Three Minds As One

Chapter 10 - Time To Learn - Continued

"Boys! Wake up!" Sam yelled as he entered the room. All three bolted up in bed and fearfully looked at him. He smiled looking at their confused expressions.
"Today is the day you are going to meet with Thomas Shane, the head of this whole complex. So I want you ready in about an hour from now. You have a long day ahead of you." Sam informed them with a smile forming at the corners of his mouth.
"What time is it?" Ike asked rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.
"It is 7:00 o'clock in the morning."
"Oh... why can't you put a clock in here for us? It is driving us crazy not knowing the time of day." Ike said boldly.
"You don't have to know what time it is." Sam droned watching Ike's face turn into a frown.
Taylor pulled the covers off himself and flipped his legs out over the side of the bed facing Ike. He nervously looked up at Sam.
"Feeling better today?" Sam asked Taylor.
"Ahh... yeah. I'm fine sir." Taylor answered shyly.
"Great! Well don't doddle around boys. I will be back for you in an hour." Sam asserted heading for the door as Ike, Tay and Zac watched him.
"Sam? Are we going to get some breakfast first?" Taylor asked innocently.
Sam suddenly spun around angrily and quickly approached Taylor who slid back onto his bed fearfully.
"How did you know my name?!" Sam asked angrily grabbing onto Taylor's arm and shaking him. Taylor gulped looking into Sam's angry green eyes that were only an inch from his face.
"I... I..." Taylor said not knowing what to say.
"Answer me! How did you know my name!? Where did you get that information?" Sam yelled shaking Taylor harder. Taylor tried to break free as Ike bolted up reaching out and grabbed the back of Sam's shirt to try to pull him away from his brother who started to shake with fear. Sam swung his other arm and pushed Ike back onto his bed roughly.
"Keep out of this!" Sam yelled at Ike.
"Leave him alone! You're hurting him!" Ike yelled getting up again.
"Please... I... I just know! When you were here la..last time I found out through your mind!" Taylor implored swallowing hard with tears filling in his eyes. Sam released Taylor's arm and stepped back throwing Taylor a dirty look. Taylor rubbed at his arm as he bit his bottom lip trying to hold back his tears.
"Just stay out of my thoughts. Don't ever do that again. Hear me kid?" Sam angrily stated pointing his finger at Taylor who nodded his head. Sam quickly walked out of the room and slammed the door behind him. Taylor sat on the bed not wanting to move. Ike and Zac ran up to him.
"Tay? Are you okay?" Zac asked sitting on the edge of the bed watching his brother's face twist into a look of helplessness. Ike reached out to Taylor and pulled him toward him feeling Taylor's body still shaking when he hugged him close. Taylor burst into tears burying his face into Ike's chest for comfort. Zac rubbed Taylor's back lovingly.
"I... I'm sorry." Taylor sobbed still rubbing at his arm.
"You have nothing to be sorry about Tay." Ike insisted softly gazing at the door of their room angrily.
"I should have remembered not to have said his name."
"If he ever touches you again. I... I..."
"Ike please! I'm okay. He just scared me that's all."
"I'm sick of this Tay! He thinks he can tell us what to do. I am going to get us out of here if it is the last thing I do!" Ike exploded as feelings of hate overwhelmed him for this man.
Taylor sat up and wiped off his face with the back of his hand and turned to look at Zac.
"I think we should start to get ready. Remember what he said. He'll be back in an hour." Zac interupted fearfully, not wanting this man to hurt them again if they didn't do what he wanted.
"Yeah... who gets the shower first?" Taylor asked trying to brush off the incident as he smiled weakly at his brothers.
"Tay you go first." Zac said feeling sorry for his brother.

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