Captive Heart

Chapter 29

“DUDE, WAKE UP!” Zac yelled. Taylor shook his head and looked all around.
“HEY! You’re not supposed to be sleeping during a shoot Tay!” Zac yelled then started laughing. Taylor looked and could see sand all around him. He turned his head and looked over at Zac. He was sitting at his drumset, in the middle of the scene, looking over his sunglasses at Taylor.
“I…uh…” Taylor stammered.
“Are you awake bro?” Ike asked. Taylor turned fast and looked over at Ike.
“I…” Taylor still stuttered.

“CAN WE GET THIS SHOOT DONE WITH! We only have a few hours left of sunlight!” The director yelled, walking over to Taylor.
“Oh…uh…sorry man. Just phasing out a little.” Taylor said, smiling awkwardly.
“Well, come on, we only have this last scene and we’re done for today.” The director said. He walked away shaking his head.
“Woh! Did I fall asleep or something?” Taylor thought to himself as he put his fingers through his hair.
“ACTION!” The director yelled as the music began to play again. Taylor quickly put his fingers on the keys of his keyboard and began to play and lip sync to the song.

“OKAY! THAT’S A WRAP! GREAT JOB EVERYONE!” The director yelled. He walked over to Taylor and put his hand on the keyboard.
“Uh…Taylor, I would go back to your hotel and take a nap or something.” The director smiled.
“Oh…uh…I’m fine. I’ll be all right.” Taylor stammered.
“Okay then. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” The director smiled and patted Taylor on the shoulder.
“See ya.” Taylor and his brothers called. Taylor left his keyboard and followed Ike and Zac to where their father was standing.
“Tay, you all right?” His father asked concerned.
“Uh…yeah…I’m fine.” Taylor answered.
“Well, we’re gonna head on back to the hotel and get something to eat. Then we can call it a day.” Walker smiled.
“Okay dad.” Ike piped in.

Taylor and his brothers got in the van and headed back to the hotel. Taylor leaned his head back against the seat and sighed.
“So, whats the deal with you spacing out during the shoot?” Zac asked.
“I…uh…” Taylor stammered.
“Zac, leave your brother alone!” Walker said, reprimanding his son.
“Fine.” Zac said and sat back against the seat, crossing his arms over his chest.

They made it back to the hotel and Taylor looked all around. He stopped, looking at the hotel restaurant and turned towards his dad.
“Dad, can we eat in here?” Taylor asked.
“Yeah, you and your brothers head on in. I’ll go up to the room and get your mother and the kids.” Walker said, waving for his sons to go on in. Taylor walked to the restaurant with Ike and Zac behind. The hostess came up to them with the menus in hand.
“Seven.” Taylor said.
“The rest will be coming down shortly.” Ike said, jumping in.
“Certainly.” The hostess said, leading them towards a table. Taylor sat down heavily in his seat and sighed. The hostess handed them the menus.
“The waiter will be here shortly. I’ll send him right over, in the mean time, would you like some water?” The hostess asked.
“Yes…please.” Ike answered.
“Certainly.” She smiled and left them. Taylor searched the area before him just to see who came in and out.
“Hey Tay, seriously, what happened today?” Zac asked, leaning on his hand.
“Huh?” Taylor asked, looking back towards Zac.
“I mean, you were like gone there for awhile. I was practically screaming at you and you were just like in la la land.” Zac laughed.
“Didn’t you notice it too, Ike?” Zac asked.
“Yeah. It was like you were asleep with your eyes open.” Ike laughed.
“I…uh…” Taylor began. He stopped suddenly. His mouth fell open as he looked towards the entrance of the restaurant to the hotel.
“Tay? Tay?” Ike said, patting him on the arm. Taylor just ignored him and got up.
“TAY!” Zac called angrily. He just kept going, as if he didn’t hear a word his brother’s were saying. He walked towards a table where three people were sitting. He stood there, looking totally confused.

“Phyllis?” Taylor said, looking at one of the girls sitting at the table.
She had dirty blonde hair to her shoulders, tucked behind her ears with glasses and wore a black tank top with white lettering on the front along with a pair of blue jean bell-bottoms. The lettering said “Super Wench, New York Renaissance Faire”. The girl looked up and her jaw dropped.
“How did you know my name?” She asked.
“Don’t you remember?” Taylor said, gulping hard. He looked at the other girls sitting at the table. One girl had blonde hair, pulled back into a braid. She had on a black tee-shirt and an interesting pair of shiny gray jeans. The other girl had brown hair, pulled back into a messy bun and glasses. She had on a green tank top, embroidered with flowers along the middle and a pair of black Adidas wind pants.
“Remember what? I don’t even know you?” The one girl said.
“It’s Taylor! You have to remember! You know, remember solitary and the guy with the cowboy hat, Owen and the compound out in the desert…”
“Oh yeah…and Hadrien and Amanda getting shot in the leg by Randolph and…” The blonde began.
“YEAH! YEAH!” Taylor said, listening carefully.
“And the bomb and the little green men that came along and abducted me and felt it necessary to probe all of us…” The blonde said.
“Huh? What? No! That didn’t happen…” Taylor began.
“Uh…Phyl, you realize who that is, right?” Amanda whispered to Phyllis.
“Of course, I’m not an idiot but he’s kind of getting weird.” Phyllis whispered back.

“TAYLOR!” Ike called. He ran over, grabbing Taylor’s arm.
“We’re so incredibly sorry…” Ike said, smiling at them, feeling totally embarrassed by Taylor’s actions.
“NO! IT HAPPENED! I KNOW THEM! “ Taylor yelled, struggling to get loose from Ike’s grip.
“Come on Tay! Leave them alone!” Zac said, trying to help Ike.
“NO!” Taylor yelled and shook their hands loose. He ran over to the girl with the dirty blonde hair, Phyllis.
“REMEMBER!” Taylor said and put his hands on her face gently and leaned in, kissing her.



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