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This page is where you can read the wonderful poetry of Hanson's fans, beginning with the first page! If you would like me to add your poetry, just email me your work! Poems do not have to be about Hanson. It can contain any subject matter.


This page is where I will display your Hanson Poetry. Just email me your Hanson Poem with your Name, Title of Poem and addy of your homepage. Thanks!

This poem was written by Laila!


electric current
touch me deeply
staggering breath
conquer me freely

stars appear under the bright sun
the moon has lost her palor
blue waters turn gray and still
they remain silent
next to you

my world is suddenly inadequate
next to you
things I love are no longer beautiful enough
sweet enough
or desired

next to you I am so little
almost unnoticeable
a light appears
the darkness resides
laughter sounds throughout my mind
a warmth in my chest
wind sweeps up around me and ruffles my hair

next to you I see
things I wouldn't
you hold my hand in yours
and my heart stops
my mind is eerily clear
next to you
it screams for peace when you are not near

let me always stay next to you

by Laila

This poem was written by Laila!


He stands
Tall and strong

I watch him silently
Rocked back on my haunches
My eyes graze the horizon in search of danger
My heart racing in my chest

His hair catches the wind
Kissing it passionately
He turns his gaze my way
As if he could sense my prescence
My body shivers

Bravely I rise
Come into his view
An imaginary line connects our eyes
And quickly begins to grow shorter

Soon his arms close around me
The tables have been turned
My long hair sways
And my body collapses

My mouth aches for his
My hands glide across his chest.....

by Laila

This poem was written by Lily!

TINY DREAMS - (For Tiny People) --*about Zac*

My darling, do you ever wonder
why I can't sleep at night?
My mind has filled
the windowsills
with passion and delight.

Your love has opened garden gates
and daydreams flutter through;
my heart just sings
these pleasant things--
it's you that makes them true.

by Lily

This poem was written by Tiffy!


He sits at his dusty old piano
staring unmovingly at the keys
remembering times from far far ago
when his fingers would slide along them
creating sounds
of joy
of happiness
filling the room
with smiles
with light
but now the room sits empty with silence
as the memories fade further and further into the past.

By Tiffy

This poem was written by CyberChick!


"Oh Lord, I shall confess. This is just a mess.
Is there something you can do for me?
These Hanson brothers are all I see.

It may sound funny, but its true.
There is nothing that you can do.

Call it a crush, call it obession.
But lord, this is my confession.

I'm just a person, I'm just a loving fan,
whom will never stop.
All because I heard Mmmmbop!"

By CyberChick

This poem was written by Tasha!


Running in my cage
Looking for the door
But I don't have the key
I feel too much
All alone locked in my cage
I wish you could bring me the key
Let me run free
We could run together
No one in the other cages
knows how I feel
I feel too much
But all I want to feel is you
I dream and run
Running for you
to find you
But I locked in my cage
All alone
I love you too much
You bring tears to my eyes
But are they really tears?
Or is it love escaping my body
It builds up
I could explode
I feel too much
I feel nothing
Because I'm in my cage all alone
You haven't brough the key
I want the world to understand
I cry to let go of the powerful love
Just to release enough to make me normal
But every drop lands on my heart
Recycling back into love
Leaving me overwhelmned
I feel too much
Feel too much

By Tasha

This poem was written by Adriana!


I can see you disappearing...
fading in the sunshine...burning through my heart,
I can hear you...
but its all memories...
floating in the distance...
tearing me apart...
I'd wait for you...
hoping you'd remember...
all the simles and laughter...
the way it all did start...
but now i'm completely lonely...
and I know you've forgotten me...
I think you found your best treasure...
filled your heart...
"maybe" I'll wait here...
but with no sunshine...
probably in the dark...

By Adriana D'amore

This poem was written by Little Alex!


Paper dolls are all we are
If someone rips us
Then we scar
Look real close
You might see
The heart that's torn
Belongs to me!!!

By Little Alex - Age 11

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