The Gifted Child

Chapter 1 - The Fear Returns

Taylor Hanson sat straight up in his bed, covered in sweat. Thunder crashed outside making him jump. He sat, gasping for air. He looked to the window as the thunder rolled again. He closed his eyes and ran his hand through his soaking hair. He opened his eyes and looked around his bedroom. Every once in a while, lightning illuminated his surroundings. He shivered as a result of his sweaty body. He got up and picked up the T-shirt he had worn that day. He put it on as he heard a tiny crash from down stairs. Fear surged through him. He licked his lips and said a silent prayer that it wasn't what he feared it to be.
Taylor slowly and cautiously made his way down the stairs. Without warning, a huge clap of thunder boomed in the night. Taylor jumped grabbing the wall, nearly wetting his pants.
"Geez, is Mother Nature trying to give me a heart attack!?" He whispered to himself.
He regained his composure and continued down the stairs. He got to the bottom and saw his Mother's vase on the floor. His breathing increased in speed. Someone was in the house. He stepped closer to the vase. "Hello?' He said, his voice choked with fear.
Taylor jumped at the sound as the family's cat jumped of the shelf and onto the floor, nearly scaring Taylor to death. The cat stopped and looked up at Taylor. Taylor threw it a death glare.
"Stupid cat!" He said in a low, angry tone.
He quickly picked up the cat and opened the door. He dropped the cat on the porch.
"And stay out you lttle brat!"
He then closed the door leaning his forehead on it to try and calm his nerves. Suddenly, a hand grabbed his shoulder and turned him around. He let out a yelp as a hand went over his mouth. In the dark he could see a tall figure, the same height as him. He let out a small moan.
"Shhhhh! Tay, it's me! Calm down!" Taylor immediately felt relieved. It was his older brother, Isaac. He reached up and slowly pulled his brother's hand away, sweat pouring down his face again. Isaac could feel his brother trembling.
"Are you ok Taylor? Why are shaking so much?"
"Gee, could it be because I thought you were a KIDNAPPER!?"
"Shhhhhh! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to scare you."
Taylor just looked at his brother and then headed to the kitchen. Isaac followed.
"So, what are you doing up anyways?" Taylor asked his brother.
"I suppose I could ask you the same thing." Isaac said matter of factly.
"Yeah but I asked you first." Taylor said back. They reached the kitchen and Taylor turned on the light as they both jumped, temporarily blinded.
"Thanks Tay, next time a little warning might be nice."
"Sorry," Taylor said as he open the refrigerator and took out the milk.
"Want some?" he asked Isaac.
Isaac nodded. "Sure. Thanks."
Taylor poured the milk.
"So, why are you awake?"
"Who can sleep with all this thunder? Mother nature must be trying to make insomniacs out of all of us." Tayor smiled and let out a small laugh.
"Yeah." Taylor brought the milk over to the counter and sat down with Isaac.
"So how 'bout you?" Isaac asked.
"Hmm?" Taylor said, not really paying attention.
"Why are you up?" Isaac asked concerned, already knowing the answer. Taylor shrugged.
"Couldn't sleep." Isaac knew that wasn't all.
"Did you have another nightmare?" Taylor looked up at him. He sighed.
"Yeah. I don't know what to do Ike. I can't tell Dad. It'll just worry him."
"Why don't you just tell Mom?"
"She'll tell Dad."
"Tell me what?" Taylor eyes widened at the voice, his Father. He turned around.
"Hi Dad. How long have you been standing there?"
"Oh since about when you said 'I can't tell Dad. It'll just worry him.' You wanna tell me what that's all about Taylor?" Taylor looked down. Isaac saw this as his cue to leave.
"Goodnight." He said geting up.
"Oh Ike by the way." Isaac looked at his Father. "If Taylor doesn't tell, I'm coming to you next."
Isaac nodded, knowing Taylor probably wouldn't want to tell his Father. Isaac then headed back upstairs. Mr. Hanson looked at his son.
Taylor didn't respond. Mr. Hanson lifted his son's chin and looked into his pained, blue eyes.
"Come on kiddo, what's up?"
He then saw tears form in his son's eyes. He could tell his son was in a lot of pain and anguish. Taylor then began to sob, not being able to hold it in. He still didn't speak.
"Please Taylor just tell me what's wrong. Did you have another nightmare?" Taylor nodded.
"Oh Tay, I'm so sorry."
"I don't know what to do Dad! I'm so scared! What if it happens again? What if they come back? I don't wanna leave again! I don't wanna run anymore! I just wanna be like everyone else!"
Mr. Hanson hugged his son, as Taylor cried into his Father's chest.
"Shhhhh, it's ok. It's ok. I won't let anything happen to you. It'll be ok Taylor. Calm down." He said as he gently rocked his sobbing son.
Mrs. Hanson watched from the doorway. Her husband and son had been through so much. Sometimes when she would have a bad dream, she would get up and make sure Taylor was safe in his bed, as well as the rest of the children. About five years ago, they had been forced to move way out in the middle of nowhere so they couldn't be found. They had been safe, but lately, strange things had been happening. They didn't feel so safe anymore. She feared the worst.

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