Chapter 11

“So, would you like to tell me why you’re home on a Saturday night at 8:00?” Phyllis said to me as she came into the room, pulling down her shirt.
“She was tired…”
“It was awkward.” She smiled.
“Yeah.” I sighed and plopped down on the sofa with a thud.
“What happened?” She asked as she said down next to me and sat Indian style.
“The whole night was either in complete silence or we were talking about you the whole time.” I said and looked at her.
“About me? Why me?” She asked in bewilderment.
“Nothing else to talk about I guess. I didn’t know you were so creative.” I smiled.
“What did she tell you?” She asked suspiciously.
“She told me you draw a lot and write stories.”
“Oh…okay.” She said and smiled.
“And you give any guy she likes a nickname. She thinks that…”
“I jinx her…I know.” She said, rolling her eyes.
“From what she tells me…you’re a really good friend.” I smiled at her.
“It’s lies! Lies I tell you!” She laughed.
“She says you give them those names because you think that they’re not good enough for her.”
“They’re not. Amanda picks some real losers.” She said and laughed.
“Well, it was an experience I must say.” I smiled and rested my head on the back of the sofa.
“I’m sorry it didn’t work out the way you wanted it.” She said and put her hand gently on my shoulder.
“Life goes on.” I smiled.
“Well, I just know that you really want to make some friends and…”
“Phyllis…thanks for the concern but I’ll be fine.” I said and took off my jacket and placed it on the floor next to the sofa.
“You did look very nice.” She smiled.
“Thank you, I appreciate that.” I said and sighed and leaned my head back against the sofa again.
“Well, what do you want to do in the mean time?” She asked and leaned over.
“I could really care less.” I said and glanced over at her.
“Did you eat dinner?”
“No, not really.” I answered.
“Well, I didn’t eat, we could go out and grab a burger or something at the diner if you want.” She smiled.
“I think that I just want to stay here…”
“Oh don’t act like a girl.” She said and punched me in the arm.
“This coming FROM a girl.” I said and rolled my eyes and laughed at her.
“Let me just put on a pair of jeans…
“Put on your dress, I’m already dressed for a night out on the town.” I said and winked.
“Fine, you’re on.” She smiled. She got up from the sofa and went into her bedroom to get changed.

She eventually came out with her brand new dress on and her hair up
“You look very nice Phyllis.” I said and got up from the sofa and brushed my fingers through my hair.
“So where are we off to roomie?” She laughed and looped her arm through mine.
“Doesn’t matter to me.” I smiled.
“How about instead of burgers, lets go to a nice restaurant…”
“I’ll pay.” I smiled and began to walk towards the door.
“No…no…” She said, pulling me back.
“I insist Phyllis.” I smiled and looked in her face.
“All right then, your decision.” She said.

We left the apartment and went to a local Italian restaurant. The whole time was spent laughing and generally having a god time. It was the most I had ever seen her smile. We finished our meal and went for a drive in her car. We came back to the apartment at almost midnight, totally exhausted and laughing.

“Well, thank you for taking me out Taylor, I really enjoyed myself.” She smiled and let her hair down.
“No problem. Maybe we could do it again some time.”
“Maybe.” She smiled and winked at me.
“Good Night.”

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