Captive Heart

Chapter 27

The horses galloped along.
“I SEE IT! I SEE THE COMPOUND!” Amanda yelled and touched Wolf on the shoulder to get his attention.
“OH MY GOD!” Amanda gasped, seeing the flames shooting up in the sky from the barracks. They raced to the compound as fast as they could.
“IKE! CAN YOU SEE THEM?!” Amanda yelled over to him.
“I…I…SEE PEOPLE…OVER THERE!” Ike yelled, pointing to the entrance of the compound. They crossed the sand and jumped off the horses. All of the others on the horses except Amanda and Ike went after the guards. Amanda hobbled towards Phyllis, seeing her on the ground, sobbing and crying.
“PHYLLIS! PHYLLIS!” Amanda screamed. Phyllis looked up at her.
“MANDA, HE’S GONE! HE’S GONE!” Phyllis screamed, running over to Amanda and hugging her.
“Who’s gone? “ Amanda asked, trying to hold Phyllis through her racking sobs.
“TAYLOR!…HE WAS IN THERE!” Phyllis said, sobbing.
“WHAT?!” Amanda yelled.
“IKE!” Amanda yelled. Ike ran over as fast as he could.
“WHAT! WHAT’S WRONG!” Ike yelled.
“TAYLOR! TAYLOR WAS IN THERE!” Phyllis yelled.
“Taylor…” Ike said, feeling his body go numb. He couldn’t believe it. He didn’t want to believe it. His baby brother, gone. He couldn’t.
“NO!” Ike screamed, collapsing on the ground.

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