To See Beyond The Surface

Chapter 7 - The Search For Taylor Hanson - Continued

Diana was in the camper changing Zoe's diaper. Zoe smiled up at her and reached her little hands out towards her mother's face. Diana smiled and kissed her little finger tips. She looked over at Walker who was now sleeping after being up all night. She was glad he finally was getting some sleep. She gently put Zoe down in her crib and then suddenly she heard a voice that sounded scared and confused.
"M...Mom, Dad!?" She spun around and saw Ike trying to sit up in his bed. She ran over to him.
"Ike? Don't try to get up." She said trying to hold him down.
"H..How long was I asleep? Did they find Tay?! I have to find Tay!" Ike rasped desperately. His body ached and he still felt a little dizzy from the drug they gave him to sleep last night.
"Ike...just rest. Okay? There are a whole bunch of people searching and helping us out there!"
"You mean they didn't find him yet?" Ike sadly asked with a look of agony on his face.
"No. But someone will. I know they will."
"I want to help! I need to help find him! I have to Mom! Please let me go find him!" Ike begged with tears welling in his eyes.
"Ike ... you're still to weak. Please just rest a little longer." She pleaded as she petted Ike's warm, damp forehead. He suddenly burst into tears. She wished she could comfort him more. She knew the shock from the whole accident made her eldest son very sick. Even though she was desperately worried about Taylor, she was afraid for Isaac too! His coloring was still very white and pale.
"It's okay sweetheart. Everything will be okay." She cooed gently with tears in her eyes.
"I'm sorry Mom. I should have pulled Tay back up! I shouldn't have let go!" He sobbed.
"Ike? Listen to me! It wasn't your fault! You tried your best. You did everything humanly possible to help your brother out there. No one blames you and you have to stop blaming yourself for this!"
"I kn..know! But I can't help it! I keep..."
"Ike? No! We love you and we don't blame you for Taylor getting hurt out there! Okay?!"
Ike nodded as he slowly sat up. He rocked a little to the right side, but regained his balance. He took a deep breath and looked into his mother's loving eyes.
"Are you sure you can sit up okay?"
"I feel a little weak, but I am okay. I love you Mom." Ike said as he gave his mother a little smile. She sat down next to him on the bed and took Ike into her arms. He hugged her tightly.
"I love you too Ike. Are you hungry? You should eat something. It will help you get your strength back."
"Well... I am a little. How many people are helping us?"
"It looks like the whole town of Southfork is here. I never expected so many people wanting to help. God bless them all!" She exclaimed with a weak smile.
"Where is Zac?"
"He is outside watching your brother and sisters. He was a little angry when we told him he couldn't go out and help search for Taylor this morning. There are so many who know what they are doing and your father wanted Zac to stay around the camp. Maybe when you get your strength back your father will let both of you go out with a search party. I know you need to help find him."
"Th..thanks Mom for understanding that. I do need too. I promised Tay I would come back for him."
"I know you did honey and I am sure Taylor understood that. But first let's get you something to eat. I don't want you to go out there in the condition you are in now. You're still pretty weak."
Ike smiled at his mother as she helped him up and led him to the kitchen table. His legs were hurting and stiff from yesterday. He was still very shaky yet.
"What would you like to eat?"
"Just some toast with butter. My stomach is still a little upset." Ike said sadly.
Diana still thought his coloring looked too pale. She tried to hide the worry she felt inside as she took out a couple slices of bread and popped them into the toaster. She glanced out the window watching the people who were so nice enough to help them in their time of need. It brought a warm feeling inside her. The toast were finally done and she took out the butter and spread some on each slice. She handed them to Ike and he slowly ate each piece. She sat down across from him and noticed his hands were still shaking.
Ike found the toast hard to swallow, but he wanted to get better. He noticed his mother watching him intently from across the table with a sad expression on her face. He wished he would stop shaking, but he couldn't help the exhaustion that his body felt. Another wave of dizziness hit him and Diana bolted up to catch him as he was falling to the side.
"I need... need to lie down." Ike moaned with tears in his eyes. It angered him that he felt so sick. All he could think about was his brother. His mother helped him back to his bed. Sweat beaded on his forehead and his body welcomed the comfort of laying down again. Diana's eyes filled with tears. Ike reached up his hand and caressed the side of his mother's face.
"I... I will be alright Mom. Don't worry. I guess I got up to soon. The food will help and maybe some more sleep."
She kissed the palm of his hand and placed it down on his stomach. She covered him up and kissed the side of his cheek. He smiled at her. She sat there watching him as he slowly drifted off to sleep again. She prayed to God in silence to look over both her sons in there time of need. She felt so tired herself as she blinked through her veil of tears. She slowly got up and walked over to where her husband was sleeping peacefully and she very gently slipped under the covers next to him trying not to disturb him. Slowly she too drifted off to sleep as she thought of Taylor.

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