Chapter 8

“I wonder if there’s anyone else on this island we should know about?” Ike asked, looking around.
“Oh you know, just the hostile natives that come after you with long pointy objects.” Amanda smiled.
“You are kidding…right?” Ike asked. Amanda just looked at him and laughed.
“A little gullible I take it.” Amanda whispered to Zac, who now was sitting between her and Ike.
“Yes.” Zac said laughing.
“So Zac, when were you going to tell us here about…uh…I never caught your names.” Phyllis said, looking at Taylor who was sitting next to her.
“I’m Taylor and that’s Ike.” He answered and looked at her.
“So YOUR Tay.” Phyllis smiled.
“Uh…yeah…what did he tell you?” Taylor said, gritting his teeth, waiting for the worst.
“Nothing actually. He ran into me and when he went to help me up he thought I was you.” Phyllis laughed.
“What?” Tay said shocked and looked at Zac with a weird expression.
“What?! She has the same color hair as you and the same length. How was I supposed to know?” Zac said, getting defensive.
“Well, let’s see nimrod, I don’t look like a girl!”
“Could have fooled me.” Zac said under his breath.
“HEY! At least I don’t look like one of the Olsen twins!” Tay laughed. With that, everyone but Zac was laughing hysterically.
“He looks more like Mary Kate.” Ike commented.
“No! He looks like Ashley!” Amanda said.
“Hey! What is this, make fun of Zac?!” Zac said angrily.
“What goes around comes around Zac.” Tay smiled.
“Shut up.” He said.
“I see that you two made shelter.” Ike said.
“ACTUALLY, I made shelter.” Amanda said, looking at Phyllis.
“If you want to call it that.” Phyllis said.
“Tay attempted to. It looks like crap.” Ike laughed.
“I didn’t see you trying!” Tay said.
“No I was too busy gathering firewood since mister over here ordered me to.” Ike retorted.
“Well you…”
“Enough!” Phyllis said, putting her hands up.
“Just sleep here tonight. There’s plenty of room. You guys will just get the job of hunting. Can you manly men handle that?” Phyllis asked.
“How hard can it be?” Asked Zac.
“This from a kid who was scared of a rabbit.” Amanda whispered to Ike.
“Huh?” Zac said.
“You were running away from a rabbit when you came bounding out of the woods.” Amanda explained.
“How would you know?” He asked, a little angry that his pride was hurt.
“When you knocked into Phyl, I looked at the woods and saw a rabbit come out, sniffing in the air.” Amanda laughed.
“Ha Ha! Is the big bad bunny gonna come after you Zac?!” Tay bellowed as he almost fell over laughing.
“Screw you!” He yelled at Taylor. Ike couldn’t help but smirk.
“As I was saying before I was so RUDELY interrupted AMANDA! You guys hunt and wash your OWN clothes and Man and I can attempt to cook and crap.” Phyllis finished.
“Alright. Uh…wait…how do you wash leather pants?” Taylor asked.
“Taylor, you pick the darnest times to make a fashion statement.” Ike said.
“It’s not my fault. It’s not like I knew we’d get caught in a hurricane and end up on some island.”
“We’ll figure it out.” Phyllis said.
“What I’d like to know is what we’re going to do about a bathroom?” Zac piped in.
“Dig a hole.” Amanda said.
“WHAT?! I’m not going to the bathroom in a HOLE!” Zac yelled.
“Why? You do at home?” Ike said.
“That’s different, that hole flushes.” Zac said.
“Sorry, no plumbing. Amanda’s peeved as it is that there’s no electricity.” Phyllis said.
“Why, for a dryer?” Tay asked.
“That’s you Tay.” Zac smiled.
“Bite me Zac!” Tay yelled.
“That’s someone else’s job.” Zac said under his breath and looked at Phyllis. Only Taylor heard it and looked at him with daggers.
“No, she can’t live without her computer.” Phyllis laughed.
“Don’t bring it up. I have so many stories in my head and I can’t get them down. I don’t even have any paper or anything.” Amanda pouted.
“Write them in the sand.” Ike suggested.
“With Amanda, there’s not enough sand in the dessert to finish even one of them.” Phyllis remarked.
“It’s getting late, we should go to sleep so we can go looking around tomorrow.” Amanda said.

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