Three Minds As One

Chapter 10 - Time To Learn - Continued

An hour later they were ready to face whatever these people held in store for them. They sat at the table waiting for Sam to return. Zac's stomach was in knots. He got up feeling like going to the bathroom again.
"Zac? That is the third time you went." Ike exclaimed as Zac closed the door.
"Well I have to go!" Zac yelled. Ike shook his head and looked at Taylor.
"Ike leave him alone. He's just scared." Taylor believed watching the door to their room.
"Yeah I know."
"I wonder why they gave us only white sweats to dress in."
"I thought the same thing. Not to much of a fashion statement here." Ike chuckled. Taylor smiled.
"I hope we find out why we are here. I'm almost looking forward to meeting this Shane guy. I can't stand all the mystery about this place." Ike said as Zac came out of the bathroom and sat down listlessly as he rested his head into his hand leaning on the table.
"Zac are you okay?" Ike asked with concern.
"I just don't feel so good. My stomach is upset." Zac moaned sadly, wondering if the dinner from yesterday made him sick somehow.
"Don't worry Zac we will be with you all the way. I won't let them separate us."
"You... you don't think they would do that Ike?" Zac asked fearfully.
"I think they want us together Zac. Don't worry." Taylor assured him touching his arm. Zac nodded his head with big sad eyes searching Taylor's face. Taylor threw him a smile to reasure him that everything would be fine. Suddenly the door opened and Sam came in with five men following him. They got up from the table and backed up slightly watching them approach.
"Good. You're ready like I told you to be. Just follow us and keep quiet. I don't want you saying anything as we walk down the hall. Got it?" Sam instructed them as the men surrounded them leading them out of the room. When they entered the hall the lighting was dim and they noticed the walls were painted a dark gray. Sam locked the door to their room and took the lead in front of the group. Zac scanned the area and looked toward the room with the windows that was across from them. He suddenly noticed a face that appeared by one of the windows. But before he could blink it was gone. He felt all the hair on his body stand on end. He swallowed hard and turned to look at Taylor who stood next to him behind Ike. He stepped in closer to him wanting to feel safe. They started walking down the long hall being led to some room near the end. Sam opened the door and the men led the boys in and had them sit at a long table lined up near a wall. The men left the room leaving Sam in the room alone with the boys. Sam took a seat across from them. Taylor nervously rubbed his hands together as he looked out a window over Sam's shoulder. He noticed palm trees swaying in the wind.
"Mr. Shane will be here momentarily." Sam informed them, staring at Taylor. Taylor cast his eyes down toward the table wishing this man would stop looking at him. Ike sat back into his chair and crossed his arms over his chest giving Sam a dirty look.
"Don't like me much... do you?" Sam asked directing his question at Ike.
"No." Ike stated boldly.
"At least you're honest." Sam laughed. Zac started to feel upset to his stomach again and sucked in a deep breath.
"Why should I? You kidnap us. You keep hurting my brother. And you don't tell us anything!" Ike bellowed angrily.
"Very nicely put son. Some of your questions will be answered today. But watch that mouth of yours. I expect all of you to act politely to Mr. Shane when he comes." Sam warned them. Ike turned his head away and stared at the door.
"Ahhh... can I go to the bathroom?" Zac asked pitfully rubbing his stomach.
"You should have done that before kid." Sam expressed feeling preturbed.
"I..I did! I think I am going to be sick!" Zac stated tearfully.
"Please let him go. He's scared." Taylor pleaded to Sam.
"I am not scared Tay! I just feel sick. I don't know.... I think last night's dinner made me ill." Zac defended himself as he still rubbed his stomach.
"There's one down the hall. I'll get a guard to take you there." Sam said opening the door and motioning for one of the guards and whispered to him to take the kid to the bathroom. Zac shakingly got up and followed the burly man out of the room. The guard took his wrist leading him down the hall. Zac brought his other hand up to his mouth. He bolted through the door and ran to a toilet. He threw up violently as tears flowed down his face. When the nausea passed he sat feeling exhausted on the floor with sweat pouring down his face.
"Hey.... you alright now?" The man asked gently noticing the boy had his head down on his arm leaning against the rim of the toilet seat. Zac weakly nodded his head still resting onto his arm. The man grabbed Zac gently around the waist and lifted him up into a standing position. Zac felt his legs shaking under him.
"I..I feel so weak. Sorry." Zac mumbled leaning against the guard.
"That's okay kid. I'll help you walk back." He assured him, putting his arm around Zac's waist leading him out of the bathroom. They slowly walked down the hall when Zac collasped suddenly into the man's arms.
"Whoa!" The guard said catching Zac. He lifted him up into his arms and carried him the rest of the way. Zac felt stupid feeling like a baby. He gently put him down when he reached the door.
"Can you walk in or should I carry you in?"
"No! I can walk now. Thanks." Zac said fearfully looking up at the guard. He opened the door noticing his brothers and Sam watched him shakingly walk to his chair.
"You okay Zac?" Ike asked with concern. Zac nodded as he bowed his head. Ike grabbed Zac's hand and squeezed it tenderly.
"I feel better now thanks." Zac said feeling ashamed.

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