Chapter 9

“Phyllis…I need to talk to you…”
“I didn’t see anything…I…I…” She began to stammer.
“Yes you did.” I said and gently put my hands on her shoulders.
“No I didn’t…I swear to God I didn’t see anything.” She said and closed her eyes as she began to shake her head.
“Phyllis…PHYLLIS!” I started to shake her slightly and her eyes flew open and stared up at me.
“Phyllis…you saw me in the bathroom…” She nodded and scrunched up her eyebrows.
“You saw me with my wings…” I said and looked in her face. She started shaking her head.
“No…no…I was imagining it.” She said, biting her lip. I sighed and looked up. I let go of her and took a couple steps backward. I looked at her and closed my eyes. Suddenly, my wings came out, fully open. Her eyes went wide and her jaw fell.
“I told you, you saw them.” I smiled.
“They…they…” She stuttered and pointed to them.
“They’re real.” I said and moved forward.
“They…They…They’re incredible…Can…can I…”
“Touch them…go ahead.” I smiled. She moved forward hesitantly and put out her hand. I took a step and let her feel the short feathers on the top.
“Oh my GOD!” She said.
“What…what are you?” She stammered and looked up at me, blinking hard.
“I’m…well…I guess you would say an angel.” I answered her.
“No shit.” She said and looked me up and down.
“This is the weirdest thing.” She said and touched my wing again.
“You’re telling me.” I laughed.
“You know…there’s this really weird light…like…emanating from you…it’s like blue…” She said and looked in my face.
“There is?” I said. I turned from her and looked in the mirror in the bathroom. Sure enough, there was this light coming from me that looked almost like an aura or something.
“Cool.” I smiled.
“So…you’re an angel.” I turned fast, practically knocking her over with my right wing.
“Oh…sorry.” I said, gritting my teeth.
“It’s all right. Uh…you know…when I opened the bathroom door…I was trying to get back at you for reading my diary…I didn’t know about…well…the wings or anything.” She said, turning flush.
“It’s okay Phyllis…don’t worry about it.” I smiled.
“You know…This is really awkward. I mean…I thought it was kind of weird that you were the only one that showed up after that ad was put in the paper for the apartment and when I first saw you…uh…I mean…” She began to stammer.
“What?” I asked.
“Oh…uh…nothing. I think that I should go to sleep…this is just really weirding me out.” She said and put her hand to her forehead.
“Good night.” I said and waved.
“Night.” She said and refused to look at me as she made her way to her room.

“Good job Tay…she knows!” I began to reprimand myself. I hit myself in the head and walked into my bedroom, allowing my wings to recede into my back again. I got dressed and finally went to sleep after much tossing and turning.

I woke up late in the morning, finding myself sleeping on the floor I a pile of comforters. I looked up and stared at the ceiling. I could easily sleep for another hour. I pulled myself out of the pile of bed sheets and blankets and walked over to my dresser. I grabbed a pair of shorts and pulled them on. Just as I was about to turn the handle of my door, I could hear voices in the living room. I stopped and pressed my ear to the door to listen better.
“So…why didn’t you let me know you got a new roommate?’ I could hear Amanda say.
“Because why?” Amanda started to sound very irritated. I was becoming afraid Phyllis would say something about the night before to her.
“Because I just didn’t! Why are you here anyway?!” Phyllis said angrily.
“Well…I…uh…” Amanda began to stammer.
That was my cue to walk in and break it up.

“Good morning.” I said in a raspy voice as I walked from my bedroom to the kitchen.
“Taylor…” Phyllis called.
“The coffee’s already made.” She smiled.
“Thanks.” I made myself a cup and began to drink it slowly as I reemerged into the living room. The girls were sitting on the sofa, looking at me.
“What?” I said, scrunching up my eyebrows at them.
“Would you like to get some clothes on. You’re giving Amanda a show.” Phyllis laughed.
“Hey, this is my apartment too. If I want to walk around half naked, then I’m going to walk around half naked.” I huffed.
“Fine…touchy, touchy.” Phyllis said and rolled her eyes at me.
“So…what’s on the agenda?” I smiled and knelt down and leaned over the sofa, looking down at them.
“Nothing, I was going to go grocery shopping later.” Answered Phyllis.
“And what about you Amanda?” I smiled.
“Uh…nothing really.” She said, shrugging her shoulders.
“Hey…would you like to go out sometime?” I smiled. I stopped and noticed her gasp and glance over at Phyllis.
“Ex…excuse me?” She stammered.
“I asked if you would like to go out with me…maybe tonight.” I smiled and leaned in.
“I…I…I don’t know.” She stuttered and looked at Phyllis.
“Have a great time! I’ll finally have some time to myself.” Phyllis smiled.
“Are…are you sure Phyl…you know…” She stuttered again and gave Phyllis a strange look.
“Go right ahead.” Phyllis smiled.
“Hey Taylor, why don’t you guys go to a movie or something.”
“Yeah…what do you say Amanda?” I grinned.
“I…I guess. What time because I have to go home and change?” She said, looking up at me.
“Around six, is that all right?” I asked.
“Su-Sure. I have to go now, see you later.” Without another word, Amanda was up in a flash and out the door. I looked over at Phyllis and grinned.

“What are you so happy about?” She said, raising an eyebrow.
“I have a date…”
“Yeah, with Amanda…good luck.” She laughed.
“We’ll have a good time.” I said and patted her on the head.
“Yeah…you go on thinking that.” She said under her breath.
“Well, I didn’t see you jumping up and going somewhere with me!” I said and looked at her seriously.
“Listen angel boy…”
“Oh don’t start with that…” I said, rolling my eyes.
“First of all, you are my room mate…nothing more…nothing less, that and YOU DIDN’T ASK!” She said angrily and crossed her arms over her chest.
“Plus…I want to see this whole thing…it’s going to be a side show.” She chuckled.
“Oh shut up. I have to get ready. Oh…by the way…what time is it?” I asked.
“2 in the afternoon.”
“I thought it was morning.” I said in a panic.
“Relax, you have four hours.” She said and grinned.

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