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This page is where you can read the wonderful poetry of Hanson's fans, beginning with the first page! If you would like me to add your poetry, just email me your work! Poems do not have to be about Hanson. It can contain any subject matter.


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This poem was written by Laura!


Never had I known,
That on earth is where angels belong.
Then one day I met you,
And learned that I was wrong.
Never had I known,
Heaven could be expressed by a noise
Then I heard you sing,
Into another world I was taken by your voice.
Never had I known,
A day could be brightened by a smile,
Then when I was sad,
Somehow your presence made the day worth while.
Never had I known,
That I could cry for you an ocean,
Then I realized how much I loved you,
My heart was filled with this emotion.
Never had I known,
How someone could be your world.
Then by you my heart was stolen,
Now and forever I'll wait to be your girl

by Laura 2001

This poem was written by Laura!


What do you do,
When you think you've finally found someone,
Think all your worries are over, then find they've just begun?
What do you do,
When you think someone will take away your loneliness,
Then walk away from them and all you feel is emptyness?
What do you do,
When you think your place in the world is by someone's side,
Then discover that all you thought was sincere was all just a lie?
What do you do,
When you find someone that's completly won your heart,
Then realize you didn't win theirs, and they just tear yours apart?
What do you do,
When you think someone will hold you like you've always wanted it to be,
But then you're still left alone and their arms are still empty?
Just sitting back and waiting for him to love me,
Wishing on a star that someday he will see.

by Laura 2001

This poem was written by Terry Saylor!


Three brothers with beautiful hair
Beautiful eyes
But all full of fear
The fear of rejection
The fear of being too different
These are the fears everyone faces
They overcame obstacles that stood in their way
Without them there would be no hope for me today
They've shown me hope
And Courage
And Love
They've shown me what faith can do
And what it has done
They are the trio of brothers with all that I want
They are called Hanson
They are number one

by Terry Saylor 2001

This poem was written by Monica!


This man bows his head with feeling.
As he sinks to the soul within.
He strums his guitar so gently.
As we hear his song begin.
Passion rules his inner heartbeat.
With the words pouring out so sure.
He touches the spirit inside us.
Yearning for love that we endure.

He touches the gentleness within us.
As we look up into his eyes.
Hands reach up wishing to touch him.
Feeling our hearts start to cry.
With blind faith he will lead you.
Filling up a young woman's dream.
He burns the fires of passion.
Hearing his fans rising screams.

His gift of music he can only give us.
With memories time cannot erase.
As the music dies around you.
And the love consumed this place.
He gave us a heart to always follow.
With a need we will hold deep inside.
His smile keeps the hope and promise.
To never let go or be denied.

by Monica Geist - 2001

This poem was written by Monica!


I see this young man singing.
And now where is the love?
I sense his gift of talent.
That came from the one above.
The music pressing against him.
The music gives him peace.
The reflection is made visible.
With the emotion that he released.

And can you hear him calling?
Speaking his words so pure.
Can we feel we love him?
Bringing his fans to tears.
Reaching to him with hunger.
As he breaks the tender heart.
There is nothing he can offer.
Only his music which is art.

You'll be captured by the moment.
Your heart won't turn to stone.
His emotion is made visible.
Your soul is not alone.
The reality is no illusion.
Our strength when we can't speak.
God put him here to save us.
When our gentle soul is weak.

by Monica Geist - 2001

This poem was written by Monica!


A young man sings with passion.
That comes straight from the heart.
He beats his drums with rhythm.
Casting his eyes downward in the dark.
His music is his desire.
Touching the fiber of his dream.
His expression is in the spirit.
Making the fans want to scream.

He casts out that winning smile.
Which lights the inner flame.
Hands reach for the chance to touch him.
As they cry out his famous name.
He can't fill the lonely days we feel.
Only now in this moment of time.
We savor to watch his expression.
Some wishing he was mine.

When the lights go down around us.
And the song comes to an end.
He filled the empty space of love.
And the broken heart will mend.
He gave us his gift of music.
Laid down his heart and soul.
We will leave him with the promise.
To hold on and never let go.

by Monica Geist - 2001

This poem was written by Monica!


Low the darkness of hate.
The suffering held within this fate.
Burning buildings, screaming pain.
Torturing dramas fall like rain.
Can't escape the tears we mourn.
Our desperate hearts forever torn.

Slowly the smoke reaches the sky.
Our eyes look up asking why.
Leaving us images of devastation.
Caught in our own desolation.
Faces twisted, blinking tears.
Hearts filled with dreaded fear.
Loved ones lost in the rolling dust.
Heroes gather, their hearts are just.

A need for heroes, no more strive.
Watching them searching for signs of life.
Hope never fades in their sad worn faces.
They touch, reaching out for tiny life traces.
A nation slowly blends into one.
They gave us hope when there was none.
We give to them our undying love.
We feel their courage from the voices above.

by Monica Geist - 2001

This poem was written by Laila!


I cannot look
into the blue
It will consume me
Render me useless, unable

I cannot feel the sweet velvet
I'd wrap myself up in it forever

What if I inhaled the essence?
My heart would cease to beat
as my breath would be forever
caught in my chest

Please don't coax me
Don't torture me with perfection
My temptation will not someday subside

And my life will slowly
waste away until
I am forced
to look into
the blue

by Laila

This poem was written by Laila!


Loving you takes its toll on my heart
My body is exhausted
Energy is expelled on you
Because loving you is all I know how to do

There is a void
a gaping void
Deep down inside by my toes
that pricks and stings
With every step I take

by Laila

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