The Gifted Child


As I run through the woods I can hear them behind me. Yelling. Screaming. Trying to find me so they can go forth with their evil plan. As I run, I can hear him calling my name. I desperately search for him. I know that if I can just find him, I will be safe. The evil men are getting closer, closer. I can hear him calling me still. I can feel him near by. Oh why can't I just find him? Why is all this happening? The darkness, it surrounds me. The beams from flashlights grow closer still. My name... he is calling. I'm coming. I'm coming. When out of nowhere, my foot catches something. Pain surges through my chest as I hit the ground. His voice, his warm, loving, friendly voice seems to fade. Don't leave me! I am here! A hand grabs my foot. I turn around. The evil ones have gotten me. Their laughing faces close in. Closer. Closer. Until I only see darkness. Fear engulfs me. I know I am beat.

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