The Gifted Child

Chapter 11 - Making Him Learn

"Honestly Jacob I don't know what we're going to do with that kid. He's a stubborn little brat and there is no way he will cooperate without this attitude of his," Daniel said, rudding his forehead.
"Oh he will cooperate. One way or another, he will cooperate. We'll just have to be more convincing," Jacob said with a wicked sneer.
"Convincing?" Daniel asked with his eyes brows raised, "How so?"
"Well, we'll just tell him what he wants to hear. Let him think he can see his father. Let him think they are leaving soon. Let him think what ever he wants to think. If he thinks that way, he may just cooperate with us and do what we want him to," Jacob said with that same wicked sneer and an evil gleam in his eyes.
"Oh come on Jake that never worked before. Do you honestly think that boy will believe us now after all the lies we've told him? I mean he asked me so many questions I wanted to ring his neck! He knows what's going on!"
"Do you have any better ideas!?" Jacob yelled.
"Um excuse me?" A timid voice cause them both to forget the argument.
"Sheila," Jacob said, "It's about time. Did you give Mr. Hanson his medication?"
She sighed, "Yes sir. He's resting now. The medication won't wear off for a couple of hours."
Jacob smiled, "Good." He then turned to Daniel, "Shall we?"
Daniel sighed, "I'm telling you Jacob, that kid isn't going to cooperate with us. He's just too stubborn."
Jacob gave him a hard look, "We'll make him cooperate, one way or another."


Taylor still had is head down when they entered the room. He had stopped crying but was too miserable to show his face. He knew those people were watching and he wasn't going to give them the satisfaction of seeing his misery.

Jacob walked up next to him and looked at him for a moment. He then pulled an object out of his pocket and slammed it down on the table in front of Taylor causing him to jumped up.
Taylor sat and looked at the object in front of him. He then looked to Jacob, "A spoon?"
Jacob smile a coy smile, "Yes Taylor. Like I said before, we are starting you out small and working our way up."
"But's that's ridiculous. You had me lifting bigger things when I was five."
Jacob leaned in, "Yes, and we've always had negative results haven't we Taylor?"
Taylor looked away feeling a little guilty knowing he had caused some damage with his power. Jacob walked around and sat in the chair directly opposite Taylor, "Now, I want to run a few tests involving the object which you see before you."
Taylor rolled his eyes, "You mean the spoon?"
Jacob sighed, "Yes Taylor, the spoon. Now, I want you to concentrate on the spoon and nothing else.." Taylor looked in the direction of Sheila and Daniel, "Then what are they doing in here?"
"I need them in here Taylor. They are going to be helping later. So I just want you to forget the fact that they are in here and do what I ask of you ok?"
Taylor didn't answer, rather he looked at the spoon on the table and then to his lap hating that this was happening to him again.
Jacob sighed, "Taylor? I don't appreciate being ignored."
Taylor looked up at him with an 'are you happy now' look on his face.
Jacob sighed, "Ok. First things first.. Will you agree to do whatever is asked of you?"
Taylor glared at Jacob, "Yes sir!" he said, his tone full of sarcasm and anger.
"Good," Jacob said smiling, happy the boy was at least agreeing with him. "I want to test your control. So Taylor, I want you to move the spoon along the table and make it come to me. Can you do that?"
"Good. Then make it come to me."
"No," Taylor answered flatly.
"Taylor, make it come to me," Jacob said more forcefully.
Taylor just sat there, looking at the floor.
"Taylor, you agreed to do whatever is asked of you so I expect you to do this now make it come to me." Again, Taylor ignored him. Jacob slammed his fist on the table.
"Listen young man, we can make you cooperate so I suggest you do what I ask or suffer the consequences, do you understand me? Now, make that spoon come to me!" Then, in a blink of an eye, Taylor's head shot up the spoon went flying towards Jacob. Jacob let out a small yell and ducked just in time for the spoon to barely miss is head.
Taylor sat looking at Jacob, a shocked look on his face. He hadn't even realized he had done it until it was too late. He had wanted to but had decided against it. But even though he had decided not to, he still did because of the anger that surged through him because of these people. He felt fear as Jacob sat back up and looked at him. He saw much anger and hate in that man's eyes. He jumped when he felt someone grab his shoulders and looked up to see who it was. Daniel. He looked away. He couldn't stand that face. The face that haunted his dreams and everyday life. He got tears in his eyes when he felt the stabbing pain in his shoulders. Why was he squeezing them so hard? He timidly and fearfully looked up as Jacob got up and came to stand next to him again.
Jacob looked down at the boy. He had never expected him to be this reluctant. He leaned in towards Taylor, wanting to laugh at the look of fear covering his face but much too angry to show it.
"Ok Taylor. You've chosen the hard way. I swear you are the most stubborn person I have ever met. I tried to be nice to you and you blew it. From now on, you do as we say and no one gets hurt, got it!?"
Taylor began to tremble. He knew something bad was gonna happen. He felt the energy from his power grow within. He wanted to run. He wanted to use his power to throw these guys off him and run. But he couldn't. He knew he couldn't. Beads of sweat formed on his head as he tried to make the growing force within him subside.
Jacob noticed that Taylor was sweaty and shaking.
"What's wrong Taylor? Scared? Well, I would be too if I were you. Now, I'm going to give you one more chance. You have a choice. Will you do as you are asked?"
Taylor knew that if he even attempted to use his power right now, no matter how small the object, he would lose control of it. He was much too angry to even try. He closed his eyes and shook his head no.
Jacob stood up staight, "Fine. Have it your way. We'll do it... the hard way." Taylor eyes widen when Jacob turned around holding a syringe filled with a liquid.


Mr. Hanson groaned as he groggily opened his eyes. He felt miserable. He knew all these drugs they were giving him couldn't be good. He layed on his back for a few minutes trying to get the room to stop spinning and trying to get his eyes to focus on one thing. He didn't dare try to sit up knowing it would just make matters worse. Finally, he got his eyes to adjust and focus on the wall to his right. He glanced up to the corner and saw the survelance camera.
"Cold-hearted creeps," he muttered.
His mind then drifted to Taylor as he got tears in his eyes. His heart ached for his son. God only knew what they were doing to him. He wanted so very bad to contact him but knew that it was impossible due to the drugs he's been given. He got angry as he decided that he wasn't just going to lay there and let this happen.
He threw the covers off and sat up quickly, regretting it as soon as he did so. His head spun and his stomach reeled.
"Dear God, what have they done to me?" He said as he held his head in his hands.
After a few moments, his stomach settled and his head stopped spinning. He sat on his bed and looked around the room.
He let out a bitter laugh, "Fancy prison they've got us in. I wonder how long they plan to keep us this time." He shook his head thinking about all Daniel and those men had put them through.
Mr. Hanson sighed as he thought about the tests. The first time was hard enough. He had been given a lot more drugs since then. He laughed another bitter laugh.
"I bet that's why they lowered the dosage. Just so I can do what they want me to with no trouble." He shook his head, "Selfish jerks."
He sighed again as he pushed himself off the bed, taking a moment to steady his shaky legs. Once he had regained his balence, Mr. Hanson walked slowly into the living room section of his prison. He sighed as he sat down on the couch and gently massaged his throbbing head trying to make his massive headache subside. He opened his eyes and looked up at the upper corner of this room and saw the other survelance camera. Mr. Hanson took his hands off of his head and shot the camera a death glare.
Before he got too angry, he looked away and placed his head in his hands once again. He wanted to cry. He was so afraid for his son.
In a whisper choked with sobs he said, "Oh God, please protect my son and let me think of a way out of here. Please. Please. Please."
At the end of the prayer, Mr. Hanson broke down and cried. He wanted to be brave for his son but at the same time had to let out this pain. He figured after a good cry, he'd be stronger. He would have no more pain and would be able to concentrate on the most important task at hand. Saving his son.


Jacob walked up next to the testing table and looked down at a sleeping Taylor. They had drugged him after the session and then brought him to a bigger lab where he was now strapped to a table and completely unconsious. They had placed some probes on his forehead and were monitoing his brain waves. Jacob looked to the machine that was monitoring Taylor and then back to the sleeping boy. He smiled a wicked grin and moved some hair from Taylor's face.
"Ah, Taylor. You dared doubt me. Now maybe you'll learn to cooperate. I don't like it when people disobey me. Maybe now you'll understand exactly what control I have over you. You won't defy me again." With that he walked away from Taylor and over to the machine monitoring Taylor's mind activity where Sheila was taking some notes.
"Anything?" Jacob asked her. Sheila looked up at him.
"No sir. His mind activity is exactly the same as any person's. There is no sign of anything different. He is at a normal level."
Jacob got an angry look on his face.
"That's impossible!" He then glared at Taylor. He got an evil grin on his face as an idea stuck him. He looked back to Sheila.
"I want to give him a drug that will counter act with the sedative, but not enough to wake him."
Sheila was now confused, "May I ask why sir?"
"I want him to be able to dream. I want to see how his mind reacts to dreams. And if everything goes well, we should see some slight irregularities from that boy. Now, give him the drug. I want to start this as soon as possible."
Sheila sighed, "Yes sir." She got up and headed for a tray that was full of all different kinds of medications and sedatives. She found a drug that would counter act with the sedative given to Taylor earlier and filled a syringe with the substance. She then walked over to the table where Taylor lay and lifted the sleeve of his sweatshirt. As she was about to inject the substance, his face caught her eye. Her heart went out to him. He looked so helpless and innocent. She began to smile as she remembered the first time she met him. The trust she saw in his eyes when placing the probes on his head. She smiled remembering the curious yet trusting yes of the five year old. Her smile faded, however, when she remembered how scared he looked when Daniel talked to the boy. She wished there was something she could do to help him and his father. But what could she do? She continued looking down at the now 17 year old Taylor forgetting all about the task at hand.
"Sheila!" She jumped as she heard Jacob's voice. "What are you waiting for? I want to start soon so hurry it up!"
Again she sighed, "Yes sir. Sorry sir."
She then looked to the sleeping Taylor and whispered, "I'm so sorry." She then injected the fluid as she got tears in her eyes.

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