Chapter 4

I followed the woman back into the building and into a small private room away from the hubbub that was going on around the building. It was a small room with a large mirror in the center. The mirror was my height and framed in a decorative silver pattern.
“Ready?” She smiled.
“How…how do I come back when I’m finished?” I asked nervously.
“Taylor, you will find it out all in time. When you get back to earth, you will no longer have your wings but you can call for them whenever. Remember, your mission is the key to you becoming reborn. Good luck.” The woman smiled and patted me on the back.
“Look into the mirror like before but focus on your mission.” She said and turned me to face it. I nodded and looked deeply at my reflection. I concentrated hard and slowly closed my eyes.

I let my eyes fly open and I looked all around.
“Wow.” I said. I stopped and looked down at my hand. In it was a piece of paper.

‘2 bedroom, full kitchen, one bath, full living room apartment for share rent with one other occupant apartment 2C.’ I read the newspaper clipping and looked up. I was standing right in front of an apartment building. To my left was a black Harley Davidson motorcycle I assumed was mine. My guide was right, my wings were no longer there. I had a pair of jeans on and a white t-shirt and two suitcases in front of me.
“I guess this is part of the mission. I said, shrugging my shoulders. I picked up the suitcases and headed to the apartment and put my suitcases down. I knocked on the door with my free hand and waited patiently.

“Hello?” I said as the door opened a crack. All I could see was half a face looking out at me.
“Yes?” A woman’s voice answered back.
“I’m the new room mate…” I said, as I attempted to look through the crack.
“Excuse me…”
“I’m the new room mate…” I was cut short when the door shut and opened again. Standing there in the doorway was a young woman, no older than twenty, looking at me. She had her hair pulled back in a messy bun and a rat-tail hanging over her shoulder. I noticed that she had on a pair of jean bell bottoms with no shoes and a red quarter length shirt.
“Uh…I was kind of expecting a girl…” She said, raising an eyebrow.
“Oh…I…” I stammered.
“Well, might as well make yourself at home.” She said, moving out of the doorway to allow me in. I walked into the living room which seemed small but good enough for two people. There was a coffee table in the middle of the room in front of a small sofa. Straight ahead was a nice sized kitchen and off to the right was a small dining room. I noticed that the right hand wall was entirely windows which led to a nice sized balcony. To the left was a hallway where I assumed were the bedrooms and the bathroom.
“Uh…” I stammered, looking all around.
“I’m Phyllis.” She said, pushing her hand to meet mind.
“Oh…uh…Taylor.” I answered and took her hand to shake it.
“Uh…if you could excuse me, I need to get my glasses, I can’t really see anything right now.” She smiled uneasily and head out of the room and down the hallway. She came back a few moments later.
“Here, put your bags down.” She said, attempting to take one from me.
“Uh…that’s okay. They’re heavy, don’t strain yourself.” I said, waving my hand at her.
“I’m a big girl, I think I can handle a suitcase.” She said, raising an eyebrow at me but didn’t attempt to even smile. She grabbed both of them from me easily and took them down the hallway.
“Follow me, you will get the grand tour.” She said, turning her head to look over her shoulder at me. I followed only to be stopped suddenly when she walked into a small room on the left of the hallway.
“Sorry, I know it’s small but really, what do you expect for three hundred dollars a month.” She said, dropping my bags down in front of a small bed in the middle of the room.
“Oh and by the way, the rent is due at the end of the month, your share comes to one hundred dollars…”
“But I thought that the rent was three hundred dollars a month.” I said, scrunching my eyebrows.
“I’m paying for utilities.” She said and looked at me as she brushed a stray hair out of her face.
“I think I should pay my share, one hundred and fifty…”
“Don’t worry about it. This apartment isn’t even worth one hundred dollars.” She said, slightly smiling. That was the closest I had gotten to a smile the whole time I was there. She stopped suddenly and turned to walk out of the room.
“Oh and I’m not around from around nine in the morning to ten at night so you will have plenty of time to have the place to yourself.” She said as she walked away and into the living room.
“Why are you gone so much?” I asked a little puzzled.
“I go to college at nine and after school I go directly to work. The only days I get off are Friday mornings, Saturdays and Sundays.” She answered.
“What about you, go to school or anything?” She asked as she flopped down on the sofa and looked up at me.
“Uh…no…not at this moment anyway.”
“Job?” She asked.
“You didn’t get a job or anything? How do you expect to pay for rent and food…”
“I have money saved in the bank.” I answered.
“Oh…spoiled rich kid…” She said under her breath.
“WHAT?! I have you know that I worked hard and saved my money. It wasn’t handed to me!” I said angrily. She turned and looked at me, glaring.
“I apologize.” She said, letting her face turn red.
“It’s…it’s all right.” I said, letting myself go flush. I put my hand on the back of my head awkwardly.
“Well…uh…I have to start dinner.” She said, getting up from her spot on the sofa in a rush.
“What time is it?” I said, surprised.
“Five thirty.” She answered from the kitchen.
“Why don’t you get unpacked, it won’t take long considering you only have two suitcases.” She added.
“No, no…I’ll help you…” I said and made my way into the kitchen.
“Well, I’m just making some spaghetti, nothing special.” She said and looked up at me.
“It’s all right.” I smiled.
“Well, uh…you can make a salad. Everything is in the fridge.” She said.
“Okay.” I said. I opened the fridge and grabbed everything and began to make the salad for my new roommate.

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