurted out curiously. Tom and Sam looked at each other with shocked expressions covering their faces.
"Tay! I told you not....."
"How do you know about him?" Sam asked angrily.
"I saw what was going on yesterday through my mind. You don't think we heard the screaming? He sounded like he was in pain!" Taylor stated not caring what they thought of him knowing.
"WHAT!!!!?" Sam angrily yelled standing up throwing his chair back against the wall. Tom stood up moving away from Sam knowing his temper.
"Did you kidnap him too? I sensed you were hurting him!" Taylor said defiantly looking up into Sam's hatefilled eyes staring down at him. Sam reached across the table and grabbed Taylor by the front of his shirt and pulled him up off his chair, dragging his body across the table.
"Let GO of me!" Taylor angrily screamed swinging his fists, trying to hit Sam in the face. Hate flooded Taylor's mind. Ike and Zac bolted up and ran around the table grabbing onto Sam trying to pull him free of their brother.
"Leave GO of him! Take your hands off him!" Ike screamed feeling fed up with this man. Sam finally dragged Taylor in front of him and threw him against a wall knocking the wind out of him. Ike leaped at Sam throwing himself onto Sam's back punching at his shoulders. Zac noticed Sam put his hands around Taylor's throat and was starting to choke him. Taylor gasped trying to pull away Sam's hands from his neck desperately. Zac helped his brother and slowly ripped Sam's hands away from his brother's throat. Zac flew into a rage helping Ike tackle him to the floor, wanting to protect Taylor from this crazy man, who he hated desperately. They were getting the best of Sam as Taylor slid down the wall feeling exhausted.
Tom stood in shock watching the fight before him. He reached for the door and yelled for the guards. They bolted in tackling Ike, Taylor, and Zac and pinned them all to the floor as they tried to struggle against them.
"You can't do this! You can't keep us here against our will!" Ike yelled angrily as the guards lifted him up and dragged him out of the room followed by Zac. The guards started to drag Taylor out but Sam stopped them.

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